List of COVID-19 Frontliners For Prayer


  • Jobel Sornillo
    (RITM, member of the Sovereign Grace Church of Manila)
  • Danielle Rance
    (Paranaque Doctors Hospital)
  • Kristiana Romina
    (UERM Memorial Medical Center)
  • Dr. Dick and Shobe Manera 
    (San Lazaro Hospital); 
    Dr. Mikey Manera 
    (PGH-assigned to intubation of COVID patients)
  • Dr. Gino Rivera 
    (son of sis Liza R and attender of MCBC; company doctor Zuellig Pharma)
  • Dr. Gisel, Grace and Micah Catalan 
    (MCBC attenders; PGH)
  • Dr. Gino Gomez 
    (Liza A’s nephew; St. Luke’s Hospital)
  • Dr. Samina Khan 
    (sister of bro Jake; Rizal Medical Center)
  • Dr. Diane San Diego 
    (Rizal Provincial Hospital, frontliner, sister of Dinna Loyola)
  • Cosette Sornillo (dietician) and daughter Ginger (nurse)
    (Villamor Airbase Hospital dealing with PUIs.)
  • Angelo Putal, RN
    (nurse at Paranaque Medical Center, nephew of Brenda P)
  • Sis Janeth Gumop-as
    (former MCBC member; Paranaque Doctors Hospital)
  • Kharl Berce 
    (Paranaque Fire Dept but presently drives an ambulance for Paranaque LGU, cousin of Pia C)
  • Aiza Pugao
    (A nurse in Kalinga and also the wife of Bro. Jay who is an RBIPT student)


  • Drs. Roger and Rosemarie Dublin
    (frontliners in Dipolog City, from Sola Scriptura Christian Church)
  • Dr. Michelle Daarol and husband Ramil
    (frontliners in Dipolog City, from Sola Scriptura Christian Church)


  • Melisa Briones, RN
    (working in a hospital in Canada with COVID positive patients)
  • Jessie Cortez 
    (former MCBC member, transporting COVID patients from homes to hospitals in hard-hit New York, USA)
    and his sister, Julie 
    (RN in NY)
  • Eddie Pawig RN and Allison Garcia RN 
    (WA, USA, frontliners, please pray that they would be spared from infection.)
  • Jenny Cortez RN 
    (frontliner in NY, USA)
  • Susana Balina RN,
    (nurse in UK hospital treating COVID-19 positive patients; sister of Ana Y)
  • Dana Crisostomo RN, Gil Dayot RN, Lexi Crisostomo 
    (niece, brother, and nephew of Dr. Bing Dayot, frontliners in biggest government hospital in Washington DC, USA) 
  • Bang Crisostomo 
    (sister of Dr. Bing Dayot, working in a Maryland hospital, USA)
  • Salina Evangelista, RN
    (nurse in a nursing home in Australia, sister of Brenda P)
  • Marvin Putal, RN
    (nurse in a UK hospital, brother of Brenda P)
  • Bu and Renee Cifra, Arlene and Dennis Juanir (all RN)
    (all working in different locations in CA, USA, (my cousins and niece) that they would be spared from infection as they attend to their patients).
  • Genette Olalia RN,
    (CA, USA, my sister-in-law, calling on COVID patients; that she would be spared from infection.)

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