MCBC announcement regarding church offering and relief efforts


As stated in our prayer items last Thursday, our church offering has been affected by the lockdown. We understand that due to the lockdown there is a challenge in giving your tithes and offerings to the church.

In light of this, if it is not possible to physically deposit at a bank branch, we encourage you to deposit your offerings to the BPI account of MCBC through online fund transfer.

See bank details below:

BPI Account Name: Moonwalk Community Bible Church Account Number: 1751-0545-01

Note: After a successful online transfer, kindly inform Deacon Roland of your transaction by noting the bank and reference number of the transaction after which he will give you an acknowledgment that such funds have been received by MCBC.

In case of a physical deposit at any of the banks mentioned, please send a screenshot of the deposit slip to Deacon Roland.

To those who are unable to deposit their offerings online, please reach out to Pas. Clyde so we can arrange a schedule for the collection of your offerings.

Let’s remember that it is our duty as members of the church to financially support the work of the Lord through our giving. It is important that we remain faithful to this duty in order to sustain the ministries here in MCBC and in our outreaches.

May we do this willingly and cheerfully as an expression of our worship to our gracious God who richly supplies us with all things to enjoy.

Deacon Roland’s Contact details:

Mobile: +63 917-300-3712


FB Messenger: Roland Yogawin


The elders and deacons have agreed to extend help to our community amidst the lockdown. We have decided to give financial assistance to the members of ROMVI Tricycle Operators and Drivers Association (ROMVITODA) who were directly affected by the lockdown. We would like to encourage you to participate in this project through your donations to show our compassion to the needy.

In this time of crisis, may we be known as a church who truly loves their neighbor who is concerned not only for their spiritual good but also their physical good.

You can send your donations together with your offerings online. Please notify Deacon Roland of the amount that you will be donating.

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