Text for Devotion: Hebrews 10:19-25


Cubao Reformed Baptist Church (Cubao, Quezon City)

News and Thanksgiving

  1. Thanksgiving for the Lord’s preservation of us in spite of the almost 40 infected with covid during the month of February. So far no one had a severe case.
  2. Lord willing, we shall resume our face to face meeting on February 5 after a month of lock down due to covid. May the Lord increase our faith as we still have members presently infected with covid.
  3. It is sad to announce that we are cancelling our annual pastors’ conference which was due on 3-5 February. As a substitute we are holding a 2 day open for all on line reformation conference on June 24 – 25. We have the same set of speakers, namely, Ptrs. Rob Ventura, Noel Espinosa and Ian Densham. Please pray for preparation.
  4. We shall also be holding our Lord’s Supper celebration on February 5 with 5 persons to be accepted to membership. Praise God.
  5. We are also thankful for the various on line Bible studies that our men are leading.
  6. Young on line learners Bible class: 10:00 – 11:30 am, Saturdays
  7. Friday book study at 8:00 PM.
  8. Membership class on Thursday at 6 – 7:30pm of Ptr. Mon
  9. Saturday Bible study of Ptr. Mon at 3:oopm.
  10. Saturday Bible study of Ptr. Ismael with his relatives
  11. Evangelistic Bible study of Ptr. Ismael every Sat. at 7pm.
  12. 5 Community Bible studies of bro Levi Ilhig.


  1. Please pray for the opening GMA on February3 after 2 postponement last month due Covid. 
  2. The Lord willing, brother EmmanTamargo will be installed as an elder of Grace ThroughFaith Community Church, Dasmarinas, Cavite on May 7.
  3. We also plan to conduct the covenanting of our church planting work in Marinduque in June. Brother Larry Malabayabas will also ordained as pastor.
  4. We shall also go through the process of calling brother Raymond Mendoza as a missionary in April. Please pray for wisdom as a church.
  5. Please pray also for our plan to ordain brother Levi Ilhig as pastor of God’s Providence Baptist Church in Tondo. Brother Levi has been acting as a pastor of that church about 4 years now.
  6. The Lord willing, we shall have the wedding Emman Tamargo and Mimi Gregorio in April 9. Please pray for the preparation.
  7. CCM needs additional social workers. If you know someone who is a license Social Worker, we would appreciate if they seek to apply to work In CCM.

God’s Providence Baptist Church (Tondo, Manila)


  1. All the families in our church who were infected by COVID 19 in the past month are now recovered.
  2. God sufficiently supplies the needs of our church despite the limited resources of the brethren. We praise the Lord that in His gracious ways sustains us up to this year. We are grateful to God for the few professing visitors in our church who showed their generosity and also a few believers in the faith who extended their help and ministry to us.
  3. We thank Lord for our pulpit ministry through the help of brother Levi, in his teaching and preaching. The church started last year to discuss among the membership and visitors the related matters being taught in Sunday School and preaching every Sunday. We seek to continue this ministry this year 2022. Help us to pray for the application of His word.


  1. We will resume our physical gathering on the last Sunday of the month of January. May the Lord continue to show His favor regarding the continuity of our gathering. May the Lord grant the members safety when they commute and during the fellowship.
  2. The elder/s of CRBC will visit on February 27, 2022, to do an assessment and oversight among the membership regarding our direction as a church. God’s wisdom and faithfulness may be upon us. We are also seeking the will of God for brother Levi Ilhig, with His wife, sister Ran, and his callingas he continues to minister to us every Sunday.
  3. Three of our visitors already expressed their desire to become part of our church as members. We need His grace as we help them to undergo the membership process even during these trying times.
  4. We are praying for a new and presentable place of worship to invite more visitors and their families. Our current rented room needs to have an over whole renovation. We also need God’s provision on this project.

Ozamis Reformed Baptist Church

Pastor Cristy Docdoc

Prayer Requests

1. Growth in holiness and in application of God’s word.

2. God’s abiding presence at every Lord’s day gathering. The ministry of the word is used even for the live streaming of services.

3. Perseverance of the members as well as the conversion of attenders and visitors.

4. Wisdom, guidance, and provision for the purchase of church property.

5. Wisdom and guidance for Pas Cristy in his studies and ministering. Pray also for additional elders.

6. Protection for attenders and provision for the church.

7.  Women’s fellowship


1. Last Sunday

Sunday School – 1689 LBCF: On Christ the Mediator          

First service –  True Repentance: 9 Principles Concerning Repentance

Second Service – Living in Light of Christ’s Sufferings| 1 Peter 4:1-6

2. This Sunday

  • Sunday school – Pas Clyde
  • 1st Service – Pas Rolly 
  • 2nd Service – Pas Mike 

3. Other ministries. 

  • Kids Sunday School – Sis. Abi (Level 1), Sis. Elot (Level 2), Bro. Carl (Level 3)


1.  All groups allowed provided you are cleared with our updated disclosure form.

2. Saturday activities:

  • Annual meeting – 9AM
    • Prayer and Fasting – Pls note that DOPF starts Saturday morning but the assembly for prayer is at 4PM. 


1. ThanksgivingLet us continually thank the Lord for His mercies upon us all, being sustained both physically and spiritually.  


  • Bro Josiah –Increasingly firm faith upon God. To trust Him that the true pleasures and joys in life are found in Him. Increasing love din towards people around me, whether family, brethren and even unbelievers that I would exercise patience and love towards them.
  • Sis Chippy – Gospel opportunities (esp in the family), salvation of loved ones, bar exam of niece (Erika).    
  • Sis Alice

2.  Health   

Pas Boy, Sis Gels, Sis Elaine, and others who are in our regular prayer lists.

3. Work & Businesses  

4. Travel – Junios (Friday) and Dinna (Feb 12)

5. Nation. 

  • Leaders
  • Front-liners
  • Covid Situation
  • Economic Recovery
  • Peace & Order
  • Elections
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