Brethren, though temporarily we cannot meet as a church, we can still pray at home individually and as families for the concerns closest to our hearts during this time of crisis. Let’s petition the Lord for these requests tonight and in the following days:


1.  Thanks for the messages last Sunday: SS-Introduction to Biblical Church Discipline; AM-Dealing with Panic and Paranoia; PM-God’s Benevolent Ways.

2.  This Sunday:

  • SS-Pas Clyde;
  • AM-Pas Rolly;
  • PM-Pas Mike.

Pray for spiritual profit and conversions even if live services are temporarily canceled and only streaming is available. Pray for good quality streaming whether done in church or at home.

3.  Evangelism – We have no outreaches this week but pray for the seed planted in previous weeks in our Bible Studies that they would be remembered during this time of crisis. Charlene has transcribed one of the messages last Sunday and sent it to 120+ OFWs in her chat group. Some of those are already abroad while most remain in their accommodation houses. Pray for conversions.

4.  RBIPT ended its semester last Friday with the final exams being canceled (to the joy of the students!) following the government lockdown order. Give thanks to God for the students and the learning they acquired.

5.  Kids – Pray for our children that the parents would tell them something about God and His ways during this time of crisis when families are at home together.


1. Thanksgiving – Let’s give thanks for life and breath and all things. God has been merciful to us, at this point, sparing His flock from Covid19. Let’s pray that the Lord would continue to keep us from getting sick and give us the grace to use our strength for His glory.

2.  Sick (Members) – Acel, Annie, Brenda, Delia, Johnny, Louie. Pray for our seniors and older members that the Lord would protect them from Covid19.

3.  We also have a few members who have interacted with people who in turn interacted with people who are sick of or who died of COVID-19, that they would be spared from getting sick.

4.  Sick (Others)– Arnel, Tina, Jun, Conrad, Neil, Joven, Randy, etc.

5. Pregnant – Deniece, as she nears her due date

6.  Pray for our frontline health workers, doctors, nurses and hospital staff like the Catalan doctors and sister Janeth Gumop-as, etc that they would not grow weary in well-doing and God would protect them from being infected.

7.  Pray that time would be used wisely during this lockdown period as the majority of us will be at home with family.

8.  Bdays – Gerard (in Davao). His requests are: pray for humility, more love to Christ, and wisdom.

9. Travel – Pray for brethren out of town (Pia-Spain; Diding-Bicol; Tina G-Tarlac). Also include Mickarter Romano, Ging’s brother, who is quarantined in a cruise ship.

10.  Nation – Let’s pray that the relative good and not the depravity in people’s hearts would come out during this time of crisis. Let’s pray for continued wisdom and guidance to the authorities as they plan, implement and adjust their plans so that the spread of the virus would be controlled. Let’s pray for the cooperation of employers, employees and the general public alike. Let’s pray for the healing of those infected. Especially, let’s pray that this would be a wake-up call to the world to repent and return to God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


1.  Mangatarem Church (Pas Bobot Alamo) – Pray po na kahit sa bahay makapag family devotions po ang mga kapatid dito; pray also for 6 members na part ng “frontline”; pray for wisdom, protection, and good health para sa amin dito.

2.  North Tarlac Bible Church (Pas Rey Villanueva) – Ang kapayapaan at katatagan ng aming isip at puso ay maituon lamang sa ating Panginoong Jesu Cristo sa kasalukuyang crisis; patuloy kaming magpasakop at sumunod sa mga hakbangin ng pamahalaan para sa ikabubuti namin dahil sa kasalukuyang krisis; pangunahan at gabayan ng Panginoon ang aming mga family or individual worship itong darating na Linggo; ingatan ng Panginoon ang aming kalusugan at punuan Niya ang aming araw araw na pangangailangan-food, medicine and other necessities sa kasalukuyang krisis.

3.  Davao City Reformed Baptist Church (Pas Boy Castanos) – a few families left us, may peace and unity reign in our midst; we thank the Lord for the trials we experienced as a church-expecting the good effects in our character and behavior; our tract distribution is done every saturday afternoon-may it bear the fruits we desire; we are looking forward for more open doors for gospel proclamation-we have BS of 1 family and 7 kids joining every Sunday 1pm-we pray for His mercy in conversions; pastor Jepson is our speaker this april 4 sa among 3rd church anniversary-pray for His help to him.

4.  Naga Sovereign Grace Bible Church (Pas Boy Juntado) – We have two applicants for membership-pls pray for clear and visible evidence of grace; sustaining grace in handling the ministry; strengthening of personal devotion of the members; concerning the community quarantine, please pray that this will be the opportunity to strengthen ourselves in the Lord.


For PERSONAL CONCERNS – Please pray for sis Linda, diagnosed with coughs and upper respiratory tract infection, on medication and nebulizer for 5 days; pls pray for a speedy recovery so that there will be no need to go to the hospital. 

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