MCBC PRAYER ITEMS – 04/02/2020

It is day 18 of the community lockdown. Your elders trust that all of you are doing well by the mercy of God. In spite of the physical restrictions that prevent us from gathering as a church to pray, nothing can prevent us from praying individually and as families in our homes. We are to pray without ceasing, in everything giving thanks, for this is God’s will for us in Christ Jesus (1 Thess 5:17-18).


1.  Let us give thanks for continued spiritual feeding. In our recent Sunday School class,  Pas Clyde gave us a glimpse of how believers responded to epidemics in church history. Their example of love and sacrifice is worth emulating. Meanwhile, Pas Alex, in the morning message gave us reasons why David called affliction in Ps 119:71 as something good. It is for us to be better acquainted with God in His character and will and for us to be strengthened in his word to keep us from going astray. In the afternoon, Pas Mike exhorted us, especially in the midst of the present crisis, to be vigilant and unceasing in prayer. Please pray for the strengthening of God’s people and for the spiritual awakening of those who are still outside of Christ.

2.  Let us pray for our preachers this Sunday.

  • Pas Clyde will take the Sunday School;
  • Pas Rolly will take the morning;
  • Pas Alex will take the afternoon.

Pray for their preparations and their delivery. Pray for uninterrupted and undistracted viewing of our streaming services. Pray that in spite of the extraordinary situation we would still be able to keep the Lord’s day holy.

3.  Let us give thanks for the success of the ROMVITODA relief project. The Lord provided funds for us to be a means of help to the ROMVITODA (a tricycle association in Moonwalk Phase 2) as they cope with being income-less during this lockdown. Yesterday, cash amounting to P46,000 was distributed among the 40 tricycle-driver members of the association. Church brochures, containing the message of the gospel, were also included in the distribution. Pray that this would be a means of reaching out with the gospel to these tricycle drivers who are part of our community.

4.  Let us thank God for the opportunity to help front-liners. Through the kindness of a sister church in Harbin (mainland China), we were able to receive substantial funds to help our front line health workers in at least two hospitals with Covid19 patients–Philippine General Hospital (PGH) and Paranaque Doctors Hospital (PDH). We have made an initial purchase of P70,000 worth of N95 masks which are headed for PGH. More supplies (N95 masks and PPEs) for these hospitals will be purchased as soon as imported supplies reach our shores. There is presently a shortage of these equipment. Donations, volunteer help, and contact information for suppliers are greatly appreciated during this time of urgent need. Please contact me [Pas Rolly] for details.


1.  Let us give thanks for God’s daily preserving mercy. May we see the greatness of His faithfulness with each passing day.  

2.  Let us continue to pray for our front-liners that they would not grow weary in doing well, that God would preserve them from getting sick, and protect them from harm. Aside from the list of names which was given last week, here are some additions:

  • Jobel Sornillo (RITM, member of the Sovereign Grace Church of Manila)
  • Drs. Roger and Rosemarie Dublin (frontliners in Dipolog City, from Sola Scriptura Christian Church)
  • Dr. Michelle Daarol and husband Ramil (frontliners in Dipolog City, from Sola Scriptura Christian Church)
  • Salina Evangelista, RN (nurse in a nursing home in Australia, sister of Brenda P)
  • Marvin Putal, RN (nurse in a UK hospital, brother of Brenda P)
  • Angelo Putal, RN (nurse at Paranaque Medical Center, nephew of Brenda P)
  • Melisa Briones, RN (nurse in a hospital in Canada)
  • Cosette Sornillo (dietician) and daughter Ginger (nurse) at Villamor Airbase Hospital dealing with PUIs.
  • Susana Balina RN, (nurse in UK hospital treating COVID-19 positive patients; sister of Ana Y)

3.  Let us continue to pray for the sick amongst us, especially our members who have critical illnesses. One particular prayer request is for Mr. Junio-admitted to Asian Hospital due to critically low hemoglobin count.

4.  Let us pray for the stability of our workforce in these uncertain times. May our members not be laid off due to the deterioration of our economic climate.

5.  Let us pray for sisters Pia G and Kayla B who celebrated their birthdays recently.

  • For Kayla, the salvation of loved ones, more love to Christ, and to be deeply convinced that Christ is indeed sufficient, also that the Covid19 cure would be discovered soon.
  • For Pia, her safety in the midst of multitudes getting sick and dying in Spain.

6.  Let us pray for sister Deniece. She has not had any check-ups for one month now because of the lockdown but she is doing well. She is due to deliver April 30 (but may give birth anytime starting April 9) at Makati Med. Please pray that she would be preserved from the virus and from any complications; also, that labor would not take long and that the delivery would be safe and normal so that her hospital stay would be short. 

7.  Let us continue to pray for our government in its efforts to address this national crisis, especially wisdom as to when to lift the lockdown. Let us also pray for the people, that they would not grow impatient at the seemingly slow distribution of help especially to the poor. Let us pray for the LGUs that they would be busy in attending to the needs of their constituents. Let us pray for the cooperation of all. 

8.  Let us pray for the Lord’s wisdom to medical researchers–that a vaccine would be developed soon to prevent people from getting sick and a cure would be discovered that would result in the healing of thousands who are sick and dying. 

9.  Above all, let us pray that in this time of pandemic the world would turn to Christ and hope in Him and not in the things that this world offers. 


1.  Sola Scriptura Christian Church, Dipolog City

  • Pls pray for the interim leaders of our local church for wisdom, guidance, and perseverance to complete the membership interviews of those who signified interest in the membership and to oversee the local church ministries and needs even with our limited capacities.
  • Pray for opportunities, grace, and mercy, for us here to proclaim the gospel either by personal or digital means to our unbelieving loved ones and to use this pandemic health crisis to stir up the hearts of men that they may be led to repentance and faith in Christ.

2.  Alijis Reformed Baptist Fellowship, Bacolod City, Bro Arm Rotor

  • Protection ng Lord sa aking buong pamilya at sa mga kapatiran at regular attenders namin,
  • Naway hindi kami panghinaan ng loob sa pagharap sa crisis ngayon bagkus manatili ang kasiglahan, pag-asa at pagnanais sa salita ng Dios at sa fellowship,
  • Sana loobin ng Dios ang mga kabutihang ginawa natin (pagbigay ng goods, prayer, word of God shared through social media) ay maging paraan para tawagin ang mga tao na umasa sa Dios at sa pagsisisi at kaligtasan ng kanilang kaluluwa (particularly sa mga taong aming kinasasakupan).
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