MCBC PRAYER ITEMS – 04/09/2020


The schedule of  live-streamed services for April 12, 19 and 26 are as follows: 

  • 8:00-9:00 am – Sunday School
  • 9:30-10:30 am – First Service
  • 11:00-12:00 nn – Second Service


Having a great high priest who can sympathize with our weaknesses and identify with our circumstances let us, as a church, draw near with confidence to the throne of grace so that we may find mercy and grace in this time of great need (cf Heb 4:15-16). 


1.  Let us give thanks for the word we heard last Sunday.

In our Sunday School class, we were shown the challenges of live-streamed worship–that it lacks the necessary dynamics to make preaching powerful and worship truly solemn. Although for the time being we have to be content with this kind of set-up, it is no replacement for coming to church to worship. Hopefully, we can do this soon. In the morning, we saw that although there is much uncertainty in this time of crisis, there are certainties that we can cling to in order to give our faith stability. God’s mercy, the assurance of salvation and the prospect of perfection were among six certainties that we were given to meditate on to strengthen our faith. In the afternoon, we heard the comforting word that although we are in the midst of a corona that kills and destroys, there is a crown that saves and gives life. That crown is none other than King Jesus, the humble and gentle Savior of sinners. Our prayer should be, save now, King Jesus!

2.  Let us pray for our preachers this Sunday.

  • Pas Clyde will take the Sunday School;
  • Pas Rolly will take the first service;
  • Pas Mike will take the second service.
    [Please note the change in schedule for live streaming.]

Pray for wisdom in preparation and power in delivery. Pray for uninterrupted and undistracted viewing of our streamed services. Pray that even in “home worship,” we would still be able to sanctify the Lord’s day and keep it holy.

3.  Let us give thanks and pray for our continued relief projects.

Aside from the tricycle association relief project we mentioned last week, here are a few more updates:

  •  Our order of P83,200 worth of N95 masks for PGH and PDH arrived last Wednesday from China and are ready for distribution. Let’s give thanks to God for this.

    Note: As of Thursday evening we learned that the shipment of N95 masks we ordered from China was substandard. Thus, we are replacing our order and expecting delivery to come by the next shipment on April 18.

  • P5,000 worth of cloth masks were purchased and distributed among the three OFW accommodations where we hold regular Bible studies (Cooper, Mcdivitt, and Bacolod). 
  • We also donated P10,000 worth of rice to Baranggay Moonwalk to help them in their relief distribution within the barangay. 
  • Relief in the form of rice was also given to needy members and to attenders of our Bible study at Choy’s residence. In addition, cash amounting to P1500 was given to three families who are regular attenders of the Bible study.
  • Please pray that we would be able to find a good source of PPEs as we seek to donate this protective equipment to our front-line health workers. 

4. We continue to request and welcome donations for our church to be able to help others in this time of need. please communicate with either the elders or deacons.


1.  Let us give thanks for life and breath and all things. Thank God for His daily sustenance. May He continue to protect us from evil.  

2.  Let us continue to pray for our front-liners that the Lord would give them the strength to continue serving, that they would be kept from being infected, and that they would be protected from harm outside of their hospitals. Aside from the list of names which was given these past two weeks, here are some additions:

  • Jessie Cortez (former MCBC member, transporting COVID patients from homes to hospitals in hard-hit New York, USA) and his sister, Julie (RN in NY) who is exhibiting signs of COVID-19 infection
  • Dana Crisostomo RN, Gil Dayot RN, Lexi Crisostomo (niece, brother and nephew of Dr Bing Dayot, frontliners in biggest government hospital in Washington DC, USA) 
  • Bang Crisostomo (sister of Dr Bing Dayot, working in a Maryland hospital, USA)
  • Marvin Putal, RN (nurse in a UK hospital, brother of Brenda Putal, Covid19 positive, now in ICU-please pray for his recovery)
  • Susana Balina, RN (nurse in a UK hospital and sister of Ana Yogawin, thanksgiving for negative result after Covid 19 testing)
  • Dr Grace Catalan (PGH, for her covid test results to be negative)
  • Dr. Diane San Diego (Rizal Provincial Hospital, frontliner, sister of Dinna Loyola)
  • Six nurses at PDH are PUI and quarantined and one nursing assistant is covid positive. Please pray that all would recover soon. Hospitals are short of health-workers

3.  Let us continue to pray for the sick among us, especially our members who have critical illnesses. Please pray for my brother-in-law, Manuel Martinez, recovering from back surgery in a Cebu Hospital. Pray for recovery and provisions. Pray also for the sister in law of brother Dennis, Brenda, for her recovery.

4.  Let us pray that our members would not be laid off from employment due to the negative economic effect of the extended lockdown.

5.  Let us pray for sister Ruth who celebrated her birthday last Friday. Let’s give thanks to God for His faithfulness for her 30 undeserved years, and also “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.”

Let us also remember sister Diony in Olongapo who celebrated her birthday yesterday, that the Lord would be her help during this time of difficulty when she has to walk long distances just to be able to buy food and necessities.

6. Let us pray for sister Deniece. She may deliver her baby anytime today and onwards. Her OB, however, has tested positive for Covid19. Please pray for wisdom to decide whether to stick with Makati Med or deliver elsewhere. Pray for normal and safe delivery and preservation from infection.  

7.  Let us continue to pray for our government as it addresses our national crisis, for necessary funds to support its plans to help the people cope with need. Let us pray that the curve would flatten soon and the extension would achieve this effect. Let us give thanks for the untiring efforts of the LGUs and their volunteers in addressing the needs of their constituents. Let us pray that evil opportunists would be exposed and put down. 

8.  Let us pray for hospitals and makeshift PUI and PUM facilities as well as buildings that have been made available to receive quarantined individuals and groups that they would be able to cope with the growing number of covid19 cases.

9. Let us pray for the Lord’s wisdom to medical researchers–that a vaccine would be developed soon and a cure would be found that would result in the healing of thousands who are sick and dying. 

10. Let’s pray for the awakening of those who are spiritually dead as the work of the gospel continues even in this time of crisis.

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