“And they were continually devoting themselves…to the prayers (Acts 2:42).” In spite of the lockdown which prevents us from gathering together as a church to pray, may we still, with one spirit, continue to devote ourselves to prayer. Let us give thanks to God for His unceasing mercy in this time of crisis and plead with Him with all perseverance for help with respect to the concerns listed below; He hears our cry.


1.  Let us praise God for the word we heard last Sunday. In our Sunday School we were reminded that though there is great temptation to complain about our difficult situation, grumbling against God’s providence is never right. May we be reminded that God is always good and wise in His dealings with us and we must be found trusting rather than complaining.

In our First Service, we were reminded that this world is not all there is and there is a future redemption awaiting the sons of God together with the whole creation. Though at the moment, creation groans and the people of God suffer, they both have a hope of future glory in the presence of God. May our faith be focused on this and not on the passing pleasures of this fallen world.

In our Second Service, we were taken to Psalm 46 where God introduces Himself by four different designations, all implying power, and majesty. In spite of His greatness as God and Lord of hosts, He can still condescend and call Himself the God of Jacob. What a comfort that in the midst of crisis, we can rest assured that this God is with us in the person of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

2.  Let us pray for our preachers this Sunday.

  • Pas Clyde will take the Sunday School;
  • Pas Rolly will take the first service;
  • Pas Mike will take the second service.

Pray for help in preparation and power in preaching. Pray for good internet speed and minimal distractions. Pray that even in this extraordinary time, there would be a delighting in the Lord and in His day.

3.  Let us give thanks and pray for our continued relief efforts.

a.  The delivery of 640 pieces of N95 masks to PGH and PDH has been delayed and was reset to April 24 due to problems with the supplier. Pray that the delivery will push through this time.

b.  Let’s give thanks to God for 60 pcs of scrub suits worth P21,100 that we donated to PGH last April 17. The head of the Anesthesiology Department received the suits and was appreciative of the help given. 

c.  We have engaged in a third wave of relief to members and attenders whose sources of income have been greatly affected by the lockdown, distributing rice packs and cash.

d.  We are still in the process of canvassing PPEs and face shields. Please pray for wisdom and unity in our decisions.

4.  Let’s pray for the resumption of the children’s Sunday School. Though our services have not been disrupted by the lockdown and continue to be streamed, our children have not experienced Sunday School since March 8. We have therefore decided to do online streaming of our children’s Sunday School via the Zoom App and this will begin Lord willing this Sunday, April 26, from 3 pm-4 pm.

Sisters Gerda, Rosanna, and Melba will separately handle Levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively.


1.  Let us give thanks to God for His continued preservation while under quarantine; apart from the difficulties connected with lockdown our members are doing well. May God continue to spare us from this dreaded disease and give us strength to carry on serving Him. 

2.  Let us persevere in praying for our front-liners (follow this link for the list of frontliners that we should pray for) as they risk life and health caring for the sick in our hospitals. Here are a few updates:

  • Jobel Sornillo (RITM, 43 of her colleagues have tested positive for covid19 thus hampering RITM testing operations, please pray for their swift recovery).
  • Boyet Putal RN (UK, thanks be to God for his recovery; answered prayer; from ICU to regular room to ward, he has now returned home resting under quarantine).
  • Bang Crisostomo LPN (MD, USA, sister of Dr Bing; tested positive, pray for her recovery)
  • Julie (Cortez) and husband Alex (NY, USA, still in the hospital recovering)

3.  Let us not grow weary praying for the sick among us, especially our members and friends who have critical illnesses, to name a few: Annie, Acel, Johnny, Louie, Delia, Mel, Tina, Conrad, Joven, Jun, Randy, and others.

Also, for Nanay Belen, member of our sister church in Makati (Pas Tony), she has tested negative twice in a row but still has difficulty breathing; she is awaiting the result of the third test.

Please also pray for five members of Trinity Baptist Church (TBC), Gloucester, UK who have tested positive for covid19. TBC is Bro Matt Gamston’s (former CRBC, SGCC San Pedro) home church in England. 

4.  Let us pray that our members would not be laid off from employment due to the negative economic effect of the extended lockdown. Let us also pray for those who are presently called to work as part of skeleton labor forces in essential businesses that they would be kept from sickness.

Specifically Laya, eldest daughter of Louie who is still going to her job twice or thrice this week at PBCOM tower. Pray for protection that she will not come into contact with any COVID-19 positive persons while doing her job. Thanksgiving as well that she has arranged transportation to and from work and traveling mercies for them.

5.  Let us give thanks to God for the birthdays of brothers Edwin, Louie, Jess and sisters Abi, Krizzia and Dani.

  •  For Edwin: Thanksgiving for good health and protection for me and my family, and also the faithfulness of God to us. Pray for continued protection, a deeper knowledge of God, to be a good leader to family, and to have a good testimony at work.

  • For Louie: Thanksgiving sa Dios sa pagdagdag pa ng isang taon and thankful for His continuing protection not only for our family but also for other brethren’s families. My prayer goes for His saving grace for opening the hearts and minds of my other family members and loved ones. I also ask for continuing spiritual growth.

  • For Abi: Thanksgiving for another year given to me and for providing anything that we need in times of crisis that we are facing right now. Also for guiding me through my entire journey as a teacher. Also good health for the family and perseverance in faith that I may continue to grow in Him.

  • For Krizzia: Praise the Lord for another year! I’m thankful for the opportunity to celebrate this day with my family. Though the situation is very different and the times are tough, as I look back at His past mercies, reflect on His present blessings, and look forward, with hope on the future glory, I am reminded once again that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Indeed what a sweet message that through all our story’s pages, His love is still the same. With each passing year, He is unchanging still, our unshakeable Rock of Ages!

  • For Dani: The salvation of the household: Jr, Tito Joven, Mama Joy, Tito Art, and Keira; also, future work plans (physical health once I go back to hospital work).

  • For Jess: Kalusugan naming magasawa pagkalooban kami malakas na katawan sa araw araw nawa po ipagkaloob na ng panginoon ang kagalingan doon sa kalagayan ng paa ni sis Mel na gabi gabi na aking dalangin. Maraming salamat po.

6.  Let us continue to pray for the safe and normal delivery of sister Deniece. She is now on her 39th week.

7.  Let us continue to pray for wisdom for our president as he decides whether to lift or to extend the enhanced community quarantine. Let’s pray for his advisers who come from the health, business, military, political and social sectors of society that they would give good advice to our leaders. Pray for the IATF and its implementors, the police, military, and the LGUs, that the needs of the people would continue to be addressed. Pray for the cooperation of the people so that the purpose of the lockdown which is to flatten the infection curve would be achieved.

8.  Let us pray for conversions in our homes and even among our front line health workers. May they see in this covid19 pandemic that life is frail and uncertain and our only true hope for security in this life and for eternity is none other than Jesus Christ.

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