Psalm 145:8-10

The LORD is gracious and merciful; Slow to anger and great in lovingkindness.

The LORD is good to all, And His mercies are over all His works.

All Your works shall give thanks to You, O LORD, And Your godly ones shall bless You.



We praise God for the following:

  1. For the four applicants for membership in our church and in our outreach in Victoria (Laguna)
  2. For the continued worship services, both physically and at times virtually
  3. For the Bible studies being led by members, a number of which is done by phone or virtually
  4. For the various fellowships and webinars over the internet

Please pray for the following:

  1. For the acceptance of applicants for membership
  2. For the conversion of loved ones and Bible study attenders
  3. For the planned covenanting of our outreaches in Victoria (Laguna) and San Fernando (Pampanga)
  4. That physical gathering for worship may resume
  5. For the health and safety of the elderly and those who regularly work outside the home

GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH Paciano Rizal, Bay, Laguna

News and Thanksgiving

  1. We received a couple into membership by transfer.  We thank the Lord that despite the constraints, He is adding to our Church.  Pray that the Lord may make this couple both be blessed by, and be a blessing to, our Church.
  2. Since Laguna is part of the NCR+, put under ECQ, we are forced to have both services on-line by live stream.  We have two preaching services – morning and afternoon – and one Sunday School forum following the morning service.  Pray that the Lord may bless His Word in all these virtual meetings.
  3. We are thankful for the successful holding of a combined in-person seminar and on-line webinar last month.  We had a good number of barangays represented at the in-person seminar, and we appreciate the churches of the association represented in the webinar.  Dr. Gerry Ballacua addressed the subject of “Bakuna; etc.”

Prayer Requests

  1. As an offshoot of the “Bakuna” seminar, we are now in the process of publishing a tract which may take an e-booklet form.  We intend to circulate this among association churches, and other churches that may be interested. Pray for this project.
  2. Grace Ministerial Academy is now in its homestretch this April.  There are now two batches for graduation – stretching back to last year – that have yet to be scheduled for commencement service.  Pray for Pastor NAE that he may have the wisdom and strength in his oversight of GMA.
  3. Our member, Sarah Minelle Bueno, is scheduled to wed Pastor Joseph Mangahas on April 19.  Due to present conditions, it will be an only-family affair.  Pray that they may prove good for each other, especially for the ministry of Pastor Joseph.
  4. Pray for our missionary and family in Thailand.  They are now in the process of renewing their visa which, hopefully, will give them a longer one-year tenure before another renewal.  Pray also for the ministry of Mark Acsay in Ratchaburi, Thailand.
  5. Continue praying for the conversion of those who hear the gospel in the service (online and assembly). May the Word already implanted


News and Thanksgiving

  1. We are grateful that Pampanga was spared from being part of the NCR bubble, hence we can still have in-person yet limited worship services.
  2. God, in his grace, keeps on growing us in numbers as we have received three new members last March; may the Church be a blessing to these brethren as they become blessings to the Church as well.
  3. We are also thankful for the 5 new applicants that we have. ‘God guide and sustain them as they undergo the membership process.

Prayer Requests

  1. We have one member, Myzha Dela Cruz, nominated for the diaconate. May the Church collectively find guidance from the Lord as we will exercise church suffrage next month.
  2. Our online ministry, Reformed Bible Study, is being used by God to provide Reformed teachings in our region. Many of our new members are the direct result of this ministry. May RBS continue to bear fruit by drawing people to the need of local churches in the aspect of reformation. We also pray for God’s sustaining grace for Pastor Ramen in this ministry.
  3. Our growing number encourages us to pray for a larger worship space. May God grant provisions and wisdom for our leaders on this matter.
  4. Pray that the Covid cases here would not worsen so that in-person worship can continue.


1. Preaching

  • In our Sunday School, we continued with our study of Chapter 2 of the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. We looked at the attributes of God as revealed in Scriptures. His loftiness and benevolence ought to cause us to grow in worship, love, and service to Him; while on the other hand  call sinners to repentance and faith for He is righteous and just to forgive sins to those who humbly come to Him, yet at the same time, righteous and just to not let the unrepentant, guilty sinner go unpunished.
  • In our first service, Pastor Rolly concluded our mini-series on Ephesians 1 where we took up the “The Pledge of Inheritance of the Holy Spirit” as the purpose of our sealing in Him. God’s work of redemption is thorough and complete where we have the first fruits of it and waiting for the completion of our redemption in glory at Christ’s coming, and all these blessings have its ultimate purpose which is the praise of His glory. Therefore, we all the more have the reason and motivation to praise and glorify God even in the midst of deep and dark circumstances, like what we are in now and not be consumed with grumbling and complaining.    
  • In our Second Service, Pastor Clyde started our study of the book of 1 Thessalonians by giving us a background of the beginnings of the Thessalonian church through the labors of the Apostle Paul in bringing the gospel to them. We saw the providence, proclamation, and the persecution that transpired throughout this ministry. Let us give thanks to the Lord that the gospel, in a similar sense, has reached us here in the Philippines, especially the reformed doctrines that we now embrace. Let us also continually pray and support the on-going missionary labors of our brethren in bringing the gospel of Christ across our country and the world amidst rejection and persecution from the ungodly.        

2. Services. Let us pray for help in sanctifying and delighting in the Lord’s day. May we profit from His Word. Let us pray for wisdom for those who will bring the Word of God to us. 

  • Pas. Rolly will teach in Sunday School. 
  • Pas. Mike will preach in the first service. 
  • Pas. Alex will preach in the second service.  
  • Pas. Clyde will preach for SGC (Antipolo) 

3. Other ministries. Letus thank God for the Bible studies last week (Seniors’ Fellowship, SS Kids, Singles BS, Fellowship BS). May He help those who are involved in our online ministries.

  • Sunday – Sis. Gerda (Level 1), Sis. Mano (Level 2), Sis. Kayla (Level 3), Bro Simon (Youth BS)
  • Tuesday – Pas. Clyde (Fellowship Bible study)


1. ThanksgivingLet us continually thank the Lord for His mercies. In spite of our challenging situations, He has preserved us and has provided for our needs. He has also sustained us spiritually. Let us praise Him for taking care of us. May He continue to keep us from the infection.

  • Bro Joey & Bro Edwin

2. Birthday. 

  • Sis Paula (April 24) –Grow more in grace and wisdom and perseverance to walk with Him in this journey.
  • Sis Aniceta (April 25) – Pasasalamat po sa Diyos sa biyaya na idinagdag na buhay at kaligtasan ng kaluluwa at buhay na walang hanggan. At lalo pang lumago sa pananampalataya sa Panginoong Jesus.

3. Frontliners.  Let us persevere in praying for our frontliners (see the full list here). May the Lord graciously preserve and strengthen them in the difficult and tiring work of service. May they be spared as well from the infection. May the vaccine keep them from adverse effects of the virus. Let us pray that they will not lose heart in fulfilling their calling in helping the sick.  

4.  Health

  • Sick brethren: Pas. Alex, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Mel, Chippy, Delia, Tina, Edna, Taps, Pas. Rene, Pas. Lester, Pas Renz, Ranieses Fam., Liza A. etc.
  • Sick our friends and loved ones:  Mr. Pong, Conrad, Randy, Jun, Ludel, Neal, Amy, Marlyn, Lola Soledad, Bobot, Maria, Mayet, Mr. and Mrs. Abagon, Melinda, Gley, Abbie G, Mommy Ferrer, Gem, Mr. Santos (Bro Gian’s dad), etc. 

5.Pregnancy – Tin  & KC

6. Employment. Let us continue to pray for the unemployed. May God bless and grant favor to their efforts so that they may provide for themselves and their families. Let us also pray for the entrepreneurs that God will give them the wisdom to sustain their businesses and workers. Let us pray for those who go to their workplaces that the Lord would preserve them from infection. 

7. Nation. 

  • Let us unceasingly plead with God in His mercy to halt that the further spread of COVID-19.  
  • May the vaccines we received and purchased prove effective in slowing down the spread of the infection.
  • Let us continue to pray for wisdom for the government to appropriate the necessary and efficient measures  in addressing the pandemic (hospital capacities, care for health workers, implementations of health protocols, vaccine purchases, etc.)
  • The wisdom and guidance as well in the managing the economic welfare of the nation.
  • Let us also pray for peace and order within our country (crime, rebellion, factions, divisions, etc.) as well as the territorial disputes.
  • May God restrain the hearts of evil men who commit violence, and sowing of discord. May the Lord continue to use His church to propagate the gospel for the salvation of our countrymen. 

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