Jn 17:11-12, 14-16 Holy Father, keep them in Your name…I do not ask You to take them out of the world, but to keep them from the evil one.”


               1.  ENGLEWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH – Englewood, New Jersey, USA



               1.  Last Sunday: (1) SS-May we never cease to be awed and amazed at the greatness of our God in having decreed everything that comes to pass. (2) 1S-Although we have no apostle to pronounce it to us, yet still may grace and peace be our portion just as it was the portion of the Thessalonian church. (3) 2S-May we be thankful that in the midst of the many enemies that we face in this world, God is on our side and we are not consumed. If God is for us, who is against us?

               2.  This Sunday: Pas Rolly will take SS; Pas Clyde will take 1S and Pas Alex will take 2S. Pray for help in preparations and enablement in preaching. Pray for God’s presence. Pray for unity of spirit even if we are not physically together. Pray for the spiritual growth of God’s people and salvation to those who are still outside of Christ. Pray also for Pas Mike who will preach the whole day at SGC in Antipolo and do the wedding of James and Hapi on Monday.

               3.  Other Ministries: Senior Moments-Pas Rolly; Children’s SS-Sisters Gerda, Elot, and May; Evangelistic BS-Pas Rolly; Fellowship BS-Pas Clyde; Youth BS-Bro Simon and Singles Fellowship-Pas Clyde. 

               4.  Announcement: Groups 1 and 2 will be allowed to attend this Sunday.


               1.  Let us give thanks for God’s preserving mercies this past week. Though we are undeserving of the least of His mercies, He has been pleased to grant us an abundance. He is the One who sustains our lives and preserves us in the way of truth. May He continue to work in us even under what is for us unusual circumstances that we may continue to grow in grace and in the likeness of Jesus Christ our Savior. 

                              -Let us also give thanks for the negative result of Gian and Kemi’s RT-PCR test.

                              -Pray for Bro. Edwin’s antigen test on Monday, May 31.

               2.  Frontliners: Let us give thanks to God that there has been a decline in hospitalizations which is a welcome respite to our frontliners. Yet let us continue to pray for them (see the full list here) that they would be preserved from from sickness.   

               3.  Sick Brethren: Pas. Alex, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Liza A, Johnny, Louie, Delia, Mel, Chippy, Tina, Edna, Taps, Pas Rene, Pas Lester, Renz, etc.

               4.  Sick Loved Ones and Friends: Pong, Conrad, Jun, Ludel, Randy, Neal, Lola Soledad, Amy, Marlyn, Bobot, Maria, Mayet, Mr and Mrs Abagon, Melinda, Gley, Mommy Ferrer, etc.

               5.  Birthdays: (1) Brigette-I praise God for keeping me by His grace despite the dark providences He has placed in my life along with our circumstances now. My prayer requests are: that God may provide me with work to continue to support His kingdom and to meet my needs, also grace to grow closer and more in love with my Lord and Savior despite uncertainty and dark scenes in life, claiming that His intentions are always good and perfect; (2) Deacon Mario-wisdom and good health, spiritually and physically for me and my family, salvation for my children and loved ones.

               6.  Pregnancy. Let us pray for a safe pregnancy for Tintin and KC 

               7.  Employment. Let’s pray that the Lord would provide employment for our members who are looking for work. Let us pray for the protection of those who work. Let us pray for the business climate to improve.

               8.  Nation. Pray for the availability of vaccines so that herd immunity would be achieved soonest and also for infections not to surge as rainy season comes. Pray for wisdom on the WPS issue. Pray for the restraint of evil. Pray for the salvation of sinners, inlcuding those in high places.                              

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