“Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for He who comes to God must believe that He is and He is a rewarder of those who seek Him (Heb 11:6).”

There are two things that we learn in this verse about prayer, namely,

(1) Faith is a necessary element of prayer. It is believing that God exists even if we don’t see Him; it is not pretending that He exists because we don’t see Him. Faith is the conviction of things not seen (v1).

But (2) it is also believing that God hears our prayer and takes note of it. The word rewarder is used of that of a paymaster. Not that prayer is meritorious but the point is that God hears and answers prayer; we don’t waste our time drawing near to him and nothing happens; rather, seeking God is a rewarding experience, time not spent in vain.    


            1.  Let us give thanks that the thermal scanners we sent to the mission field have been received. May it be used for the safety of our mission works in their regular gatherings. We have also sent funds for them to do relief works within their communities. May it be used to address the needs of those who have been affected by the pandemic.

            2.  Let us pray for Pas. Mike as he gives a live report (via Zoom) on the ministries of MCBC at 7:15pm to the Reformed Church in Hong Kong pastored by Thomson Chung. 


            1.  Let us give thanks to God for continuing to protect us from covid19 and giving us the opportunity to serve Him (whether at home or at work) even if our movements are greatly restricted. May He be praised for His faithful mercies day by day even if we don’t deserve the least of them.   

            2.  Let us not grow weary praying for our front-line health workers (see list) giving thanks to God that their working conditions have vastly improved and infections and deaths have dropped to a low. Let us also give thanks that the financial aid promised by the government has been received by the families of those who have died and those who had fallen sick of the virus. Let’s continue to pray for Dr. Mike Manera of PGH, Acel’s nephew, that the results of a repeat swab test would be favorable. Thanks that even though he tested positive at first, he is asymptomatic.

            3.  Let us press on praying for the sick among us, namely, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Delia, Mel, Tina, Conrad, Jun, Randy, and others. Pray also in particular for the following:

                        a.  Doc Edna Chacon, of our sister church in Iligan; pray that the surgical wound from her operation would heal well and that there would be no complications. Especially pray for calmness of heart, full trust in the Lord and submission to God’s will; she is comforted by the love and concern of the brethren.

                        b.  Mr. Ludel Aquino, Gina’s brother-in-law, his angioplasty was successful, doctors are now addressing kidney problems and diabetes; Gina was able to share Scriptures through phone; pray for God’s mercy in healing but especially for salvation; pray also for the health and safety of his immediate family.

                        c.  Some of our brethren who are Persons Under Monitoring (PUMs) and under quarantine because of positive cases in their office, that they would be negative for infection.

                        d.  Pas Alex, whose eye problem is worsening; he has now lost vision in one eye, for fourth check up, he is requested for MRI. Pray that the doctor would be given wisdom to make a correct diagnosis so that proper remedy would be given. Pray also that this time of trial would be used for the strengthening of our pastor’s faith.

                        e.  Mr Pong Lapid, thanks that his condition has improved; pray that his speech would be restored and lab test results would be normal; especially pray for his salvation.

                        f.  Mel Salazar, thanks that both her x-ray and 2D-echo yielded normal results.

                        g.  Bobby Baylon, Dennis’ brother, thanks that his fever has subsided and he is negative for covid; pray for healing of foot inflammation due to gout.

                        hDr. Bing Dayot, suffered spike in blood pressure awhile ago, stable now, almost brought to ER, company nurse attending to her now; pls pray for stability in blood pressure.

                        iBetty Gustilo, Rosanna’s cousin, undergoing cancer surgery now. Pls pray for safe and effective operation and also for a positive response to the gospel which Rosanna shared with her.

            4.  Let us pray for our recent birthday celebrators:  

                        a.  Liza AI’m doing very well even if many deadlines have to be met after the ECQ extensions. My unceasing prayer request is for the salvation of loved ones and also to always be used by the Lord in His kingdom. Thanks too for the joy and peace that the Lord continually gives.

                        b.  Bang B-Praise God for continuous blessings and preservation. Pray that He will guide us till the end whether in joy or trial. To Him be the glory forever!

            5.  Let us continue to pray for our members who have returned to work that they would be kept from infection. Let us also pray that the Lord would provide gainful employment for those who are out of work.

            6.  Let us continue to pray that the covid infection rate would decline instead of increase. Pray for wisdom to our authorities to determine when to ease restrictions to MGCQ to allow mass gatherings. Pray for economic recovery. Pray for the government as they handle the west Philippine sea crisis. Pray for wisdom and justice as our lawmakers tackle the ABS-CBN franchise and anti-terror bill issues. Pray for the government as they address transport problems including the plight of hard-up jeepney drivers and stranded OFWs.

            7.  Let us pray for the conversion of sinners as we continue to reach out to the lost during this time of quarantine and pandemic.


            1.  Let us praise God for the word we heard last Sunday and pray for its application. In our Sunday School we were given guidelines for worshipping safely in anticipation of the easing of restrictions on mass gatherings. May we take this to heart for the protection of all. In our First Service, we saw that since the heavens declare the glory of God, there is much to know about God in space. May the five things we saw about God and space provoke us to humble worship and acknowledgment of His greatness. In our Second Service, we learned that true joy and peace in believing come from the God of hope. May He fill us with greater measures of that joy and peace that we may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  

            2.  Let us pray for our preachers this Sunday.

  • Pas Clyde will take the Sunday School;
  • Pas Rolly will take the First Service;
  • Pas Mike will take the Second Service.

Pray for help in preparations and power in preaching. Pray for good internet speed and minimal distractions for those who worship at home. Pray for delight in the Lord and in His day.  

            3.  Let us pray for the Children’s Sunday School and Youth Bible Study. This week, sisters Kristiana, Mano and Alice will take Levels 1,2 and 3 respectively and brother Simon will continue to be the Youth Bible Study leader.

            4.  Let us pray for the ushers. Their hands will be full come MGCQ with the responsibility of allowing or disallowing people from attending church based on our set parameters. Pray for their present training.

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