You ask and do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, so that you may spend it on your pleasures.” James 4:3

One of the hindrances to answer to our prayers is praying with a wrong motive. May the Lord keep us from praying with selfish and carnal motives. May we not seek only our own good but seek the glory of God and the good of others when we pray.


  • 1. Tagum Community Bible Fellowship
  • Bro. Jonard Samejon will give an update concerning the church-planting work in Tagum. 

    2. Trinity Bible Church, San Pablo City
    We thank God for the following blessings:
  • That we continue to worship every Lord’s Day via Zoom
  • For the protection and provision of God to church members
  • For a number of Bible studies being conducted online –
  • For the oversight meetings being conducted via phones/internet
  • Please pray for the following concerns:

  • For safety as we slowly gather for worship services on Sundays
  • For continued protection of sickly and elderly members, as well as those who are working in offices
  • For comfort and deliverance from temptation of those members who cannot attend Sunday services
  • For conversion of those attending Bible studies
  • For provision to those looking for work and livelihood


1. Let us continue to thank God for His mercy in preserving us. Let us continue to pray that we would be kept from the disease amid the rising number of those that are being infected. May He continue to give us good health.

Let us also thank God for those who have recently graduated:
Ingrid (Industrial Design) and Kristiana (Medicine).

2. Let us continue to pray for our medical front liners (see the full list here). May God keep them from the virus and grant them perseverance in taking care of those who are sick.

 Let us pray for Sis. Janet Gumop-as as the number of infections is increasing in PDH. Several employees have tested positive while there are many PUIs. May God preserve her.

3. Let us not grow weary in praying for the sick. Let us pray for our brethren: Pas. Alex, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Mel, Chippy, Delia, Tina, Edna, and Pas. Boy Juntado (the result of his biopsy is negative). Let us also continue to pray for our friends and loved ones who are sick. Mr. Pong, Conrad, Jun, Ludel, Randy, Baby Boy Az-Zain, Lola Soledad, and others. Let’s pray for their healing and salvation. Let us pray for the following additional concerns:

  • Pamela (Pas. Balford’s wife). She underwent colon tumor operation (about a foot long was removed). Pray that the test result would be benign.
  • Mean (Bro. George’s sister-in-law). She is currently sick and her body is weak which may be due to over-fatigue and stress. Pray for healing. She is also selling one of her properties to help in their financial concern. Pray that it will be sold soon.
  • Bryan (Sis. Alice’s nephew). He was hospitalized since June due to COVID-19. While he no longer shows symptoms of COVID-19, his tests still yield positive results. He is scheduled to be transferred to a quarantine facility in Pasig for continued monitoring. Pray for healing.
  • Dan Cambel (regular visitor). He fell off a ladder and bumped his head which required stitches to close the wound. The scans showed good results. Pray for recovery.

4. Let us pray for those who celebrated their birthdays recently. 

  • Alyssa (July 10) – Salvation of unsaved family members, mag grow pa po in faith and be more mature in understanding the word of God.
  • Maricon (July 13) – Prayer ko po talaga na maibigay ko po sa Lord ang tunay na pasasalamat sa mahabang buhay na binigay Niya, sa patuloy na lakas at pag-iingat na natatanggap ko po sa bawat araw lalo na po at stay-in po ako dito, nagpapasalamat po ako at may trabaho pa po akong nabalikan, nawa’y ilayo po ako ng Panginoon sa kalamigan ng puso at yung dependence upon God, dependence on prayer & dependence upon God’s Word ay magpatuloy po at nagppasalamat po ako sa Lord sa love and concern ninyong mga pastors namin na walang sawang nangangalaga sa amin at sa pag-ibig ng mga brethren, all praises be to God!
  • Simon (July 13) – Prayer request ko po is greater spiritual maturity, a growing desire to love Christ more and Salvation of the youth Bible Study attendees.
  • Deacon Dick (July 15) – Thanksgiving for another year of God’s preservation – spiritual and physical; for God’s continued grace. Pray for wisdom as I continue to lead my family; to be faithful in God-given task; mortify sin; and continued preservation.

5. Let us pray for those who are pregnant. Let us pray for KC Vitalez (due on August) and Len Openio (due on July 29). Pray for safe delivery and a healthy baby. 

6. Let us pray for the members concerning their employment. May those who have returned to work be kept from the virus. Let us also pray for those who are presently out of work that the Lord will provide gainful employment for them.

7. Let us continue to pray for our nation. May the Lord have mercy and contain the spread of infection. May God continue to grant wisdom to our leaders in addressing the challenging issues concerning health, transportation, industry, and education.


1. Let us give thanks to God for the word we heard last Sunday. 

  • In our Sunday School, we considered mutual love and brotherly affection as an essential element of Christian fellowship. May we seek ways to express our love for one another and seek to stimulate one another to love. May our love for one another increase more and more.
  • In our first service, we were reminded of the prayer regarding the kingdom of God. May we continue to pray for the salvation of sinners and the spiritual growth of believers. Let us earnestly pray for the return of Christ for the consummation of His kingdom.
  • In our second service, we were reminded of the new man’s word. May we be marked by truthfulness and not lies in our speech. May we avoid unwholesome talk which is not edifying to those who hear.

2. Let us pray for our preachers this Sunday. Let us pray for wisdom in preparation and power in preaching. Let us pray for a stable internet connection and that there will be no technical issues during the live streaming of the services.

  • Pas. Clyde will take the Sunday School.
  • Pas. Rolly will take the first service.
  • Pas. Mike will take the second service.

3. Let us pray for the Children’s Sunday School and Youth Bible Study. Sis. Elaine, Sis. Brigette and Sis. Kayla will teach in Level 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Bro. Simon will continue to teach in the Youth Bible study.

4. Let’s pray for guidance in handling the relief funds. This week, we were able to send financial assistance to some employees in Trafalgar. Next week, we will be sending help to Choy (Bible study attender) and our brethren in Sto. Tomas, Batangas City, Agoncillo, Caloocan, and Calauag. 

5. Let us thank God for a good attendance last Sunday. Some of the members of Group 1 were able to attend the worship services at church last Sunday. Since we are still under GCQ, only members of Group 2 will be allowed to come to church this Sunday. Let us pray for the cooperation and safety of those who will be attending the services at church. Let us continue to pray for those who worship at home that they will continue to delight in the Lord and His day.

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