Meditation Passage: Psalm 91



Cubao Reformed Baptist Church

Praise & Thanksgiving:

  • Thanksgiving for the Lord’s continued guidance and protection to us as His church here in Cubao, QC.
  • We thank the Lord in spite of the Pandemic, the Lord added and continually adds new members of CRBC


LORD’S DAY services

  • Pls pray for the preparation/delivery of all the preachers and teachers of God’s Word and pray for the appropriate responses of all the hearers both in person and online.
  • For our series of studies – Ptr Ish’s Sunday School series on Suffering by Paul David Trip, Ptr Mon on Colossians in our Tagalog service, and Ptr Joseph on Ephesians in our English service.
  • We just started and resumed our in-person Sunday School for children. Pls pray for safety.

CRBC 43rd CHURCH ANNIVERSARY / “Find Us Faithful”  (6 Aug /Sat)

  • Pray for our speaker -Ptr X-ley Miguel of Christ Heritage Church
  • The first part of the program is to give tribute to Ptr Brian and ate Necy Ellis as founder of CRBC and faithful servants of Christ.

GRACE MINISTERIAL ACADEMY – opening on the 9th of August 2022. (pls see brochure)

  • Pray for our Tutors and Students (Old/New) – In-Person and Online.
  • And the stability of our equipment and Internet connection.

FRIDAY EVENING CLASS – which will open on the 12th of August 2022.

  • Ptr Noel Espinosa will be our Tutor on the Doctrine of Christ
  • This is open to all men and women (In-Person and online)

Preparation of REBAP project on Aug 29, 2022, Deacons Conference with the theme “Care for the Shepherds”.

  • Open for all Deacons and men in the ministry.
  • Pls pray for our speakers – Ptr Noel Espinosa and Ptr Rolly Seveses

Process and confirmation of call of Bro  Levi Ilhig to be Elder of God’s Providence Baptist Church in Tondo.

  • Ordination is on September 10, 2022/Saturday – Lord willing.

Drop In Ministry – our ministry among the street people every Thursday here in Cubao.

  • We just resumed after more two years of Pandemic. About 50 street people attended (normally more than 100) Pray for all our volunteers in preparing food for them
  • Pls pray for the Word of God to be preached and Pray for the salvation of many…

Our Mission Work/Outreaches

  • Pls pray for the establishment of a Reformed Baptist  church in Montalban led by our missionary bro Raymond Mendoza
  • Pls pray also for the establishment of Reformed Baptist Church in Surallah, South Cotabato led by our member – bro Edgar Escabillas. Pls pray for the sustenance and provision of the Lord for the monthly rental of the meeting place. Pray for the fruit of evangelism and salvation of many in that place.

Christian Compassion Ministry

  • Thanksgiving for the Lord’s sustenance in sustaining our children in our orphanage and in reaching communities here In Cubao. Pls pray for Bible studies through online.
  • Please pray for the Residential Care Program -Bible Camp this coming July 27-29 in Batangas. Pray also for the speaker and his preparation ( Ptr.Willy Obrador)
  • Pray for the additional social worker and Housefather/mother in the homes.

Brethren in need of  Prayer and healing

  • Please continue to pray for Ptr Joseph’s next scheduled operation by the end of July (pls see his own blog for the detailed explanation)
  • Pls pray for some of our members who are battling severe sicknesses and one battling cancer. Pray to  strengthen their faith in the Lord Jesus in spite of pain and difficulties

Church of the Sovereign God Reformed Baptist Ministry (Taytay) Pastor Olan Mendoza

  • Sunday activities mula 9.30-3.30pm
  • Friday class
  • Membership applicants
  • Reforming pastors/preachers (Rizal-Bataan-Zambales)

Agkawayan Bible Christian Church (Lubang) Pastor Cris Miranda

  • Evangelism ministry
  • Salvation sa bawat nakakadalo at makakapakinig mg salita ng Dios sa sanghuniamg bayan bayan together with Vice mayor nobelo at sa fast craft.
  • Lord willing ma resume na ulit  ang bible schooling dito sa Lubang
  • Wisdom sa pangunguna
  • Health of Sis Esme (back pain)


1. Last Sunday

  • Sunday School – Saving Faith (1689 LBC)  
  • Morning Service –  The Perfect Patience of Christ (1 Tim 1:16)  
  • Evening Service – The Sending of Timothy (1 Th 3:1-5)

2. This Sunday

  • Sunday school – Pas Mike
  • Morning Service – Pas Rolly 
  • Evening Service – Pas Alex 

3. Other ministries. 

  • Last Week – Bible studies: Fellowship BS, Trafalgar, Allegro
  • Kids Sunday School – Sis. Ruth (Level 1), Sis. Brigette (Level 2), Sis. Kayla (Level 3)
  • Bible Studies – Trafalgar (Pas Rolly), SECO Compound (Pas Mike), Fellowship BS (P. Clyde)


1. Thanksgiving– Abi

2. Birthdays – D. Dick, Diding

3. Health    

4. Travel – Gian & Mimi

5.  Nation – Leaders, Economy, Covid Situation, salvation

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