Philippians 4:6-7   6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.  7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


Valley View Baptist Church (Cainta) – Pas. Manny Avena

1. God’s guidance for VVBC for new elder/s – discernment of Christ’s gift

2. Direction for the remaining few months of the year.

  • Continuing desire for in-person gathering; holding of the monthly Lord’s supper,
  • Faithfulness in our virtual meetings – stated gatherings: Sunday Worship am & pm, SS & PM

3. Present challenges brought by the pandemic on our Mission Outreaches

4. Evangelistic efforts through online platform

5. Critically sick and suffering

– Gerry Lubay -6% kidney function left- for dialysis, provisions, new believer

– Tom Pedrosa (Brother to Anna Pedrosa, Missionary, GBC) – given 3 months to live- unbeliever

needing gospel witness

– Bro. Jay Cerilla- Stage 4 lung cancer, now in NKTI for bronchoscopy

– Ate. Necy Ellis, now in hospital, for internal bleeding(digestive/intestinal).

– Families with infection – Sajorda & Ilagan

Agkawayan Bible Christian Church (Lubang)  – Pas. Cris Miranda


  • Protection  sa amin Dito last July 28 ay lumindol 6.7mag.  Sa biyaya ng Dios OK nman kmi may mga nabasag lng na mga gamit pero OK lng.

Prayer Requests

  • Evangelism sa PNP every Monday at Sangguniang Bayan every 1st Monday of the month.
  • Kalooban ng Dios na Makapag simula kmi ng Theological Modular Class (TNC) dito by October.
  • Continuous growth ng mga newly baptized (8).
  • Provision ang protection ni Emman.
  • Ongoing construction ng ceiling ng church building

Redeemed by Grace Baptist Church  Pas. Diego Bulatao

Prayer requests:

1. Roof Repair of the church building-financial provision and wisdom of the laborers.

2. Health and wisdom to pastor Diego Bulatao and Bro Jiro Francisco-be the faithful ministers of the Word.

3. Weekdays Bible studies – Monday-Biblical Theology

Wednesday-Stay at Home BS

Friday-The Church, Theology, and Ministry

*church will continue to grow in doctrines and live in holiness

4. Streamed services (AM Worship, Sunday School, Afternoon Prayer)


1. Preaching

● In our Sunday School, Chapter 5 On Divine Providence. May the Lord help us not only to view and appreciate the sovereignty of God in his sustaining of all things in accordance to His goodness and might, but also to live in light of this comforting truth. Let us then be free from carnal anxieties, fatalistic errors and sin, as well as ruinous presumptions, but give due diligence in availing the means that God has given and ordained as well.       

● In our first service, we saw Christ’s commendation of the Syrophoenician woman’s great faith. May we be constantly reminded that difficulties and hardships are fertile grounds for our faith to grow, therefore we are not to despise them, rather exercise obedience and diligent persistence even in the midst of such difficulties. Such great faith is also seen in the intercession in behalf of others. May we all grow in these aspects of faith.    

● In our Second Service, The Greatest King, someone greater than Solomon. As we are reminded of the supremacy of Christ over Solomon not just in his temporal attainments but His greatest act of redeeming sinners, may we continue to serve and worship Him as  our Savior and king.   

2. Services. Let us pray for help in sanctifying and delighting in the Lord’s day. May we profit from His Word that we may apply it in our daily lives. Let us pray then for wisdom for those who will bring God’s Word of to us this Sunday.

  • Pas. Mike will teach in Sunday School. 
  • Pas. Rolly will preach in the first service. 
  • Pas. Clyde will preach in the second service.  


  • No in-person gathering still.

3. Other ministries. Letus thank God for the Bible studies last week (SS Kids, Youth BS, Trafalgar BS, Senior Moments, fellowship BS). May He continue to help those who are involved in our online ministries.

Friday – Trafalgar BS (Pas. Rolly)

Sunday – Sis Gerda (Level 1), Sis Rosanna  (Level 2), Sis Alice (Level 3)

Tuesday – Pas. Clyde (Fellowship Bible study)


1. ThanksgivingLet us continually thank the Lord for His continual mercies upon us all especially in the midst of challenging situations. Not only have we been sustained physically but spiritually as well.

  • Sis Brigette – Will start work in UST as a Senior HS teacher. 

2. Front-liners.  Let us persevere in praying for our front-liners (see the full list here). May the Lord graciously preserve and strengthen them especially now in the once again rising cases of infections across the nation. Let us pray for the preservation of their families as well in their interactions with them.

3.  Health   

Dennis and Acel, Grace, Mr. and Mrs. Abagon, Johnny, Mano, Neil (effectivity of medication), Gil, Cora Juinio (Family friend of Yogawins),  Jason Yogawin (D. Roland’s cousin), Pas Renz.   

4. Pregnancy – Tin  & KC’s safe pregnancy and delivery.

5. Employment and businesses. Let us continue to pray for brethren who are still seeking for job-opportunities. May God bless and grant favor to their efforts so that they may provide for themselves and their families. Let us also pray for the entrepreneurs that God will give them the wisdom in managing their businesses as well as clients that would generate profit to sustain their businesses and workers. Let us pray for those who go to their workplaces that the Lord would preserve them from infection. 

6. Nation. 

  • Let us pray for continuous preservation and safety amidst the rising cases (esp with the D-Variant)
  • God’s use of the means implemented (restrictions/quarantines) to curb the spread of infection.
  • Let us continue to pray for wisdom and guidance for the government to appropriate the necessary and efficient measures  in addressing the pandemic (care for health workers, implementations of health protocols, vaccine purchases and vaccination scheduling of LGUs, etc.)
  • The wisdom and guidance as well in the managing the economic welfare of the nation.
  • Let us also pray for peace and order within our country (crime, rebellion, factions, divisions, etc.) as well as the territorial disputes.

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