Jn 17:24 “Father, I desire that they also, whom You have given Me, be with Me where I am, so that they may see My glory which You have given Me, for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.”






1.  Last Sunday: (1) SS-We saw that God has decreed even sinful actions yet not that He becomes the author or approver of sin but overruling the sinful actions of man, He achieves His most holy ends. This overruling would include the sinful acts of His children which ultimately result in their good and His glory. May we be humbled by this reality and not use this as an excuse to sin but to provoke us to worship Him in His sovereign greatness. (2) 1S-We saw three instances of little faith which manifest itself in doubt over God’s power to provide for necessities, to help in difficulties, and to enable in the responsibilities of life. Instead of little faith pray that God would increase our faith to believe in His power, help, and enablement. (3) 2S-We were challenged to be like the Thessalonian church–as they imitated Christ and His servants, they became a model church with respect to the proclamation of and obedience to the gospel. May it be that even in the midst of difficult circumstances, the word of the Lord would spread through us and we would be known by our good testimony, all to the glory of God.

2. This Sunday: Pas Mike will continue to take SS; Pas Rolly will take 1S, and Pas Clyde will take 2S. Pray for God’s help in preparations and preaching; pray that we would overcome the difficulties of a virtual service, both for preacher and listener alike; pray for the edification of the saints and salvation for the unconverted.

3. Other Ministries: Children’s SS-Josiah, Manoleth, May; No Trafalgar BS-Pas Rolly; Fellowship BS-Pas Clyde; Youth BS-Bro Simon 

4. Announcement: Services will again be virtual this Sunday. All groups are requested to stream at home.


1.  Thanksgiving: Let us give thanks to God for His sustaining grace for another week. Without Him, we can do nothing. In all of our various experiences and endeavors, God is worthy to be praised and thanked.

  • Thanksgiving for the life of brother Dennis and for the many years that the Lord has lent him to us. We surely miss our brother and cherish fond memories of our fellowship with him. Thank God He is in a better place fellowshiping with Jesus and other believers who have gone ahead of us.
  • Thanksgiving that by God’s grace sister Acel is holding up well even during this time of grief and difficulty. Losing a loved one in a time of pandemic makes things more difficult. Pray that God would continue to uphold Acel and this time of adversity would work for her good. Praise God also that she tested negative for the virus.
  • Pray for the unbelieving members of Dennis’ as well as Acel’s family, that this would be a wake-up call to them to trust in Christ.
  • Pray for the conduct of the memorial service tomorrow at 8pm that all would go well, glory would be given to God, the grieving would be comforted and the lost convicted.
  • Pray for the cremation process tonight that it would go smoothly and swiftly.

2. Frontliners: Let us continue to uphold our frontliners to God that He would give them strength and faithfulness to fulfill their vocation especially during this time that they are overburdened. Pray that the sick would recover and the hospital situation would improve. Pray for their safety from the highly transmissible delta variant.   

3. Sick: Acel (no reinfection) and her family especially Dad Ito (pneumonia); Cecile Dadula and her family-all one week sick, brother tested positive sa antigen, Cecil, mom, and dad tested positive sa RT-PCR. Dad Remy looking for a hospital (chest pain and low oxygen); Mar and Ella Gariando and househelper, mild symptoms of covid, presently home-quarantined; Mano-under observation, given heart meds, retest after 3 mos; Diony (recovering); Gil (therapy)          

4. Birthdays:

Jenny – Papuri at pasasalamat sa Dios sa Kanyang katapatan, kabutihan at masaganang biyaya na pinagkakaloob Nya sa akin sa araw araw; salamat sa Dios sa pag-iingat Nya sa akin at sa mga mahal ko sa buhay sa gitna nitong pandemia; salamat sa Dios sa paggamit Nya ng mga tao (lalo na ang mga pastor ng MCBC) upang tumulong sa akin lumago sa spiritual na pamumuhay; kaligtasan ng mga mahal sa buhay; lumago sa pananampalataya at panalangin.

Manoleth – nagpapasalamat ako sa Dios for another year amidst the pandemic and my medical condition; sana tulungan ako ng Panginooon to grow more in love and faith sa Kanya, to live for His glory; tsaka salvation ng family ko.

Deniece – Pray for Jake and I to grow more in faith, for wisdom in raising Keira and of course, for her salvation. Thank you also for your messages the past two Sundays, so timely with our situation and even with the passing of tito Dennis. I also pray for comfort for all the members, tito Dennis will surely be missed.

5. Employment. Provision of jobs; protection in the workplace; business climate to improve                

6.  Nation. Pray that the ECQ would work and the present surge would be controlled. Pray for the availability of vaccines. Pray that evil would be restrained in the distribution of ayuda. Pray for the salvation of sinners.      

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