Meditation Passage: Psalm 24


First Reformed Baptist Church Of Valenzuela

News and Thanksgiving

1. We praise God that pastor Aries was able to get back from England safely.

2. We praise God for 3 new members that were added this past week.

3. We praise God for new applicants for church membership – we still have 7 remaining applicants for church



1. Our youth ministry is very well attended, we are averaging from 30-37 [ages from 13-21], please do pray for

their conversion.

2. We thank God for so many new visitors and applicants for church membership. Please pray that unity and

peace will be maintained in the church, that the old members will be able to build good relationships with the new ones.

3. Please pray for spiritual growth and maturity

Puritan Reformed Baptist Church

Mga Pasasalamat

1. Sa blessing ng aming church retreat last week sa Pansol,Laguna.

2.  Sa persevering grace sa bawa’t family in their vocational calling at sa gawaing pangiglesia din po.

3. Sa good health at continuing grace of forgiveness in d gospel.

4. Sa opportunity to continually serve and worship God inside and outside d church po.

Mga Prayer Concerns

1. Conversions in our midst and also of those outside d church ministry, at idagdag po sana sila ng Dios sa


2. Patuloy na compassion namin sa mga makasalanan gaya ng puso ng Panginoong Jesu-Cristo at maging

matiyaga sa pag-share ng Gospel.

3. God’s open door for the Gospel opportunities at keep our good Christian testimony always by His grace.

4. Maging larawan po ng Ebanghelyo ang aming iglesia sa awa ng Dios.

Cubao Reformed Baptist Church

News and thanksgiving

  1. We thank God for making our 43rd church anniversary celebration a blessed one. This celebration was due on the 6th of August but for some urgent reasons we moved it the 14th. Ptr. Xley was supposed to be our guest speaker but he got sick and was unable to make it. Praise God Ptr. Noel Espinosa, although with very short notice, was there to minister the word of God. The celebration was also a tribute to Ptr. Ellis and ate Necy.
  • The GMA regular classes started last August 9 while the Friday class on the 12th. We thank God for the good number of enrollees this semester.
  • We also thank God that our ministry to the homeless resumed, after 2 years due to the pandemic, last month. Please pray for the conversion of these people.
  • Praise God that in spite of the covid cases in our church, there was no serious cases and the Lord allowed us to continue our weekly services.
  • We also praise God for the new additions to our church that are truly committed to the reformed faith.


  1. We have an upcoming Deacons’ Conference on August 29. The theme is “Caring for the shepherds”. This conference is a project-of REBAP Luzon Association. Our speakers are Pastors Noel Espinosa and Rolly Seveses. The deadline for the registration is on August 26. The fee is 300 including lunch.
  • The Lord willing, we shall have our members’ quarterly meeting on August27.Pray for preparation and one mindedness to the plans of the church.
  • We are having a good attendance on our membership class every Thursday but usually an average of 5 only decide to apply for membership. May we be given wisdom to assess their conversion and commitment.
  • We solicit your prayers for one of our members who is undergoing 8-cycle chemotherapy for breast cancer. It will be her 7th this coming Wednesday. This medical procedure is very painful and energy draining. Please pray for her strength both physically and spiritually.
  • We have an scheduled Men’s discipleship training on August 21. This training is for men to be able to grow in their leadership and soundness in theology.

Grace Baptist Church (Los Banos)   

News and Thanksgiving

  1. The Church has undergone the process of nominating and recognizing men into the diaconate.  Three men have been recognized, and will be added to our incumbent three deacons, making our diaconate of six men.
  2. We will have the ordination of the new set of deacons on Aug 21.  Pray that the Lord may make known His presence and approval of these men – Bros. Enrique “Ike” Barile, Christian “Ian” Camacho, and Rex Victor Cruz.
  3. We are thankful for the fruitful pastoral visit of Pastor NAE (with his family) to our missionary family in Thailand.  Pastor NAE preached in the mission work in Ratchaburi, Thailand.  The work is promising.  Pray for fruitfulness for Bro. Mark Acsay and family.

Prayer Requests

  1. The school-year for UPLB begins in September.  We will resume our student ministry of Reformed Campus Ministry (RCM).  Pray for the preparations as we plan for the weekly webinar during the school term.
  • Continue praying for the conversion of those who hear the gospel in the service (online and assembly). May the Word already implanted generate conversion.  Pray for Jireh Espinosa, son of Pastor NAE. 
  • Our Prison Ministry is sustaining its virtual Bible Study every other week.  Several members, encouraged by the blessing on the ministry, have joined in its virtual BS every other Saturday.  Pray for conversion.
  • Our Kalinga sa Nilikha (KsN) ministry has set out some plans for the next few months.  Pray that we can pursue our efforts of advancing the care of God’s creation in various opportunities.
  • Pray that the Lord will sustain the health of Pastor NAE as he continues to work in office every day.  GMA term has resumed; and so does the Friday Evening classes.  Pray for strength and wisdom.
  • Pray for our missionary, Mark Acsay and his family in Thailand.  Pray that their health may be sustained.  Pray for a fruitful ministry in Ratchaburi where he leads a small congregation.
  • We continue to print new tracts regularly for distribution in several venues in our jurisdiction.  Pray that this evangelistic material may be used to awaken interest.
  • Pray for a few members who have yet to show up since we resumed our normal assemblies.  Some may need a little encouragement, but others may have to be dealt with more confrontationally.  Pray for wisdom on the part of those dealing with them.


1. Last Sunday

  • Sunday School – Of Good Works (1689 LBC)  
  • Morning Service –  Worship: Its Regulation  
  • Evening Service – Doctrinal Adornment: Importance of Right Doctrine & Danger of Mere Religiosity

2. This Sunday

  • Sunday school – Bro Simon
  • Morning Service – Pas Mike 
  • Evening Service – Pas Clyde 

3. Other ministries. 

  • Last Week – Bible studies: Fellowship BS, Trafalgar, Portillo, Fellowship BS   
  • Kids Sunday School – Sis. Chalsea (Level 1), Sis Elot (level 2), Sis Acel (Level 3)
  • Bible Studies – Youth BS, Trafalgar, Portillo, SECO, Fellowship,

4. Announcements: Senior Moments (August 27)


1. Thanksgiving

2. Birthdays – Sis Susan

Praise and thanksgiving for God’s blessings and mercies.

Prayer Request:

  • Continuous growth in faith and the Lord be glorified in my life.
  • Serving with joy and gladness
  • Good health &protection for the family
  • Salvation of Sam, Pam, Benj

3. Health    

4. Travel – Lola Eva

5. Nation – Leaders, Resumption of  f2f Classes,Peace and order, Economy, Covid Situation, Salvation

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