PRAYER ITEMS (September 10, 2020) 

Acts 4:24-28. In response to the opposition of the religious leaders and the release of Peter and John from jail, the brethren lifted their voices to God with one accord. They were united in prayer. They had one mind and one purpose in coming to the Lord. In their prayer, they acknowledged the greatness of God, especially His sovereignty over all things including the death of Christ. As we approach God in prayer, may we follow their example. May we be united in prayer. May we affirm the greatness and sovereignty of God.


Pastor Boy Castaños of Davao City Reformed Baptist Church will give an update concerning the Lord’s work in Davao. 


1. Let us continue to give thanks to God for His mercy in sustaining us amid the pandemic. Let us thank God for continually providing our needs and granting us good health. 

2. Let us keep on praying for our medical front liners (see the full list here). May they be preserved from illness. May they persevere in ministering to the sick. 

3. Let us earnestly pray for our sick brethren: Dairo Family, Pas. Alex, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Mel, Chippy, Delia, Tina, Edna, Pamela, Jose, Pas. Roland, Rosanna, and Mano.

4. Let us continually pray for our friends and loved ones who are sick: Mr. Pong, Conrad, Jun, Ludel, Randy, Neal, Amy, Baby Zain, Lola Soledad, Mamerto, CK, and others. May the Lord use their illness for their spiritual good. 

5. Let us pray for those who celebrated their birthday. 

  • Bam (September 4) –  Praise and thanks for salvation and God’s sustaining grace these past years, more love for Christ and more wisdom and creativity in ministry (regarding online technicalities as needed) preservation din from covid sa pagpasok.
  • Pia C. (September 5) – 1st of all thanksgiving. God is so good to me! Thanking Him also for pag-iingat sa gitna ng pandemic and for provision… that I may grow in the likeness of Christ and make the most of every opportunity to talk about Him and share the gospel (lalo na sa office)… wisdom sa pamumuhay, salvation of loved ones, and patuloy na provision and preservation… if the Lord wills, sana matapos na ang covid19/pandemic.
  • Erwin (September 7) – Good health at more opportunities here para hindi ko na maisipan mag-abroad uli. 

6. Let us pray for the members concerning their employment. Let us thank the Lord that many of us are still employed. Let us continue to pray for those who are seeking a job in this difficult time. May He also preserves those who go to their workplaces. May they be kept from the infection. To those who are engaged in business, may God give them the wisdom to sustain their businesses.   

7. Let us pray for Pastor Rolly and his family as they need to relocate. May God give them wisdom as they make decisions. May He provide for their needs. 

8. Let us pray for Viljohn and Flor as they prepare for their wedding. Their wedding will be moved to a later date because their documents for marriage have expired. Let’s pray for them as they process their requirements. May God provide for their needs. Let’s pray for their ongoing pre-marital counseling with Pas. Alex. 

9. Let us pray for our nation. May the Lord contain the spread of the virus. May He give wisdom to our government officials as they address the pressing concerns of our country – pandemic, struggling economy, corruption, etc. Let’s pray that God would use the unpleasant circumstances to call sinners to salvation. 


1. Let us thank God for the word we heard last Sunday. 

In our Sunday School, we were given an introduction to Proverbs. Unlike human adages, proverbs in the Bible are inspired by God and were written to provide wisdom for godly living. May we be encouraged to read the Book of Proverbs and seek to apply them in our lives.

In our First Service, we were reminded that unanswered prayers are Christ’s invitations for us to continually depend on His sufficient grace. Let’s praise God that His grace is sufficient for us. May we continue to depend on His grace in whatever circumstance He places us.

In our Second Service, we were reminded that Christ is our Passover. Because of His blood that was shed for us, we are no longer objects of God’s wrath and judgment. May we continue to praise God for His great mercy and may we strive to live a life that is pleasing to Him.

2. Let us pray for the services this Sunday. 

  • Bro. Simon will teach in Sunday School.
  • Pas. Rolly will preach in the 1st and 2nd services.

May the Lord help them in their preparation and their preaching. May there be no distractions in our live-streamed services. 

3. Let us pray for our online Bible Studies. Let us thank the Lord for the Bible studies that were held last week. Let’s continually pray for Pas. Rolly, Pas. Clyde and Bro. Simon as they continue to lead in Bible Studies every week. This Sunday, Sis. Ruth, Sis. Brigette, and Bro. Carl will teach in the Children’s Sunday School.    

4. Let us pray for one of our members who has been disciplined. May the Lord convict her of her sins and lead her to genuine repentance. Let us show our concern for her by contacting her and encouraging her to return to Christ.

5. Let us thank God that some members of Group 3 were able to attend the worship services at church last Sunday. This Sunday, members of Group 4 are allowed to come to church. Let us pray for help to sanctify the Lord’s day, whether we worship at church or in our homes.     

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