Acts 1:14 These all with one mind were continually devoting themselves to prayer, along with the women, and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with His brothers.



Thanksgiving and Petitions

  1. We continue to thank God for sustaining us and our ministries. We thank the Lord for the new opportunities for online Bible Study. We pray for conversion among those who join our virtual Bible Studies and among those who watch the livestreaming of our Sunday services as well.
  2. A number of our brethren and attenders got sick of Covid the past 3 weeks. Though one got hospitalized, all are well now. We thank the Lord for His healing grace. Pray for the Lord’s continued preservation from the virus.
  3. Nov. 14 will be our 12th church anniversary. Pastor Joel Bigueta will be our anniversary speaker on video. Please pray that in spite of the prevailing quarantine limitations we may have a joyous celebration of the grace and goodness of God to us and His work. Pray for our preparations and for the Lord’s blessing on Pastor Joel’s forthcoming ministry to us.
  4. We continue to pray for our outreach in Quezon, Quezon. We still are not able to go there due to strict quarantine protocols. Though some of the brethren can join our virtual meetings, the rest are not able due to poor connection. Please pray that may the restrictions be eased up soon and our work be resumed.
  5. Owen Manzanero, 27 y/o son of our member Jaidy, was hit by a speeding tricycle (a hit-and-run case) and his left leg was fractured. Thank God that upon evaluation of the orthopedic doctor, there is no need for operation, just cast application. Pray for the procedure and the speedy healing of the fracture.
  6. We continue to pray for a deacon. Pray for wisdom and diligence for Bro. Mike in his studies. Pray for Bro. Noli’s health.
  7. Continue to pray for the lot donated to the church, which we are selling, may it be sold soon.
  8. Pray for conversion among our regular attenders. Pray for the conversion of Gerty Paraiso (husband of our member Thelma Paraiso), Anne Moreno, and her children, Abbi and Miguel.
  9. Please pray for the revision of the Tagalog translation of 1689 BCF Modern Exposition. Pastor Sam Waldron and the Evangelical Press, upon the initiative of Pastor Steve Hofmaier, granted us permission to circulate the Filipino translation in PDF, but Pastor Waldron preferred it to be based on the 5th edition of his work. (The current translation is based on the 4th edition.) Pray for God’s enabling for Pastor Romy that he may finish the revision the soonest possible.


Praise and Petition

  1. Thank the Lord for the concluding bible class lesson on the 7 churches of Revelation. 
  2. Thank the Lord of the Observance of Baptism and Lord’s table this Oct 3. The Lord added in our midst a couple Mark & Joanne.
  3. Pray for TNC ministry of the Word. (a) Church Bible class “The one-anotherness of believers,” (b) Sermon series in Genesis 1 to 3
  4. Pray for wisdom and enabling grace as Ptr. Joel conducts members’ oversight and counseling.

C. GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH-Los Baños – Pas. Noel Espinosa

News and Thanksgiving

  1. For the month of October, Laguna will be placed in a quarantine arrangement that will allow for 30% religious gathering. Hopefully, we can start having our gathered afternoon service beginning on Oct 10. Pray that Laguna will have a more normal situation.
  2. We have, at present, one female member who is COVID-positive with some of her relatives also. We thank the Lord for those who have already recovered. Pray for those who have yet to recover.
  3. We have heard the testimony of an applicant for membership via Zoom. After Q&A, there is satisfaction among the members. When we are able to gather again, we hope that this applicant’s membership will materialize by admission. We thank the Lord for this addition to our membership.

Prayer Requests

  1. UPLB has begun its semester, and our student ministry, the Reformed Campus Ministry (RCM), has also started its weekly webinar on the subject: “Balanced Life in the New Normal.” We have completed three weeks and are preparing for the fourth week. Pray that those who participate will be blessed, and especially that unbelievers may be converted.
  2. Continue praying for the conversion of those who hear the gospel in the service (online and assembly). May the Word already implanted generate conversion. Pray for Jireh, Pastor NAE’s son that the Lord may bring him to conviction and conversion. 
  3. Deacon Jun Medalla has been doing the ministry of the Word for the afternoon live-streaming. Pray for his enabling. When the assembly is returned in the afternoon, Bro. Ferdie Facundo will be the one to minister the Word. Pray for his enabling when this happens.
  4. Several inmates in our prison ministry have tested positive for COVID. As a result, our prison ministry is temporarily suspended. Pray that these inmates will heal, and that there will be no outbreak, so that we can resume our prison ministry.
  5. Pray that the Lord will sustain the health of Pastor NAE as he continues to work in office every day. GMA is now ongoing. Pray for strength for the added work, and more wisdom. Pray for the sister (Ade) of Bimbim, NAE’s wife, in Maasin who is in critical condition for COVID.
  6. Pray for our missionary, Mark Acsay and his family in Thailand. Lately, there has been a surge of COVID cases in Thailand. Pray that our missionary family may be protected. Mark is doing online preaching ministry in Ratchaburi. Pray for fruitfulness
  7. Our Kalinga sa Nilikha ministry has been doing benevolence work of distributing vegetable packages in our barangay, along with tracts. Pray that the Lord may open doors, and that we may exhibit the compassion of Christ through this ministry.


1. Preachings

  • In our Sunday School, we considered the relevance of studying God’s covenant. We also discussed the rationale for a covenant. We were reminded of the great distance between God and man and our inability to obtain eternal life by ourselves. May we continually praise God for condescension to us so that we may attain eternal life through the covenants. 
  • In our first service, we saw John’s greeting that showed his affection to his recipient. It also expressed his gladness to know that they are walking in the truth. May we walk in truth which not only pleases God but brings joy to His ministers. May we also sincerely love the brethren in word and deed. 
  • In our second service, we saw that true gospel ministers have confidence in God in preaching the gospel amid suffering and opposition. Let’s pray for boldness in the Lord for those who minister the word of God and for us as we share the gospel. 

2. Sunday services 

  • Delight in sanctifying the Lord’s day
  • Good internet connection and audio
  • Safety of all who will attend the physical gathering at church
  • Preachers: SS – Pas. Rolly, 1S – Pas. Mike, 2S – Pas. Clyde

3. Other ministries

  • Thanksgiving for the online ministries last week: Friday BS, Children’s SS, and Tuesday BS. 
  • Upcoming ministries:
  • Friday – Pas. Rolly (Evangelistic Bible study)
  • Sunday – Sis. Abi (Level 1), Sis. Elot (Level 2), Sis. Alice (Level 3), Bro. Simon (Youth)
  • Tuesday – Pas. Clyde (Fellowship Bible study)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Groups 1, 2, and 4 will be allowed to attend the services at church this Sunday, October 24.


1. Thanksgiving

  • Physical and spiritual preservation and provision
  • Improved health condition of Sis. May and Sis. Letty
  • Baby Shiloh discharged from the hospital

2. Birthday

  1. Sis. Mely Tria – Nagpapasalamat sa dagdag na 1 yr  na may lakas pa  nakakapagbabasa pa ng salita ng Dios. 2Cor 4:16
  2. Sis. Mel Dizon – More love to my first Love,  more grace to persevere to the end, and to be a brighter testimony of the Gospel especially to my unsaved loved ones, friends, and students.
  3. Deacon Cielo – Love for Jesus and May’s complete healing

3. Sick

  • Those who tested positive with COVID-19 and those who have symptoms (Bro. Jess)
  • Mel Salazar (pneumonia), Rose (managing diabetes)

4. Krizzia. Review for upcoming Medicine Board Exams

5. Nation 

  • End of pandemic
  • Leaders
  • Healthcare system – Frontliners and Hospitals 
  • Economy – Employment and businesses
  • Peace and unity
  • Salvation
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