“How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! And the children of men take refuge in the shadow of your wings.” – Psalm 36:7


Pastor Joel Basia will give an update on the Lord’s work in Trinity Reformed Baptist Church (Makati).


1. Thanksgiving

Let us continually thank the Lord for His mercies in daily sustaining us in both our physical and spiritual needs, especially in the midst of this difficult and unusual times. Let us praise Him for His preserving grace.

Sis. Mel Salazar – Bleeding has already stopped but had to be retested today and will wait for results. Let us pray for favorable results.  

 2. Medical workers and front-liners

Let us persevere in praying for our medical front-liners (see the full list here). May the Lord spare them from the infection. Let us pray that they will not lose heart in helping the sick. 

3. Sick

Let us pray for our sick brethren: Pas. Alex, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Fernandez Family, Chippy, Delia, Tina, Edna, and Kobe (gallstones).

  • Ptr. Gary Hendrix (pastor for 50 years at Grace Baptist Church in Mebane, NC) has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Let us pray for our friends and loved ones who are sick:  Mr. Pong, Conrad, Randy, Jun, Ludel, Neal, Amy, Grace, Helen, Marlyn, Sofia, Lola Soledad, Rian, and others. May their sickness lead them to trust in Christ for their salvation. 

4. Birthday 

  • Nanay Mely Tria (October 17) – Prayer requests: Health and well-being. 
  • Deacon Cielo Cabalatungan (October 18) – Prayer requests:
    1. Diligence in spiritual and physical aspects
    2. Salvation of loved ones.
  • Sis Mel Dizon  (October 18) – Prayer requests: 1. More love and service to Christ, brethren, and the lost. 2.Daily grace and wisdom as a wife, mother, and teacher. 3. Evangelism to colleagues, loved ones, and students. 4. Use of God-given gifts for His glory.

5. Employment 

Let us pray for the unemployed. May God bless their efforts so that they may provide for themselves and their families. Let us also pray for business owners that God will give them the wisdom to maintain their businesses. 

Let us pray for those who go to their workplaces that the Lord would preserve them from infection.

6. Nation 

Let us continue to plead to God for the contagion to cease so that things can go back to normal, especially the gathering of His people. Let us also so pray for our leaders as they deal with the current concerns of our country. May God be pleased to save sinners during this difficult time. May people find their hope in Christ alone.


1. Preaching

In our Sunday School series of Biblical Fellowship, we tackled the reality and necessity duty of withdrawing fellowship from those who walk contrary to God’s truth; that it may preserve the honor of God, the maintain the well-being of the church, as well as benefit the wayward in his/her repentant restoration.

In our first service, we were taught to exercise spiritual wisdom and discernment in bringing the gospel to the lost that it will not lead to its trampling, especially by those who persist in rejecting it as we as those who persist in disobedience and backsliding.    

In our second service, we were reminded of the greatest struggle of a believer – dealing with remaining sin and the dangers that come with it in our neglect of duty. Let us therefore be all the more be watchful and vigilant in our daily walk, mortifying sin and putting on the Lord Jesus Christ.  

2. Services

Let us pray for those who will minister the word of God this Sunday. May the Lord give wisdom in their preparation. Let us also pray that there will be no problems in our live streaming. 

  • Bro. Mario will teach in Sunday School. 
  • Pas. Clyde will preach in the first service. 
  • Pas. Mike will preach in the second service.  

3. Online Bible Studies 

Let us thank the Lord for the Bible studies done throughout the week. Let us pray for the pastors and Bro. Simon as they lead in Bible studies. Let us pray for Sis. Kristiana, Sis Elot, Sis. Kayla as they teach in the Sunday School for children. 

4. Discipline case

Let us continue to pray for our sister to turn from her disobedient and wayward pursuit. May she remember the terrible consequences of sin to cause her to return to God.  

5. Attendance

Let us pray for the cooperation and safety of those who will be attending the services at church. May God use our adherence to our safety protocols to keep us from the infection. Let us also continue to pray for those who worship at home. May the Lord give us joy in sanctifying His day. 

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