MCBC PRAYER ITEMS – 11/11/2021

Acts 4:23-24 “When they had been released, they went to their own companions and reported all that the chief priests and the elders had said to them. And when they heard this, they lifted their voices to God with one accord and said, “O Lord, it is You who made the heaven and the earth and the sea, and all that is in them.”



Praises and thanksgiving

  1. For the covenanting of our outreach in San Fernando, Pampanga. It’s now the Trinity Bible Church of San Fernando. Pastor Jaypee was ordained and deacons David and Archie were appointed. Please pray for this new church. 
  2. For the resumption of physical gathering, albeit with limited number of attenders. 
  3. For the numerous Bible study groups
  4. For the relative good health of members

Prayer requests

  1. For provision of weekly pulpit supply from our church to Providence Reformed Baptist Church of Tayabas, Quezon. Also, that the Lord will raise up a pastor for the church.
  2. For the growth and future covenanting of our outreach in Victoria, Laguna.
  3. For the conversion of those attending our services and Bible studies.
  4. For the faithfulness to the Lord of every member, especially those who are not able to attend physical gathering.
  5. For wise leadership of elders and deacons.


  1. Protection for our members and attendees, especially as we continue to gather every Lord’s Day. 
  2. Faithfulness to the gospel ministry in our lives, homes, and in the church. 
  3. Guidance for our outreach in Montalban – Saved by Grace Ministry.


  1. Pray for protection and safety in our continuous blended physical/virtual gathering during Lord’s day on two location points.
  2. Pray for the ongoing sermon series: It all started with God (Gen chapters 1-3). We’re addressing present issues such as Work, marriage/SSM, Male and Female distinction. 
  3. Pray for our plans for 2022 especially in resuming our mission outreaches: (a) Ilocos Norte, (b) Guimba/ Licab Nueva Ecija, (c) possible church planting in Sta Maria Bulacan thru GBM. 
  4. Pray with us as we attempt to negotiate in possibly purchasing a sizeable lot for our permanent place of worship. May the Lord give us favor if it is His will for us. 


  1. Salvation sa mga attenders sa 3 home Bible studies at more open doors for Bible studies. 
  2. Salvation sa mga unsaved worship attenders pati mga attenders sa youth and children’s Bible study. 
  3. Financial provision sa church building na kinoconstruct at sa ministry. 
  4. Tulong ng Panginoon sa akin sa pag ministeryo every Sunday and other ministries at kay TJ na nakakakatulong ko sa pag minister. Si Rose na nagtuturo sa mga bata every Saturday. 

Kalusugan at patuloy na provision ng Panginoon sa pamilya ko. 


1. Preachings

  • In our Sunday School, we considered the promise of the covenant of grace which is salvation through Christ. Let us praise the Lord for His mercy that after man fell into sin, He immediately promised to send a Savior to save a people for Himself. His promise ran through redemptive history and was progressively revealed from Adam to Christ. Let us thank God for the clearer light that we have today concerning His promise. 
  • In our first service, we were challenged to be vigilant against false teachers and false teachings. May we grow in our knowledge of the Word of God to avoid falling prey to them. May we not be partakers of their evil deeds by associating with them.  
  • In our Lord’s Supper meditation, we were reminded that an understanding of the great forgiveness received from God leads to a great love for Jesus. May we remember the greatness of our sin and the forgiveness that we have received. May it cause us to show greater love and service to Christ. 

2. Sunday services 

  • Continued delight in sanctifying the Lord’s day
  • Good internet connection and audio
  • Safety of all who will attend the physical gathering at church
  • Preachers: SS – Pas. Rolly, 1S – Pas. Mike, 2S – Pas. Alex
  • Pas. Clyde at SABC San Simon Pampanga

3. Other ministries

  • Thanksgiving for the online ministries last week
  • Friday – Pas. Rolly (Evangelistic Bible study)
  • Sunday – Sis. Abi (Level 1), Sis. Brigette (Level 2), Sis. Acel (Level 3), Bro. Simon (Youth)
  • Tuesday – Pas. Clyde (Fellowship Bible study)

4. Oversight and building concern


  • We will have our Saturday Prayer meeting on November 13. 
  • All groups will be allowed to attend the services at church this Sunday, November 14.


1. Thanksgiving

  • Physical and spiritual preservation and provision
  • Ingrid’s hiring
  • Mel Salazar’s fast recovery

2. Birthday

  • Sis. Chabby – (1) good health for me and my family, (2) salvation of my loved ones (3) more opportunities for gospel sharing and GOD’s mercy on them.
  • Sis. Maling – I am thankful for God’s condescending patience, mercy, and grace; to whom shall I flee? Heb 12:1-3. May God give grace to (1) actively mortify known besetting sins, (2) be faithful in daily communion with God through the thoughtful reading of the word and prayer, (3) continue to plead for the conversion of family members. All to the praise and glory of His name.
  • Pastor Clyde – Praise God for His mercies the past year. Prayer requests: (1) More love to Christ, (2) Growth in spiritual leadership in family and church, (3) Salvation of loved ones, especially Job and Jed, and (4) Good health for my family.

3. Sick. Let us pray for those who are sick among us. In addition: Gerald Calderon (recovery from surgery due to brain aneurysm), father and brother of Joel Yabut (covid positive)

4. Nation 

  • End of pandemic
  • Wisdom for Leaders 
  • Frontliners  
  • Economy – Employment and businesses 
  • Peace and unity
  • Salvation
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