1. GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH (Bay, Laguna)Pas Noel Espinosa

News and Thanksgiving

  1. The month of November is our anniversary month.  It is our 41st.  We thank the Lord for His sustaining and preserving grace all these years.  We are preparing for a church retreat on Nov 18-19, to be followed by our Thanksgiving Service to be held on Nov 20.  Pray that they may be days that will fill us with gratitude for the goodness of God
  2. To reflect what we have gone through this year 2022, the theme of the anniversary is culled from Paul’s words in 2Cor 6:10, “As sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.”  We had periods of deep sorrow, but always in them, the Lord enables us to rejoice in His favors.   May the Lord grant wisdom to the leadership in leading the Church in this thought.
  3. The father of the young man we just baptized last September passed away.  It was sudden.  Pray for the comfort of the Pamintuan family, only Julian whom we baptized is Christian in the family.

Prayer Requests

  1. The Reformed Campus Ministry (RCM) has resumed upon opening of the UPLB school-term.  We have been addressing in the weekly webinar issues that will help the students adjust to the new normal of studying in blended modes of face-to-face and on-line.  Pray that we could reach out to many students through this ministry.
  2. Continue praying for the conversion of those who hear the gospel in the service (online and assembly). May the Word already implanted generate conversion.  Pray for Jireh, the son of Pastor NAE.  
  3. Our Prison Ministry is sustaining its virtual Bible Study every other week.  New members, encouraged by the blessing on the ministry, have joined in its virtual BS every other Saturday.  One inmate who had gained her freedom is now attending our church with her children.  Pray for conversion.
  4. Pray that the Lord will sustain the health of Pastor NAE as he continues to work in office every day.  He is teaching in the formal classes of GMA and also in the informal Friday Evening classes.  Pray for strength and wisdom. 
  5. Pray for our missionary, Mark Acsay and his family in Thailand.  Pray that their health may be sustained.  We rejoice in his latest baptistm in the month of October.  He is now in the process of renewing his status in Thailand.  Pray for favorable result.
  6. We are working on a new output of our publication ministry, GBC Pulpit.  We plan to print evangelistic messages, and another one for souvenir issue in our anniversary which will be in November
  7. A number of members’ houses sustained damage during typhoon Paeng.  Pray that they can recover soon.  The church is trying to help in any possible way.  Pray for supply.


News and thanksgiving

  1. We praise God for his preservation through the pandemic.
  2. We thank God for adding to our number four (4) persons and one (1) conversion testimony last month. Lord willing, we shall hear another six(6) conversion testimonies this month.
  3. On behalf of REBAP Luzon we thank all those who supported the 20th year anniversary celebration last October 8. About 160 attended and we had the word of God ministered by Pastor Noel Espinosa. We also share sumptuous meal. Praise God!
  4. Praise God as well for the Family Day celebration of CCM homes last October 28. This yearly activity is for the re-integration of children with their families, which we hope children would be reconciled again.


  1. We are busy preparing for the 32nd Pastors’ Annual Conference in January 7-9 next year. The challenges we are facing is the control of participants to maintain safety protocols, the on-time arrival of books for the conference, and the higher registration fee. The fee is higher due to limited participants and the cost of the local printing of the Tagalog version of the 1689 by Sam Waldron, which will also be given out for the 250 registered participants. Our speakers are Pastors Steven Hofmaier and Noel Espinosa, and John Rawlinson, Manager of the Banner of truth Trust, UK. 
  2. The church shall be making a crucial decision about the work we are doing at Surallah, Cotobato, Mindanao. We value your prayers for the Lord’s wisdom for the direction of this church planting work.  Pastor Ismael Montejo and family, with Genia Escabillas Jesse Torres and Jireh Lleonor will be going there this November to conduct a DVBS for children and modular course of the ‘doctrine of the church’ to some pastors and church workers. May they be given the wisdom of the Lord’s leading for this work.
  3. Please pray also for our missionary brother Raymond Mendoza who is seeking to plant a work in Montalban, Rizal. Right now they are renovating the house they bought to be used for the work. Lord willing, they would start services this December. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance and provisions.
  4. Please pray for the prison ministry of brother Jesse Torres. He was given permission to preach at a prison camp to preach the gospel. May it bear fruit of conversion among the inmates.
  5. We are overseeing Maricaban Reformed Baptist Church, Pasay and they are in need of permanent worker/pastor of the church.
  6. Pray for our members’ meeting this Saturday, 5 November. Pray for peace and unity of mind and wisdom for the church.
  7. Pray for our members battling cancer and serious illnesses.
  8. Pray for GMA’s last month for this semester. Pray that students would be diligent in their studies and completion of requirements. May the Lord use this academy for reformation of churches.

3. SCRIPTURE ALONE BAPTIST CHURCH (San Simon, Pampanga) Pas. Ramen Caliwag

News and Thanksgiving

1.   We thank God for sparing our flood-prone province from the destructive forces of the two

recent typhoons (Karding and Paeng).

2. We praise God for another applicant scheduled to be accepted as a member on Nov 20. Pray

for Sis Sarah Carino to persevere and grow in the faith. May our covenant community prove to be a peculiar blessing in her walk in the Lord.

Prayer Requests

1. Our church will celebrate its 11th anniversary on November 13. Pray that we will be reminded

of the undeserved grace and faithfulness of God to us and be challenged of our present mission as church. May the Lord use powerfully Pastor Joel Bigueta of TNC to minister the Word to us.

2. We further seek the blessings of God on our ministries, especially our Ministry of the Word during 

worship and our online ministries (RBS PH). May God be pleased to use these ministries for the ingathering of some elect and for the sanctification of believers.

3. We beseech God to grant us additional men who will become deacons in our midst, exemplifying the 

servant spirit of Christ. Most of all, we pray for an additional elder to help the current pastor in leading the church.


1. Last Sunday 

  • Sunday School – 1689 LBC Chapter 19 : Of The Law of God 
  • Morning Service –  Revelation Song (Psalm 19:1-6)  
  • Evening Service – Do Not Be Anxious 

2. This Sunday 

  • Sunday school – Pas Clyde 
  • Morning Service – Pas Rolly 
  • Evening Service – Pas Mike 

3. Other ministries. 

  • Last Week –Trafalgar, Youth Fellowship, Fellowship BS,    
  • Kids SS –  Chalsea, Brigette, Kayla 
  • Bible Studies – Trafalgar, Choi, Fellowship BS, Portillo,
  • Men’s Fellowship (Saturday) 



2. Health – Kemi, Mr. & Mrs. Quemada  

3. Travel – Hofmaiers 

4. Nation – Leaders, Peace and order, Economy, Covid Situation, Salvation 

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