“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us? He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?” Rom 8:31-32



a.  We give thanks to the Lord for two applicants for church membership. They were supposed to give testimony before the church on the first Sunday of November, but due to the typhoon were unable to come. Lord willing they will come before the church on the second Sunday instead.

b. We give thanks that so far none of the church members and their families have been infected by the virus. May our Lord continue to keep us safe.

c. Lord willing we will be giving out relief goods on the third Sunday of November to about 100 persons/families. There will be the preaching of God’s word and also there will be tracts with the food items, please pray that they will really listen to the preaching of God’s word and also read the tracts. Please pray for the working of the Holy Spirit in the hearts and minds of those who will be attending. Please pray for conversions.

d. We will have a women’s fellowship on the second Sunday at our home. The ladies will have lunch together and then study God’s word. Their topic is “depression”. We have a lot of members who are going through difficult times at the moment. Please pray that the chance to fellowship together and study God’s word will be of encouragement to everyone.

e. We have resumed our youth ministry and we are getting a good number in attendance. Please do pray that these teenagers will truly come to repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

f.  Please pray for everyone’s safety in the church, especially now that we are getting at lot more in attendance. Please pray especially for those who do come into contact with a lot of people, we have a tricycle driver, some who work in a market place, one who delivers gas to customers, 2 who work in a hospital and one applicant who is working in a hospital and directly working with covid 19 patients – she works in the hospitals covid 19 response team. Please pray they will not get the virus. 


a.  Pray for our services every Sunday.

b.  Guidance and illumination as I prepare the book of Matthew for our Sunday services.

c.  Pray for more open doors for the gospel.

d.  Pray for our personal evangelism.


1.  Last Sunday’s ministries. In our Sunday School we were exhorted to beware, to equip and to engage the world in the face of the influence of secular humanism in many aspects of our lives such as sexuality, education, family and life itself. In our First Service, we were reminded to beware of false prophets who would seek to upset our faith as we walk along the narrow way. Thank God that though they are deceptive, they can be recognized by their words and deeds. In our Second Service, we were shown the example of Moses whose faith enabled him to endure and overcome fear. May we too by faith overcome our fears and have greater courage to follow and serve Him wherever He calls us.  

2.  This coming Sunday’s ministries. Pas Mike will teach Sunday School; Pas Rolly and Pas Clyde will preach in the first and second service, respectively. Pray that the Lord’s day would be a delight for all of us and there would be that eager anticipation of meeting with God wherever we are–whether at home or at the church building.

3.  Other Ministries. Children’s Sunday School-Sisters Elaine, Bridget, and Alice will take Levels 1,2 and 3 respectively. Singles BS-Pas Clyde will lead. Trafalgar BS-Pas Rolly will teach. Fellowship BS-Pas. Clyde will teach. 


1.  Let us give thanks to God for His preserving mercies to us as individuals and as a church. In spite of the continuing scourge of covid19 we are alive and well and continue to worship God as a church and serve Him as individuals in our various callings. Other thanksgivings include:

a.  Dinna’s negative swab test result. Next swab is upon arrival at Dubai tomorrow.

b.  Kobe’s successful laparoscopy. Pray for healing and recovery.

c.  Mario G’s successful operation. Pray for next operation on Dec 2.

d.  Mel S’s discharge from emergency. Pray for good health.

e.  Pia G has returned from Spain. Pray for adjustments.

2.  Let us pray for our frontliners (see list) that they would be kept from sickness and they would not grow weary in performing the duties that God gave them to do. Pray that the recovery rate of their patients would increase and mortality rates would decline. 

3.  Let us thank God for those whom He has healed and press on praying for our sick brethren, namely: Pas. Alex, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Delia, Chippy, Tina, Edna, Arnel, Juntados, etc. 

4.  Let us pray for the salvation of our loved ones especially those who are sick, to name a few, Pong and Conrad Lapid, Jun, Ludel, Randy, Azain, Neal, Lola Soledad, Amy, Marlyn and Sofia, Bobot, Rian, Lisa P, etc.

5.  Employment. Let us pray for our job-seekers that the Lord would provide jobs where they can use their talents for His glory. Let us pray for our workers that they would be protected from covid19. Let us pray for our entrepreneurs that business would gradually pick up.

6.  Housing. Please pray for our housing situation, that the Lord would lead us to the right place and provide for all of our needs.

7.  Wedding. Please pray for Viljohn and Flor as they prepare to get married Lord willing on Dec 15.  

8.  Nation. Continue to pray for the recovery of typhoons and flood-devastated areas in Luzon such as Cagayan and Catanduanes. Pray for wisdom for our leaders as they negotiate with different suppliers of covid19 vaccine; pray too for the efficacy and safety of use of these developed vaccines. Pray for the salvation of sinners as they consider the frailty of life as shown in the covid19 statistics.

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