Psalm 92:1  It is good to give thanks to the LORD And to sing praises to Your name, O Most High;



1. Sick

  • Let us continue to pray for our sick brethren, namely: Pas. Alex, Pas Rolly, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Delia, Chippy, Tina, Edna, Mario G, and Rose
  • Lisa (Bro. Carl’s auntie) diagnosed with cancer. Please pray for healing and salvation.
  • Vivian Mendiola’s dad (Vic Drapite) – Confined at PDH for COVID. Pray for healing, provisions, and salvation.

2. BirthdaySudi

All praises and overwhelming gratitude for God’s bountiful blessings and dealings! May He grant salvation to my family, continue to guide Harvey and me to love and serve the true and living God.. as a couple and in our individual work. May the fruit of the Holy Spirit be more evident in my life.

3. Employment: Let us pray for our job-seekers that the Lord would provide jobs where they can use their talents and skills for His glory.

4. Nation:

  • Wisdom and guidance for gov’t in handling the COVID situation, vaccine selection, and purchase.
  • Restraining of evil. Peace and order
  • Economy


1.  Last Sunday’s ministries.

Sunday School – We were reminded of beholding the beauty of God (Ps 27:4) in His works of creation, providence, and most of all in Christ’s person and work of redemption for sinners. May we continue to seek, delight and prefer this beauty over all the passing and temporal things in this life.   

First Service –  We were exhorted and at the same time warned of not being mere hearers of God’s word but diligent doers of it, as illustrated by Christ of the wise and foolish house builders. For in this, the reality and stability of one’s faith are made manifest when temporal trials come or even in the final judgment. 

Second Service –  We heard another timely reminder of God’s compassion and lovingkindness as the true and solid source of comfort in all our afflictions. It is in knowing Him in His word that we can make real sense of our earthly sufferings, and most of all, gain true comfort and hope in the midst of all our troubles. 

2.  This coming Sunday’s ministries.

  • Pas. Mike will teach Sunday School;
  • Pas Rolly and Pas Clyde will preach in the first and second service, respectively.

Pray that this coming Lord’s day would be a delight for all of us and there would be that eager anticipation of meeting with God. May the Lord bless us with His presence this coming Lord’s day.

3.  Other Ministries.

Children’s Sunday School-Sisters Elaine, Rosanna, and May will take Levels 1,2, and 3 respectively.

Singles’ BS – Pas Clyde.

Trafalgar BS-Pas Rolly.

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