As your elders, it is our hope that all of you are doing well amidst the stressful times that we are in,  with increasing cases of COVID-19 and physical restrictions that have hindered our normal way of living. Having relatively greater time on our hands these days, let us spend some time in prayer for the following concerns, not neglecting to give thanks for the many mercies that we receive from God daily. 


1.  Let us give thanks for the spiritual food that we received last Sunday. Pas Clyde gave us four reasons why your elders deemed it fit to lockdown MCBC temporarily. Pas Rolly exhorted us to take care that while we guard against an invisible enemy in the covid19 virus, we neglect to guard against the schemes of a greater invisible enemy, the devil, who does his scheming even in a time of crisis like this. Pas Mike reminded us as to how we are to respond to calamities that befall us, not like Job’s wife who reacted rebelliously to the severe trial that hit them but like Job who calmly considered that even unpleasantly painful days come from God and should be received with faith.

2.  Let us pray for our preachers this Sunday. Pas Clyde will take the Sunday School; Pas Alex will take the morning; Pas Mike will take the afternoon. Pray for their preparations and their delivery. Pray for good internet as our services are currently and temporarily streamed. Pray for edification and salvation. Pray for safe passage to the church building and back to their homes.

3.  Let us pray that the Lord would sustain our finances. Our offering has been affected by the lockdown. But aside from giving online, your elders are devising a way to make it easy for you to give your tithes and offerings. We will update you regarding this soon.

4.  Let us pray for a planned relief project among Moonwalk tricycle drivers. Those in the transport sector have been greatly hit by the city lockdown. According to reliable contacts, help has not yet reached our local tricycle association. Your elders have decided to re-channel a modest amount of funds to help 40 tricycle drivers of the BARMOTODA who are presently out of work. Donations will greatly help and are much welcome for this project. Our coordinator is Pas. Clyde.


1.  Let us give thanks that in His mercy no one in MCBC has fallen sick to the virus. May the Lord continue to protect each one. 

2.  But let us also pray for those who are in the frontlines-our doctors, nurses and hospital workers who day in and day out are exposed to the sick and sacrifice their well-being so that the sick may get well. In particular, please pray for the following:

a.  Dr. Gino Rivera (son of sis Liza R and attender of MCBC; currently PUI; company doctor Zuellig Pharma)

b.  Dr. Dick and Shobe Manera (San Lazaro Hospital); Dr. Mikey Manera (PGH-assigned to intubation of Covid patients). Dick and Mikey are my nephews.

c.  Dr. Gino Gomez (Liza A’s nephew; St. Luke’s Hospital)

d.  Dr. Gisel, Grace and Micah Catalan (MCBC attenders; PGH)

e.  Dr. Samina Khan (sister of bro Jake; Rizal Medical Center)

f.  Sis Janeth Gumop-as (former MCBC member; Paranaque Doctors Hospital)

g.  Sis Krizzia Romina (currently home but may be reactivated anytime at UERM). 

3.  Let us pray for our sick members and friends whom we regularly pray for.

4.  Let us pray for sister Diony L who celebrated her birthday last Friday, that the Lord would keep her as she temporarily stays in Kalinga province.

5.  Let us pray for sister Deniece that she would be kept safe both in her later pregnancy and approaching delivery. As we all know, hospitals these days are teeming with PUIs and Covid positive patients. May the Lord be pleased to preserve our sister.

6.  Let us pray for the safety of sister Pia in Spain, one of the worst-hit countries of covid19.

7.  Let us pray for our governing authorities (from the planners (IATF) to the implementors (mayors, barangays, police, military, etc)) that the Lord would give them the wisdom to plan, manage and implement their plans to effectively address the present crisis. Let us pray that their strategies would work in flattening the curve of infections and slowing down the spread of the disease.

8.  Let us pray for the unbelieving world, that it would see the hand of God in this pandemic and take this worldwide crisis as a wake-up call to return to God and repent of sin.

9.  Let us pray for God’s people that their faith in God would not waver but would rather increase in a time of great fear and anxiety. 

10.  Let us pray that our time would be well-spent and well-managed as good stewards of God’s precious blessings.


1.  Digos, Davao Sur, Pas Jepson-may the pandemic make people trust in God and glorify Him; may God bless family worship in homes this coming Sunday; the salvation of my sons Kent, Joshua and the regular attenders of Bible Studies; protection of the family. 

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