MCBC PRAYER ITEMS (May 25, 2023) 

Meditation Text: Psalm 28



Pastor Diego Bulatao

  1. Thanksgiving for the faithful ministry of God’s word every Lord’s Day. The church is being encouraged and strengthened. 
    • The men in the church are regularly meeting and setting plans for a series of evangelism to unbelieving relatives and friends. 
    • The Children’s Sunday School department started a Saturday bible study for kids. The initial plan is to have two Saturdays per month. There were 12 children that attended the first Saturday. Pray that these plans and ministries will be blessed by the Lord and continue to bear fruit. 
  2. Our small meeting place has reached its full capacity when we are gathered to worship. We are planning to look for a spacious space to rent that is within our vicinity and with the ability to pay. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance about this. 
  3. Pray for Pastor Diego’s health (being diabetic) that his blood sugar will be maintained to its normal level by medications and that his vital organs will not be affected or damaged by maintenance meds. 
  4. Pray that the Lord will sustain Pastor Diego’s preaching and teaching responsibility as he is once again a sole preacher since February. We are also thankful for sister churches willing to share their able men to preach in our services as the need arises. We also thank Scripture Alone Baptist Church for allowing Pastor Ramen to minister to us last Sunday. We also enjoyed the instant fellowship of some brethren that were with him.
  5. Thanksgiving that the relationship of our office bearers (1 elder and 2 deacons) with one another is of one heart and mind. Pray that their unity will encourage the church to also live harmoniously in the bond of peace. 
  6. A member under suspension since January 2023 submitted her resignation last Sunday. Because she did not finish her suspension period to be lifted the church is about to discuss the initial decision of excommunication but was halted because of her appearance and made a public confession of her sins. Pray for God’s wisdom and love that the decision will be according to the biblical foundation of Christ’s church. 
  7. A couple also submitted their resignation from membership very recently for the reason that they may cause disunity and trouble in the church. They have been members for 6 ½ years. Pray for the Lord’s guidance when choosing a church to transfer and a new chapter of God’s enabling grace to them.
  8. We have 2 applicants for membership and are presently attending the membership class. Pray that their desire is indeed God’s work.


Pastor Ramen Caliwag

News and Thanksgiving

1. We praise God for the successful covenanting of Soli Deo Gloria Reformed Baptist Fellowship 

into Soli Deo Gloria Reformed Baptist Church in San Fernando, Pampanga. We also rejoice 

with them for confirming unanimously their pastor, Roger Guiao, a graduate of GMA.

2. We are joyous for the 7 new members that were added to our church recently. We pray that 

they will embrace with gladness and diligence both the responsibilities and privileges of being 

covenant members of a confessional church.

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for additional elder and deacons to help in leadership and pressing needs of our growing 

number. May the Lord raise up godly and qualified men among us. 

2. Pray for the new applicant and attendees that are eager to be part of our church. May they persevere in the sound words that they hear and learn to live in a covenant community setup of a local church.

3. Pray for us as a church to strive further in the health of our Christian and church life by excelling 

not only in doctrine, but also in love, unity, harmony, and humility toward each other.

4. Pray for the upcoming anniversary of our work in Balaoan, La Union on May 28, 2023. May 

they continue to be faithful in their faith, especially in evangelizing their community. Pray for 

Bro Lester Abella as he leads the ministry there.


Pastor Joel Bigueta

1. We thank the Lord as we celebrate our 42nd anniversary this May 28th in Valdeco Multi purpose hall in Malinta, Valenzuela. Ptr Xley Miguel will be our preacher.

2. We Praise the Lord for the progress of our Building Project. This second week of the month is due for second floor cement slab. Continue to pray with us for financial provision for the completion of this project.

3.  We ask for your prayers for the last phase of organizing the 4th Ladies Conference for June 12. – Preparation of speakers and 323 pre-reg delegates. We need to close the registration early for we have exceeded the maximum capacity (285 pax worship hall) the rest will be in downstairs fellowship hall.

4. Pray for the ongoing church planting in Sta Maria Bulacan headed by Bro Reuben & Cathy Saywell. Pray for the conversion of Clarin clan, Reyes Clan and 2 couples who are all regular attenders every Sunday vesper service. 

5. Pray for Ptr Joel’s sermon series in Isaiah (5 Woes in chapter.5) and oversight of members.


May 25 -26 Pastors Conference 

May 27 – 1st Church Anniversary TCRBC
May 28 – Sunday Ministries (Tagum -P. Mike| Davao – Pas Rolly| Digos – Pas Alex) 

E. TUBAJON (Dinagat Island)

May 26 – 5th Church Anniversary
May 27 – Youth Fellowship 

May 28 – Ordination/Installation of Bro Arnel as pastor. 


1. Last Sunday 

  • Sunday School – Faulty World Views: Postmodernism    
  • Morning Service – Elihu 
  • Evening Service – God’s Providence, Our Security (Ps 37:1-6) 

2. This Sunday 

  • Sunday school – Bro Simon  
  • Morning Service – Pas Clyde
  • Evening Service – Pas Clyde *

3. Other ministries. 

  • Last Week – SECO, Fellowship Bible Study 
  • Kids SS – Sis Elaine, Sis Brenda, Sis Acel
  • Memory Drill – Sis France



2. Birthdays – 

  • Elot – More grace to continually mortify sin, more love to Christ & brethren, more diligence in personal devotions and prayer (private & public). 
  • Sean – Salvation of loved ones and continued peace among brethren
  • Brigette 

1) Dipa po tapos ang mabigat na workload sa school pero thanksgiving sa mga Senior High students ko this school year-nakatapos na uli ng isang school year by God’s grace. Though not a perfect teacher, pero sana nakapag-iwan ng godly influence. 

2) Grace to continue on with spiritual duties amidst changing seasons in life (e.g. loneliness, trials, challenges, very strong temptations) comfort that my God is immutable and is my portion in life.

3. Health – Alyssa (pregnancy), Hya, Doc Dan (Husband of Sis Tess)

4. Comfort – Aseniero Fam

5. Travel – D. Cielo, D. Jerry, Pastors & co.  

6. Job Seekers – Yel

7. Nation – Wisdom & guidance for leaders, Peace and order, Economy, Preservation from coming storm/typhoon, Salvation

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