Psalm 138:6   6 For though the LORD is exalted, Yet He regards the lowly, But the haughty He knows from afar.


Sola Scriptura Christian Ministry (Dipolog) – Bro. Dominic Cagulada

  • We used to have Bible Studies for youth and young adults in the Gospel of John every Tuesdays where as many as 60-70 attend regularly onsite. Which went on for several months. But due to the ristrictions it has not been resumed. Pls pray for the fruit of Salvation sa mga umattend na unconverted at growth din ng mga believers. They come from different groups.
  • I also used to handle other bible studies in Sola for Couples and other groups where we did a series on God’s Will for Marriage and the Family Life and the Book of Romans. Please pray for fruits and application.
  • Ongoing din yung membership process ng Sola. Please pray for wisdom for the leaders and faithfulness to implement necessary biblical reforms for the group.

King Jesus Christian Fellowship

  • Since the restrictions for actual onsite gatherings come on and off sa Sola as they are very much located at the back of the City Hall, my family have opted to continue attend actual fellowship and worship in a nearby church here in our barangay. It is our conviction that Heb 10 cannot be fulfilled virtually so we seek to worship the Lord in a gathered church. And thankfully KJCF has never stopped worshipping God every Lord’s Day. Please pray for this group to be faithful in obeying God rather than men.
  • Here I preach for two consecutive Lord’s Days and our series is in the Book of Hebrews. We are currently in Hebrews 9. Please pray for perseverance of true believers in this group and salvation for those who are not yet saved. May the Lord also bless the preaching of God’s Word.

Other opportunities

  • We also recently came to know a young pastor online who is reforming. He handles a small group in the town next to Dipolog. Please also pray for their group. We visited them one Lord’s Day and they were glad to know there are other believers with the same convictions as they have. Please pray magpatuloy sila to seek the Lord and know Him more from His word as a group. Medyo marami-rami pang changes ang kailangan din nila as they came from a very Pentecostal group. Please pray for their leader bro. Joshua to continue to hunger for God’s Word.

Maraming Salamat pas and the rest of the elders, deacons and the brethren of MCBC

Tagum Reformed Baptist Fellowship Bro. Jonard Samejon


  • Thanksgiving for the Lord’s continual provision.
  • Thanksgiving for God’s protection to all the attenders of TRBF from the pandemic

Ministry of the Word

  • Bro Clent preaches every 2nd and 4th Sunday afternoon.
  • First Sunday afternoon, Bro Randy. 
  • The rest, Bro Jonard.

Prayer Requests: 

  • The LGU of Tagum is planning to implement MECQ. Please pray for the Lord’s intervention concerning the plan this coming July 2021
  • Online and face to face bible studies and conversation as well.
  • Continuous protection and provision.

Valencia Reformed Bible Fellowship Bro. Alvin Unclara


  • Kami po ay nagpapasalamat sa Panginoon sa patuloy na biyaya sa amin at sa ministry.
  • Nagpapasalamat din kami kahit bumalik kami sa GCQ pinayagan parin kami na magsamba.
  • Sa mga existing na Bible Studies. Sa ngayon wala pa kaming nadagdag na bible study.

Prayer requests:

  • Paglago ng mga attenders namin sa salita ng Panginoon.
  • Mga BS namin. Teens / Children’s Bible study. Patuloy parin sa Sinuda at sa Quezon kanila ni An- an at Ian.
  • Lot – Nawa magprovide ang Diyos para dito.
  • Health namin buong pamilya at mga kapatiran dito.


1. Preaching

● In our Sunday School, We resumed with our study of our confession (1689 London Baptist Confession of faith). Pas Clyde dealt with Chapter 4 on Creation. We are to be grateful and humbled by the fact that we are God’s creature and that we live in His world. Let us cautious of the various errors and lies about how this world came to be, and instead further hold fast to the truth of His supernatural and divine creative work.    

● In our first service, we were reminded and encouraged of God’s forgiveness when we confess our sins before Him. Our forgiveness doesn’t come due to our sincerity but because of God’s  abundant mercies. Therefore we must confess our sins that we may receive forgiveness.

● In our Second Service, we were reminded that the grace received in salvation is evidenced by growth (1 Peter 2:1-3). Let us therefore be mindful and be diligent in the two-fold duty of continually “taking out” sin while simultaneously “taking in” our spiritual milk for our growth that strengthens our assurance in giving evidence to the reality of God’s saving grace in our lives.

2. Services. Let us pray for help in sanctifying and delighting in the Lord’s day. May we profit from His Word that we may apply it in our daily lives. Let us pray then for wisdom for those who will bring God’s Word of to us this Sunday.

  • Pas. Clyde will teach in Sunday School. 
  • Pas. Rolly will preach in the first service. 
  • Pas. Mike will preach in the second service.  


  • Groups 1, 2, and 4 are allowed to attend the physical gathering this Sunday
  • We will resume with our on-site prayer meeting on July 8 @ 7pm in MCBC. This will still be streamed live. 

3. Other ministries. Letus thank God for the Bible studies last week (SS Kids, Trafalgar BS, Youth BS, Singles BS). May He help those who are involved in our online ministries.

  • Friday – Trafalgar BS (Pas. Rolly)
  • Sunday – Sis Chalsea (Level 1), Sis Brigette  (Level 2), Bro. Carl (Level 3)
  • Tuesday – Pas. Clyde (Fellowship Bible study)


1. ThanksgivingLet us continually thank the Lord for His mercies. In spite of our challenging situations, He has preserved us and has provided for our needs. He has also sustained us spiritually. Let us praise Him for taking care of us. May He continue to keep us from the infection.

  • Tess and Kneena have tested negative already. Still waiting for Boogie’s result. Fever has also subsided.

2. Birthday. 

  • Sis. Brenda  (June 25)
  • Patuloy na lumago sa aking pananampalataya
  • Patuloy na makapagingkod sa Panginoon Hesus
  • Pagbago ng Diyos sa aking mga kahinaan at pagkukulang
  • Kaligtasan ng pamilya ko
  • Bro. Johnny (June 29)
  • Ang patuloy na matuto at makaunawa rin sa mga salita na hindi ko pa lubos na nauunawaan.
  • Pagsisikap na ang malaking katakutan, pagpapakumbaba at madalas na pagbabantay sa aking puso ay magawa ko rin.
  • Pasalamat at papuri sa malaking tulong ng makapangyarihang biyaya.
  • Sis Sharon (June 29)
    • Thanksgiving for God’s preservation and provision (physical and spiritual) for the whole family.
    • Growth in grace and more love to Christ and others.
    • Salvation of loved ones, especially Job and Jed.
  • Sis. Ana (June 29)
  • Pasasalamat po kay GOD sa patuloy nyang awa at biyaya sa lahat ng aspeto ng aming buhay.
  • Hiling ko po naway patuloy Niya akong tulungan na lalo Siyang mahalin, sundin at mamuhay ng kalugod lugod sa Kanyang harapan.
  • Kaligtasang ispiritual din po sa mga mahal sa buhay lalu na sa aming mga anak
  • Patuloy na pag iingat at mabuting kalusugan sa aming lahat.

3. Front-liners.  Let us persevere in praying for our front-liners (see the full list here). May the Lord graciously preserve and strengthen them in the difficult and tiring work of service. May they be spared as well from the infection, and that the vaccines administered would prove effective. Let us pray for the preservation of their families as well in their interaction with them.

4.  Health

  • Sick brethren: Pas. Alex, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Liza A, Johnny, Louie, Mel, Chippy, Delia, Tina, Edna, Taps, Pas. Rene, Pas. Lester, Renz, Ella, Gil, Lola Nelly, Leo, etc.
  • Sick friends and loved ones:  Pong, Conrad, Jun, Ludel, Randy, Neil, Lola Soledad, Amy, Marlyn, Bobot, Maria, Mayet, Mr. and Mrs. Abagon, Melinda, Gley, Mommy Ferrer, Topher (Sis Ana’s Brother), etc.

5. Pregnancy – Tin  & KC’s safe pregnancy and delivery.

6. Employment and businesses. Let us continue to pray for brethren who are still seeking for job-opportunities. May God bless and grant favor to their efforts so that they may provide for themselves and their families. Let us also pray for the entrepreneurs that God will give them the wisdom in managing their businesses as well as clients that would generate profit to sustain their businesses and workers. Let us pray for those who go to their workplaces that the Lord would preserve them from infection. 

7. Nation. 

  • Let us unceasingly plead with God in His mercy to put an end to the spread of the virus.
  • Let us continue to pray for wisdom and guidance for the government to appropriate the necessary and efficient measures  in addressing the pandemic (care for health workers, implementations of health protocols, vaccine purchases and vaccination scheduling of LGUs, etc.)
  • The wisdom and guidance as well in the managing the economic welfare of the nation.
  • Let us also pray for peace and order within our country (crime, rebellion, factions, divisions, etc.) as well as the territorial disputes.
  • May God restrain the hearts of evil men who commit violence, and sowing of discord. May the Lord continue to use His church to propagate the gospel for the salvation of our countrymen. 
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