A MEMO TO MCBC MEMBERS Regarding our Sunday Gathering (03-13-2020)

In view of the prevailing situation in the greater community of NCR where our church is located and in consonance with the efforts of our government to curb the spread of COVID-19, we will hereby implement these temporary guidelines for MCBC until the situation improves:

1. We discourage those who have cough, colds, fever or flu from attending the meetings of MCBC. We encourage them to just follow the services through live streaming on YouTube.

2. Thermal scanning will be done by the ushers as soon as a thermal scanner is purchased by the church. This is to prevent any visitor or member from entering the worship area if they are sick. The maximum body temperature will be set at 37.5 degrees.

3. Hand sanitizers will be provided at a table near the entrance door at the back of the worship area for the use of all.

4. Disinfection of premises will be done 1 day prior to the day of worship every week.

5. Chairs will be repositioned to reflect a 1-meter distance on all sides from adjacent chairs.

6. At this point in time, anyone desiring to be home quarantined will be allowed, provided that the member joins in worship by watching the services on live streaming on YouTube.

7. All fellowships, group activities and out-of-town travel relating to church are canceled indefinitely. However, prayer meetings and Sunday services will continue. The elders will decide, if the situation so demands, to cancel the evening service (or any service) temporarily if need be.

8. Members are encouraged to bring their own utensils and drinking glasses for lunch and coffee breaks.

9. We strongly discourage at this time handshaking or any intimate form of expressing fellowship.

10. Members are encouraged to follow the guidelines issued by the DOH and WHO with respect to protecting themselves from COVID-19. This would include wearing of masks, washing of hands, social distancing, etc.

We strongly advise you to follow these guidelines not just in submission to advice from the authorities but also because of two reasons:

1. We want to protect the vulnerable groups of our congregation from catching the disease. These are our seniors and our children, including babies.

2. We want to prevent a community spread that may come from our church if we will not be strict in implementing these rules. A community spread in MCBC may put our church in a bad light especially within our immediate community.

We strongly believe in the sovereignty of God, that this disease has not happened by chance and has a divine purpose. On the other hand, we equally believe in the responsibility of man to take care of himself to avoid the dangers around him that may affect his personal well-being and thus hinder him from freely serving the Lord.

May the goodness and mercy of the Lord our Shepherd spare us from all harm.

The Elders of MCBC

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