“So it came about when Moses held his hand up, that Israel prevailed, and when he let his hand down, Amalek prevailed.” Ex 17:11   



(1) Thanksgiving for the unity of mind and heart

(2) Ministry of the Word

(3) Evangelism

(4) Pastoral Oversight

(5) Constitution

(6) Radio Fraternidad

(7) Dante Paz Family


(1) Personal

a) Kaligtasan ng aming tatlong anak na si Shanta, Sheila at Gensent,

b) Mainit na pagmamahal sa Panginoong Jesus at sa Kanyang salita,

c) Wisdom sa paglead ng gawain.

(2) Fellowship

a) Comfort sa pamilyang Antonio Cabel dahil sa apo niyang 18 yrs old na babae na namatay dahil sa dengue at nakatakdang ilibing sa 28; sana gamitin ng Dios ang Kanyang salita na palakasin sila at tawagin sa pagtitiwala kay Kristo,

b) Kaligtasan ng aming mga regular attenders ng BS at Lord’s day,

c) Sana’y tagpuin ng Dios ang aming pangangailangang pinansyal para sa aming paglipat ng matitirahan at pagtitipunan sa panambahan at pagpalain din ng Dios ang mga commitment ng bawat isa sa aming kalagitnaan.


(1) Thanks that with only moderate covid cases restrictions for worship are relaxed. They have SS (Matthew) and AM (1 Peter) and Prayer Meeting in the afternoon.

(2) Sinuda Ministry every Thursday-attendance has dropped due to land disputes and departures.

(3) Once a month Sunday preaching at Impasug-ong Fundamental Baptist Church, a reforming church, by request of the pastor

(4) Men’s Class this Saturday; pastor of Impasug-ong church will join

(5) No jail ministry and no tract distribution but there are plans of open-air evangelism in the public market.

(6) Health of family and salvation of children; for May-ann’s foot problem

(7) Youth ministry; about 12 youth attend.


1.  Last Sunday’s ministries. (1) In our Sunday School we saw the authority and the sufficiency of Scripture. May Scipture be our authority and sufficient guide in everything that we do whether individually or in church life. It is God’s perfect, infallible word and contains everything that we need for salvation and life. May the Holy Spirit help us to read it and be enlightened by it. (2)  In our 1S we saw that the promise of our heavenly inheritance is not empty. It is according to the purpose of the sovereign and omnipotent God who works all things after His will. May we therefore cultivate this hope and live to the praise of God’s glory. (3) In our 2S we saw that as the people of God we should be people marked by truth in the midst of a world of lies, peacableness in the midst of conflicts and dependence on God for all things in the midst of great unbelief and rebellion. May this be true of each one of us.   

2.  This coming Sunday’s ministries. Pas Clyde will take Sunday School and the second service; Pas Mike will take the first service. Pray for help in preparations and preaching. Pray for God’s presence even if our service this Sunday would be virtual. Pray for the edification of God’s people and salvation to those who are still strangers to grace. 

3.  Other Ministries. Children’s Sunday School-Sisters Ruth, Elot, and Bro Carl will take Levels 1,2 and 3 respectively.  Senior Moments-Pas Rolly. Singles BS-Pas Mike; PEZA BS-Pas Alex; Fellowship BS-Pas Clyde. 

4.  RBIPT2: The newly ordained pastor of Tokyo Bible Church, Shiro Nakayama, will join the 1689 module of RBIPT2. Pray for his growth in the truth. Continue to pray for Pas. Chanski who teaches and Pas. Mike who coordinates locally. 


1.  Let us plead with God for our nation that the Lord would be pleased to have mercy and cause the plague of covid to abate. Many are sick; people are dying; hospitals are overwhelmed, health workers are weary; the government is besieged; vaccines are delayed; people are anxious. Though our authorities have to face the challenge squarely, our hope is not ultimately in lockdowns and vaccines, our hope is in the Lord who works all things after the counsel of His will. The virus may be hard to conquer but it is submissive to the sovereignty of God.

  • Let’s pray that the 2-week hard quarantine would achieve its purpose of lowering the infection rate and mortality rates would drop. God uses means.
  • Let’s pray that there would be lesser severe and critical infections so that the health system would not be overwhelmed. Let’s pray for the recovery of those who are hospitalized.
  • Let’s pray for renewed strength for our frontliners and that they would be protected from infection; pray too that the necessary support that they need would be provided.
  • Let’s pray for the authorities (IATF, DOH, LGUs, etc) directly involved in managing the situation that they would be given wisdom in making the right decisions and the right solutions to address the crisis.
  • Let’s pray that we would be preserved from infection, especially those in the high-risk group who may develop more severe symptoms. Pray for those who commute and those who need to report to the office. Pray that our homes would be free of the virus. Thanks to those who tested negative.
  • Let’s pray for the availability, safety, and efficacy of the vaccines; let’s pray for vaccines that would be effective against the variants. Pray too that this would not be a matter of division in the church as people hold to differing opinions with respect to vaccination.
  • Let’s pray for the people’s cooperation and not opportunism for political ends.
  • Let’s pray that after the hard lockdown, the economy would begin to pick up, lay-offs would cease, jobs would be available and businesses would recover.
  • Let’s pray for the government that it would have the stamina to address this crisis as well as other issues facing the country such as the illegal intrusion of China in the West Philippine Sea.
  • Let’s pray for patience for all of us as no one knows for certain when things will get better or be back to normal.
  • Let’s pray that God would use this pandemic to warn people of greater judgment and point them to Jesus who alone can save them from the wrath to come.
  • Let’s pray that whether this pandemic will go away soon or not, that all of us with persevering faith would press on in our Christian lives and service. Remember that the pandemic is part of God’s over-all plan to work good for His church.

 2.  Let us pray for God’s healing and working in the lives of our sick brethren: Pas. Alex,  Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Delia, Mel, Chippy, Tina, Edna, Mario G, Lola Nelly, Taps, Pas Rene, Pas Lester, etc.

3.  Let us also pray for God’s mercy in the salvation and healing of sick loved ones and friends: Pong, Conrad, Jun, Ludel, Randy, Neal, Lola Soledad, Amy, Marlyn, Bobot, Mayet, Diego, Maria, Mr and Mrs Abagon, Melinda, Ruby Ann, Gley, Mr Costillas, Mr Baylon, etc.

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