Jn 17:11,20-22 “That they may be one, just as We are one.”


              1.  EMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH – Coconut Creek, FL, USA

              2.  NAGA SOVEREIGN GRACE BIBLE CHURCH – Naga City, Cam Sur

              3.  MANGATAREM CHURCH – Mangatarem, Pangasinan


              1.  Last Sunday: (1) SS-May the Lord be our source of renewed strength in our weariness as we wait on Him with the active waiting of prayer, faith and meditation of His word. He will not leave us disappointed. (2) 1S-May we all be imitators of Christ and His servants as they imitate Him; may our lives be worthy of imitation by others; may we also continue to pray for joy in the midst of affliction. (3) 2S-May we all be glad and give God the praise for having worked great things in our lives and in our church. May we press on amidst the difficulties of life knowing that we shall reap with joyful shouting if we do not grow weary.

              2.  This Sunday: Bro Simon will take SS; Pas Mike will take 1S and Pas Rolly will take 2S. The 2S will be our 34th Anniversary Service. Pray for help in preparations and enablement in preaching. Pray for God’s presence. Pray for a spirit of worship and praise.

              3.  Other Ministries: Children’s SS-Sisters Abi, Manoleth, and Bro Carl; Trafalgar and Evangelistic BS-Pas Rolly; Fellowship BS-Pas Clyde; Youth BS-Bro Simon. 

              4.  RBIPT2. Let’s continue to pray for teacher, students and coordinator as classes resume on Saturday morning.

              5.  Announcement: All groups may attend but because of the 30 percent limit on attendance we would like to request that non-members (including members’ children) stay at home and watch the streaming instead.


              1.  Let us give thanks to God for His sustaining grace for another week. Without Him we can do nothing. In all of our various experiences and endeavors, God is worthy to be praised and thanked.

                             -Thank you for praying for me; the symptoms of my sickness have subsided; may it stay that way.

                             -Thanks for Baby Pon; she is slowly recovering at home.

              2.  Frontliners: (See here) Let us give thanks to God for the continued decline in hospitalizations which is a welcome breather for our frontliners. Yet let us continue to pray for them that they would be preserved from sickness.   

              3.  Sick Brethren: Ella (June 22 Pacemaker Installation), Gil (1 Month REHAB), Lola Nelly (kidney medication and wisdom for vaccination), Pas. Alex, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Liza A, Johnny, Louie, Delia, Mel, Chippy, Tina, Edna, Taps, Pas Rene, Pas Lester, Renz, etc.

              4.  Sick Loved Ones and Friends: Pong, Conrad, Jun, Ludel, Randy, Neal, Lola Soledad, Amy, Marlyn, Bobot, Maria, Mayet, Mr and Mrs Abagon, Melinda, Gley, Mommy Ferrer, etc.

              5.  Birthdays: Bang-Praise and thanks to God for saving me. Continue glorifying Him till the end in joy and trials. And may all of my children be saved soon. To Him be the glory.

              6.  Deacon Cielo, May and Miciel-Travel to Negros this Friday; usefulness in His kingdom and faithfulness; pag-iingat sa maiiwan (Bam and Simon) both physically and spiritually.

              7.  Pregnancy. Let us pray for a safe pregnancy for Tintin (2 tests) and KC (1st wk of October).

              8.  Employment. Let’s pray that the Lord would provide employment for our members who are looking for work; that they would not grow weary waiting upon the Lord. Let us pray for the protection of those who work. Let us pray for the business climate to improve.

              9.  Nation. Pray for continued wisdom to our leaders in addressing the issues that currently confront our nation: vaccination, economy, peace and order, WPS, calamities and the upcoming elections. Pray as well for the covid surge in the provinces to subside. Pray for the restraint of evil. Pray for the salvation of sinners, including those in high places.                      

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