Jn 17:13 “But now I come to You, and these things I speak in the world so that they may have My joy made full in themselves.”


               1.  SOVEREIGN GRACE BIBLE CHURCH – Makati

               2.  MOLINO GRACE BIBLE CHURCH – Molino


               4.  SOVEREIGN GRACE CHRISTIAN CHURCH – San Pedro


1.  Last Sunday: (1) SS-We saw the creation of man in his diversity, constitution, purpose, identity, condition, and the command given to him to test his loyalty to God. May we reject worldly views on the diversity of man; strive to have the image of God restored in us; and seek to respect and protect the well-being of every person. (2) 1S-We saw that good works will not compensate for true repentance; unconfessed sin erodes joy and there is great liberty to serve when sin is forgiven. May we apply the principles that we learned from Ps 51 in our own continuing duty of confession and repentance. (3) 2S- We saw the blessedness of those who fear the Lord: they shall eat joyfully of the fruit of their labors; experience the blessing of a fruitful wife and children and make a good impact in the society that they live. May we be such people who fear the Lord and walk in His ways.

2.  This Sunday: Pas Clyde will take SS (8am-9am); Pas Alex will take the worship service (9:15am-10:30am). After the worship service, Bro Edwin will be examined for the diaconate (11:00-1145am) and after that, we will have our Lord’s Supper (1150am-12:20pm). Pray for God’s help to those who lead; pray for His presence; pray for delight in worshiping God and fellowship with the saints.

3.  Other Ministries: Children’s SS-Sisters Chalsea, Brigette, and Bro Carl; Trafalgar and Evangelistic BS-Pas Rolly; Fellowship BS-Pas Clyde 

               4.  RBIPT2-Pray for absorption of lessons taken so far; new student from Mindanao

               5.  Saturday Prayer Meeting this coming Saturday to be led by Pas. Mike

               6.  ANNOUNCEMENT! All groups may attend but because of the 30 percent limit on attendance, we would like to request that non-members (including members’ children) stay at home and watch the streaming instead.


1.  Let us give thanks to God for His sustaining grace for another week. Without Him we can do nothing. In all of our various experiences and endeavors, God is worthy to be praised and thanked.

                              -Thanks for Mr.Baylon-bleeding has stopped; for CT scan

                              -Thanks for 52 years of marriage for Pong and Linda Lapid

2.  Frontliners: Let us give thanks to God for the continued decline in hospitalizations which is a welcome breather for our frontliners. Yet let us continue to pray for them that they would be preserved from sickness.   

3.  Sick: Brenda (tests today and good results); Gil (unsuccessful therapy; steroid injections); Neil (treatment-July 23)

               4. Vaccination: May God keep those who will be vaccinated from the adverse effects of vaccination.

               5.  Aleda-Prose’s sister; her husband passed away

               6.  Pregnant. Tintin and KC

               7.  Employment. Provision of jobs; protection in the workplace; business climate to improve

                              -Businesses of Chippy (faithfulness of staff) and Acel (new project)

               8.  Nation. Pray for continued wisdom to our leaders in addressing the issues that currently confront our nation: corruption, vaccination, economy, peace and order, WPS, Taal, and the upcoming elections. Pray for covid to subside; delta variant to be restrained; vaccines to be efficacious. Pray for comfort for families of soldiers who lost their lives in the Sulu tragedy. Pray for the restraint of evil. Pray for the salvation of sinners, including those in high places.                           

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