Jn 17:25-26 “O righteous Father, although the world has not known You, yet I have known You; and these have known that You sent Me; and I have made Your name known to them, and will make it known, so that the love with which You loved Me may be in them, and I in them.”  


               1.  ALBANY BAPTIST CHURCH

               2.  MAKATI GRACE BIBLE CHURCH


               4.  MOLINO GRACE BIBLE CHURCH


1.  Last Sunday: (1) SS-We were reminded from the book of Proverbs principles concerning work, wealth and poverty. We saw that even if work became toil after the fall, hard work is God’s means of providing for our needs. May our motivation for working not be to amass riches and trust in them or merely to please our superiors but to serve God and give Him the glory that is due unto Him. (2) 1S-May we learn the lesson of resisting temptation from the sad story of Adam and Eve’s tragic fall and if we in our weakness do fall, may we not cover our sin with the fig leaves of this world but rather seek forgiveness and cleansing by the precious blood of Jesus which truly covers sin. (3) 2S-We thank the Lord that even if we fall into the depths and distress of sin and face the threat of judgment and God’s displeasure, there is forgiveness with God that He may be feared. May we be thankful that He does not mark iniquity. May our hope therefore for pardon be in Him and not in any other. He is the redeemer of His people.

2.  This Sunday:

  • Pas Rolly will take SS;
  • Pas Clyde will take 1S;
  • Pas Alex will take 2S.

Pray for God’s help in preparations and preaching; pray that we would overcome the difficulties of a virtual service, both for preacher and listener alike; pray for the edification of the saints and salvation for the unconverted.

  3.  Other Ministries: Children’s SS-Abi, Elot, Mel; Trafalgar BS-Pas Rolly; Fellowship BS-Pas Clyde; Youth BS-Bro Simon 

4.  Announcement: Services will remain virtual this Sunday. 


1.  Thanksgiving: Let us give thanks to God for His preserving mercies for the past week. God is good and worthy of all praise.

2.  Frontliners: Let us continue to uphold our frontliners to God that He would give them strength and faithfulness to fulfill their vocation especially during this time that they are overburdened and underpaid. Pray that the government would be able to address the concerns that they raise and there would be positive results.   

3.  Sick: Let us give thanks that many of our loved ones and friends who were infected had recovered, even those who were hospitalized. Praise God also that 90% of the members have been vaccinated; may the Lord use this for their protection; may He protect the unvaccinated as well. Let’s pray for those with lingering illnesses that the Lord would be pleased to heal, and for unbelieving loved ones, that the Lord would be pleased to save and show mercy. 

4.  Pregnant: For Tintin and KC, that they would have a safe delivery and a safe hospital environment. May God provide for their needs as they anticipate giving birth shortly.

5.  Birthdays: Elaine-My cup overflows with good things and blessings from the Lord. I want to give thanks to God for His great gift of salvation for a sinner like me, the trials that God sends are His mercies in disguise. I thank God too for my loving family where I belong, and my MCBC family. I thank the Lord for the work I still have in spite of the many challenges. I pray that I may be found faithful until God calls me home. More love to Christ and His people. Salvation of my loved ones and healing for the sick brethren.

6.  Employment. Pray for employment for our jobseekers; protection for those who report for work; profitability for those engaged in business.

7.  Nation. Pray for the present delta-variant surge to wane so that restrictions can be eased. Pray for justice to prevail in current investigations of alleged corruption in the DOH and DBM. Pray for PHILHEALTH to fulfill its mandate to hospitals and hospitals at the same time would not be guilty of defrauding the government. Pray for a peaceful climate during this election period and that the Lord would be pleased to give national leaders for blessing and progress and not for judgment.              

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