Acts 2:42 They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer.


A. Davao City Reformed Baptist Church – Pas. Boy Castaños

  1. Conversions sa Bible study and sa mga regular attenders sa Sunday Worship.
  2. Spiritual growth sa mga Church members.
  3. Continuous peace and unity in our midst.
  4. God’s blessing sa aming SS: 1689 chapter 23 at series on Romans. Nasa chapter 10 na kami. May our studies prove to be a blessing in our souls.
  5. God’s protection against covid virus.
  6. God’s blessing sa aming mga livelihood activities.

B. Grace Community Bible Church, Digos City – Pas. Jepson Pon

  1. Lord’s Day ministry. Virtual pa rin kami. Nawa ay kumilos ang Panginoon at manguna sa bawat kapatiran
  2. Salvation sa regular attendees.
  3. Wisdom, guidance, maturity and growth sa members. 
  4. Bible Studies: Gabayan family, Bello Family, Bato family, Masalta family, Compasion family. Nawa ay buksan ng Panginoon ang kanilang puso at magbunga ng kaligtasan.
  5. Protection sa aking family and good health
  6. Kaligtasan kina Joshua and Kent.

C. Gensan Community Bible Fellowship, General Santos City – Bro. Mario Betangcol


  1. Nagpapasalamat po kami sa Dios dahil patuloy na tinugon ng Dios ang aming pangangailanan para sa building na pagtitipunan namin at ngayon po ang pangalawang linggo napo kaming nagtitipon sa bagong building bagamat hindi pa tapos pero pwede na magamit.
  2. Pasalamat din po kami sa Dios na sa kabila ng Covid patuloy ang aming pagtitipon sa panambahan at sa mga Bible Study.

Prayer Requests

  1. Kaligtasan sa mga attender ng Bible Study mula sa kasalanan. Sana ay patuloy na gamitin ng Dios sa kaligtasan nila ang aming pangangaral ng Ebanghelyo ni Kristo.
  2. Kaligtasan din po sa bawat isa mula sa Covid lalo na mga kabataan naming. Sana ay manatili ang kalusugan ng bawat isa.
  3. Patuloy nawa kaming palaguin ng Dios sa Kanyang salita at sa pagmamahal kay Kristo sa gitna ng pandemiya.

D. Tagum Reformed Baptist Fellowship (Tagum, Davao Del Norte) – Bro. Jonard Samejon


  1. For fast recovery of my nephew (Raymart Samejon) who underwent a major head operation due to an accident in relation to his work.
  2. For the platform in FB page and messenger for we really use it in our online Bible study. 
  3. For the dark Providence in TRGF last month for we see the active working of the Holy Spirit to every member in applying the word of God.

Prayer Requests

  1. Pray for the complete healing of Raymart. Kasi hindi pa siya nakapagsasalita ng deretso at gamitin itong nangyari sa kanya upang lalo niyang mahalin at luwalhatiin ang Dios.
  2. Pray for Mahers and Celme. They are now in an isolation area for two weeks already for they are positive in covid. Today is their swab test. Pray for the negative result.  
  3. Pray for Clent, Rolly, Jay and Nellmer for TRBF members recognized them that they have graces and ability to preach the word. Pray for me concerning the wisdom from God in leading, equipping, and preparing these men in the ministry of preaching.
  4. Salvation for those who are not in Christ and edification for those who are in Christ in our online Bible study from Monday up to Saturday. 
  5. Protection of TRBF members and visitors from covid19 for we are continuing in our face-to-face worship with safety protocols. 
  6. God’s special presence in our worship either face-to-face or virtual worship for underage, mothers with babies, pregnant, and senior citizens.

E. Valencia Reformed Bible Fellowship (Valencia, Bukidnon) – Bro. Alvin Unclara

  1. Perseverance po sa gitna ng pandemya.
  2. Application sa salita ng Panginoon.
  3. Wisdom sa pagtuturo ko every Sunday.
  4. Sana makaresume na kami sa Bible study namin. Nahinto sa ngayon dahil  may mga area na naglockdown.
  5. Family health at sa mga attenders namin.                       
  6. Pasalamat din kami sa Panginoon dahil kahit nasa gitna nang pandemya patuloy parin ang physical gathering namin every Sunday. Kahit may ilang pamilya na hindi makasama sa physical gathering dahil balik sila sa lockdown. Pero kasama parin namin sila sa live worship namin.
  7. Healing. Last Sunday nilagnat ako pero ngayon ok na, kaunting ubo na lang.

F. Bagumbong Community Christian Fellowship, Caloocan City – Bro. George Santonia

  1. Tulong ng Panginoon sa mag-minister sa Sunday dito sa amin.
  2. Lubusang kagalingan ko rin po para magampanan ko rin ang ministry dito.


1. Preachings

  • In our Sunday School, we considered the fall of man and its results as outlined in our confession of faith. Let us praise God for the triumph of the second Adam, even Christ. Because of Him, our sins can be pardoned and mortified. Through Him, we have the promise of eternal life.
  • In our first service, we saw that earnest waiting for the return of Christ is a mark of a true convert. Instead of being comfortable in this world, may we look forward to the coming of Christ by actively seeking Him and obeying His will. May we hope in Jesus, the Son of God, who died and rose again, and rescues us from the coming wrath.
  • In our second service, we were reminded of the faithfulness of God by studying the genealogy recorded in the book of Chronicles. The Lord fulfilled His promise concerning the Messiah. May we continue to trust Him and His promises because He has proven Himself to be faithful to His Word.

2. Services. Let us pray for continued delight in the Lord’s day. May we persevere amid the challenge of not being able to physically gather for worship. Let us pray for smooth live-streamed services. Let us also pray for those who will preach. May God grant wisdom in preparation and power in preaching. 

  • Bro. Simon will teach in Sunday School. 
  • Pas. Rolly will preach in the first service. 
  • Pas. Clyde will preach in the second service.

3. Other ministries. Letus praise God for the ministries that were held last week: Friday BS, Children’s SS, and Tuesday BS. Let us pray for the coming ministries:

  • Friday – Pas. Rolly (Evangelistic Bible study)
  • Sunday – Sis. Chalsea (Level 1), Sis. Brigette (Level 2), Bro. Carl (Level 3), Bro. Simon (Youth BS)
  • Tuesday – Pas. Clyde (Fellowship Bible study)

4. RBIPT.  Let us pray for wisdom for Pas. Dave and the students as they discuss chapter 17 of the confession of faith.

5. Announcement: Our physical gatherings are still temporarily suspended. 


1. ThanksgivingLet us continue to thank the Lord for His mercies this past week. Amid the difficulties, may we remember the things that God has graciously given us which should lead us to be thankful. Let us also thank the Lord for answering our prayers in healing those who have been sick these past days.

2. Birthday

  • Bam (Sep 4) – Good health, good testimony and more love to Christ everyday
  • Pia (Sep 5) – Thanksgiving for God’s preservation & provision. Prayer: Grow in love to Christ and His people, good health, and salvation of loved ones
  • Erwin (Sep 7) – Thanksgiving for another year, growth in grace, good health, help in all aspects of life

3. Frontliners. Let us pray for strength and perseverance in the midst of the surge. May they continue to be faithful in fulfilling their calling. May the Lord grant them good health and keep them from getting sick. May our government address their need.

4.  Sick. Those who tested positive with COVID-19 and those who have symptoms (Viljohn, Flor, Nicco), Johnny (lingering headache), Nancy (pneumonia), Gil, etc.

5. Pregnancy. Let us pray for provision and safe delivery for Tin, KC, and Chen. 

6. Employment. Let us pray for preservation for those who need to go to their workplaces. Let us pray that the Lord will provide a job and source of income for the unemployed. Let us also pray for wisdom to business owners to maintain their businesses.

7. Nation. Let us continue to plead for God’s mercy to halt the surge. Let us pray that the government’s plan to revert NCR to a more relaxed restriction would not worsen the situation. May the people cooperate with the safety protocols. Let us continue to pray for wisdom for our leaders in dealing with the urgent concerns of our nation: healthcare system, economy, alleged corruption, relief operations, etc. May the church continue to be a beacon of hope in this crisis by unceasingly preaching the gospel of Christ. 

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