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About MCBC

We warmly welcome you to our church!

We are founded on the Bible as the only revelation of God’s word.

We believe that the message of the Bible focuses on the Person and Work of Jesus Christ.

Our meetings emphasize strongly the teaching of God’s Word and an approach to corporate worship which takes seriously the awesome reality of God’s presence in the gatherings of His people.

A short history of Moonwalk Community Bible Church

The church began as a Bible study in Moonwalk in late 1983. As God blessed this ministry and gathered together a group of believers, worship services began in 1985. This group formed the nucleus of the Moonwalk community Bible Church which was constituted as a church in June 1987.

Original founding members of Moonwalk Community Bible Church.

We have chosen the name of the church for several reasons:

  1. First, Moonwalk Community, because we are located here in the Moonwalk community and desire to minister God’s Word to those around us.
  2. Second, Bible, because we are committed to obeying the Bible, God’s Word in every area of our lives, both as a church and as individuals. God’s Word is the foundation for all we teach and do in our church’s worship and ministries.
  3. Third, Church, because we are a church” that is, we are an organized group of believing disciples of Jesus who gather to worship Him on His day, and who desire to submit to Him as our glorious Savior and Lord.

Our Services

As you join us for a worship service we trust that you observe that we seek to glorify God through reverent worship and the preaching of His Word to all. We seek to make all the services interesting and meaningful, but we make no attempt to entertain. Our worship is God-centered and not man-centered because we are more interested in pleasing God than man. For this reason, our worship is patterned according to the Bible.

Scripture Reading and Prayer

We also believe that the reading of the Scriptures is an important part of the worship. We read a chapter a week from the Old and New Testaments. Likewise, since the church is called upon to pray, the pastoral prayers are also a vital part of the services.

Our Hymns

In the choice of our hymns, we pay particular attention to the Biblical content and the musical quality of the hymns. The purpose of singing praise is not that we feel good but that God is glorified.

The Preaching of the Word:

The greatest part of the service is given to the preaching of the Word of God. Systematic, clear, and practically relevant preaching of the Word provides the food which our souls need to grow and mature. We do not preach the opinions of men, but the sure Word of God revealed in the Bible.

Our Prayer Meetings:

Our prayer meetings on Thursdays are a time in which we approach the throne of grace to seek his blessing on our own church and to beseech him for the spread of the gospel in other places.

You can refer to this page for the list of regular activities conducted by the church.