Bacolod Outreach – December Ministry Update

To my beloved brethren at MCBC. I greet you all in the name of Christ our Lord Jesus.

For as much, you know I and my family are in debt to God and to all of you brothers and sisters in Christ for having mentioned us always in your prayers and fellowship. Honestly, it’s a big help for us and a great encouragement for us to persevere, to be more patient, to be more passionate in doing the work of ministry and to be bolder in making the word of God be spread throughout our community.

 Furthermore, it’s a privilege for us to keep you on prayer for us here because you know God is actively working at here. God hears and answers prayers. If I would not forget last January of 2019 we’ve started our first Sunday worship at carbons’ residence with 15 to 20 individuals attended our first conducted worship service until now, still God is at work and by God’s will this coming first Sunday of January this coming year 2020 we will have our first year anniversary of God’s faithfulness and grace. 


  • Pray for more souls to win.
  • Pray that the Lord will give growth to the seeds of the gospel message that has been sown to the hearts of the people.
  • Please pray that the Lord will increase our passion and eagerness to do the work of ministry.
  • Please pray for God’s presence every time we gather  for worship
  • Please pray that God will always be magnified in preaching/teaching ministry, in our lives and in the lives of his people.


  • Thank God for prayers answered.
  • Thanks be to God especially there are those who are regular attenders in which we might see interest and desire to listen and learn more about God. Thanks be to God for a place of worship provided. Thanks to God for having our one-year celebration of God’s faithfulness in this labor of Missions by this coming first Sunday of January 2020
  • Thanks be to God of prayers for us being uttered to God by the brethren at MCBC.

So brothers and sisters in Christ may you not grow weary in praying and serving well to our Lord and Master Jesus Christ. To God all the Glory!

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