MCBC PRAYER ITEMS – 05/19/2022 

Meditation Passage: Acts 28:28-31


Redeemed By Grace Baptist Church (Frisco, Quezon City) Pas. Diego Bulatao

1. We started our face-to-face, physical worship gathering last month, and gradually members are joining

us every Lord’s Day. We thank the Lord for easing up the physical gathering restrictions thus we are back to our normal manner of worshipping our Great God and Savior. We are joyful too because our Morning and Afternoon Services are almost full and walk-ins are also starting to come.

2. Please pray for the expansion of our meeting place because the accommodation is limited due to space.

A comfortable seating arrangement can only be up to 40 persons. But we do thank God for the provisions for the upgrade of our meeting place with a raised ceiling and new tiles of floors and kitchen. At present we are gathering in our modest small chapel with great joy!

3. Pray for our Daily Vacation Bible School this summer if it would be feasible for an onsite DVBS. Pray for

Deacon Emmanuel and Olive Tabucol with God’s wisdom as they spearhead this ministry. Lord willing this will be our first onsite DVBS after two years.

4. Thanksgiving that Brother Jiro Francisco is able to help Pastor Diego in the pulpit ministry. Although

limited because Jiro is currently employed in an IT company. Pray for the Lord’s sustenance upon Jiro’s situation that he will be given wisdom on how to balance his work and ministry. Pray for his ailing father of being on and off from the hospital due to degenerative illness. At times Jiro has to skip his work to attend to his father’s treatment when hospitalized. May his father receive God’s grace unto salvation before his last breath.

5. Pray that the Lord will spare us from Covid-19 infection that may be caused by our physical worship


6. Pray also for the sustained health of Pastor Diego. He is scheduled for medical laboratory tests Lord

willing this last week of May or early June. Pray also for Jiro’s health. Having a weak constitution added to the stress of work and his father’s current situation may trigger any time of physical and mental fatigue. May God’s sustaining grace be upon him during these trying times.

7. ALWAYS remember us (Redeemed by Grace Baptist Church) in your prayers even without our monthly

prayer news update.

God’ Providence Baptist Church Tondo – Bro. Levi Ilhig


  1. We are thankful for God’s faithfulness and grace in our regular assembly since the resumption of the in-person gathering. Sometimes some visitorsattend our worship.
  2. We thank the Lord for His weekly provision to sustain the needs of our church and our members/families.
  3. We thank God for the few men in our church who are helping brother Levi Ilhig in the ministry.

Prayer requests

  1. We continually pray forthe ministry of CRBC Elders, their oversight and guidance for GPBC as we move forward, and for considering brother Levi to become our pastor. May God continue to equip the membership for this matter and for brother Levi in fulfilling his ministry.
  2. We will start our weekly Evangelistic In-Person Bible Study on May 14, 2022. Pray for the members in the nearby area as they open their houses for this ministry, and they will be able to invite their relatives and neighbors to study the Word of God.
  3. We are praying for a new building to rent that will be conducive for our church activities and for the attendees. Patience/endurance every is a must for the whole day every Sunday because of the inconveniences and discomforts we regularly experience. We are praying for God’s wisdom and financial provision.
  4. May the Lord bless us continually with the fruit of the gospel in our ministries for His glory.

Trinity Bible Church (San Pablo) – Pas Rodel Lasco

We praise and thank God for the following blessings:

1. For the successful holding of our Holy Week conference with the theme “The blessings of the cross”

2. For the sending of Bro Rojune Aldemo to serve as a worker in the Providence Reformed Baptist

Church in Tayabas, Quezon. God-willing, he will be recognized as an elder there in the near future.

3. For a number of home Bible studies mainly by church members

4. For the continued love and unity manifest in the life of the church

Please pray for the following concerns:

1. For the elder appointment process that is on-going. At the end of May, we hope to decide whether

to recognize another pastor of the church.

2. For the conversion of regular attenders in our worship services and home Bible studies.

3. For our outreach in Victoria/Calauan, Laguna– that the group may continue to grow spiritually and

that they will covenant to become a church

4. For the Trinity Bible Church in San Fernando, Pampanga– for the health of Pastor Jaypee who is

diabetic, that his condition may not hinder him in serving as their pastor

5. For the Elim Reformed Church in San Pablo City– for wisdom and strength to their regular

preacher, Bro Jonathan Cortez


1. Last Sunday

  • Sunday School – 1689 LBC Chapter 9 Paragraph 3&4– Free Will in the State of Grace & Glory 
  • Morning Service –  The Shadow of Death (Psalm 23:4)
  • Evening Service – Ang Salita ay Liwanag sa Landas ng Kadiliman  (Psalm 119:105-112)

2. This Sunday

  • Sunday school – Pas Clyde
  • Morning Service – Pas Rolly 
  • Evening Service – Pas Mike 

3. Other ministries. 

  • Last Week – Bible studies: Trafalgar, SECO | Membership Class
  • Kids Sunday School – Sis. Chalsea (Level 1), Sis. Rosanna (Level 2), Sis. May (Level 3)
  • Bible Studies – Trafalgar (Pas Rolly), SECO Compound (Pas Mike), Fellowship BS (P. Clyde),  

Allegro BS (Pas Rolly)

4. Tagum Ministry  

  • Pastors’ Conference (May 26-27) |Topic: Worship -P. Rolly, P. Alex, P. Mike
  • Covenanting Service (May 28) – With 14 baptisms | Message- P. Mike
  • Church Service / Ordination (May 29)
  • PLUS – Deacons to help Davao church in SEC Application.


1. Thanksgiving

2.  Health   

3. Travel – Soriano Fam, Tagum/Davao delegates, Putal fam.

4. Nation – Leaders, Transition in gov’t., Covid Situation, peace in Ukraine, salvation.   

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