MCBC PRAYER ITEMS – 05/26/2022 

Acts 12:5 So Peter was kept in the prison, but prayer for him was being made fervently by the church to God.


A. GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH – Laguna | Pas. Noel Espinosa

News and Thanksgiving

  1. In a swift and sudden turn of events, our beloved member Jonn Louie Lim passed into eternity last May 1. He was 33. He was a very active member and was key to many of our ministries – especially those that had to do with the computer and online technology. We immediately felt the void left by his passing. The Church is now in mourning. Pray for our comfort. Pray for his mother (Carol) and adopted family who are members of the Church.
  2. We held a memorial service for Jonn last May 8. Our Church was overflowing with people coming from other churches, as well as, Jonn’s friends and office colleagues. The gospel was preached. Pray that it may have its fruit.
  3. Pray that members may step up to fill the void that Jonn used to fill in our ministries. We thank the Lord that brethren had been quick to make themselves available.

Prayer Requests

  1. The Church is now in the consideration stage of nominating additional deacons to our present set of three. Pray for wisdom that the members may be directed to a united decision to nominate qualified brothers.
  2. Continue praying for the conversion of those who hear the gospel in the service (online and assembly). May the Word already implanted generate conversion. Pray for Jireh Espinosa, the son of Pastor NAE.  
  3. Our Prison Ministry is sustaining its virtual Bible Study every other week. Several members, encouraged by the blessing on the ministry, have joined in its virtual BS every other Saturday. Pray for conversion.
  4. Our campus ministry, Reformed Campus Ministry (RCM), is doing a webinar every Tuesday of the week. We are reaching mostly students, but also get young professionals and families to join. Pray for conversion.
  5. Pray that the Lord will sustain the health of Pastor NAE as he continues to work in the office every day. GMA is in progress. He also has now to travel with his family to Los Baños every weekend. Pray for strength for the added work and more wisdom.  
  6. Pray for our missionary, Mark Acsay and his family in Thailand. Pray that their health may be sustained. Pray for a fruitful ministry in Ratchaburi where he leads a small congregation.
  7. Our GBC Pulpit publication is now in the process of printing. This is a ministry that was suspended at the height of the pandemic but is now in operation again. Pray for a good output.


News and Thanksgiving

  1. We are seeing a lot of new regular visitors these past few months. Please pray that they will continue to attend.
  2. We have three new applicants for church membership. They have been interviewed and will come before the church to give their testimonies. We praise God for this.


  1. Please pray for the other new regular visitors that they will also consider applying for church membership.
  2. Our ladies had a women’s fellowship, please do pray that such activities may help to strengthen the faith of our ladies as they study God’s word and fellowship together – also that this may help our members get to know the newcomers.
  3. Lord willing we will be celebrating our church anniversary on June 12. Please pray for Pastor Joel Bigueta as he brings the message on this occasion.
  4. We thank God for his provision for those who had lost their homes in the recent fire. They have been given help by the local government and are rebuilding their homes. We were also able to extend help to several families and gave them tracts to read. Please pray that these people will read the tract and that our Lord may draw them to Him.

C. CUBAO REFORMED BAPTIST CHURCH | Pas. Mon, Pas. Ismael, and Pas. Joseph

News and thanksgiving

  1. We thank God for adding 6 more members to our church, two were baptized. There were also two conversion testimonies. 
  2. We praise God for the successful holding of the forum on “Missions”. Our guest speaker was Jamey Tucker from Heart Cry Missions society, a missionary organization led by Paul Washer. This organization is seeking to help churches send their own missionaries. We are also thankful that Paul Washer is willing to do an online conference because he is no longer allowed to travel abroad due to his heart problem. 
  3. Thanksgiving for the ordination of Pastor Emman Tamargo last Saturday to pastor Grace Through Faith Community Church.
  4. Thanksgiving for the ordination of Pastor Emmanuel Negapatan on April 29 to pastor Montalban Reformed Baptist Church.


  1. Please pray for the preparation of the online Reformation conference on June 24 & 25. The theme is “Liberty of Conscience”. Pastors Rob Ventura, Noel Espinosa, and Dr. Ian Densham will be the speakers. This will be a free conference.
  2. Please pray for the following upcoming covenanting and ordination of churches we are helping and our own outreach.
    • Christian Evangelical Church of Malabon – Pastor Eli Cana, a graduate of GMA, will be ordained after their church covenanting on June 4.
    • Marinduque Reformed Baptist Church – After years of church planting work, the church will be finally covenanted on June 17. Larry Malabayabas, a GMA graduate, will be ordained as a pastor.
    • Ozamis Solid Rock Baptist Church, Mindanao – Pastor Jayfrey Domingo, GMA student, is seeking to covenant his church as a Reformed Baptist. At the moment they are seeking to complete their series of studies on the 1689 LBCF. In June, Lord willing, we shall begin to have online meetings with their church on their covenanting and preparation for the ordination of Pastor Jayfrey.
    • There is also an ongoing reformation work in Suralla, South Cotobato, Mindanao. Please pray for a missionary to be sent there to work with brother Edgar Escabillas who is the coordinator of the work
  1. On May 28, during our members’ meeting, we shall vote on the confirmation of brother Lorenz Lasco as a deacon and Raymond Mendoza as a missionary. Please pray for unity as we decide on this matter.
  2. We have several members who are battling illness:
    • A member who is having her third chemotherapy for breast cancer on May 11
    • Carla Capule who was found to have a heart problem will also go through a biopsy of a lump on her ovary. She also has pneumonia. Please pray for the Lord’s mercy on her.
    • Desmarsix Ancheta was found to have lumps on his chest spreading through other organs. The lab test result was that the lumps were benign, praise God. We are hoping that he can still be healed from this illness.


News and Thanksgiving

  1. We praise God for 7 applicants for membership, two (2) of which will be admitted to membership this month. May the Lord keep them so that they may persevere in the faith. 
  2. We thank God for finishing our book series on Romans for our Morning Worship. May our members continue to deepen in understanding of the gospel and grow in sanctification.

Prayer Requests

  1. On May 17th is the 3rd anniversary of our online teaching ministry – Reformed Bible Study. God has used this tremendously for our church as a third of our membership now (20+) are fruits of this weekly ministry. May the Lord continue to use this for those who are new in Reformed Theology and sustain Pastor Ramen in leading.
  2. We have a member who is under suspension; we pray that God will bring repentance to this member in order to prevent excommunication.
  3. Pray for Roger Guiao, a GMA graduate who leads a group of reforming Christians near Angeles City. They have asked us to oversee them. Lord willing, our church will formally receive Roger and his ministry under our church oversight.


  1. Pastors’ Conference: Worship (May 26-27) – Pas. Rolly, Pas. Alex, Pas. Mike
  2. Covenanting service (May 28) – Pas. Mike
  3. Sunday services (May 29) – SS – Pas. Alex, AM – Pas. Rolly, PM – Pas. Mike


1. Preachings

  • Sunday School – Nature and Means of Justification (1689 LBC)
  • AM service – The Rod and Staff (Psalm 23:4)
  • PM service – Acts as Free Men (1Pe 2:16-17)

2. Sunday services 

  • Preacher: Pas. Ramen Caliwag (whole day).
  • Pray for wisdom and strength in preaching. Pray for safety as he travels with his family and other members of their church.
  • Edification of the saints and salvation of sinners
  • God’s presence and our faithfulness in sanctifying the Lord’s Day

3. Other ministries

  • Thanksgiving for the ministries last week: Weekday Bible studies (Alegro, Trafalgar, Tuesday), Children’s Sunday school, Youth Bible study, Membership Class
  • Saturday – Pas. Clyde (Seniors)
  • Sunday – Bang (Level 1), Rosanna (Level 2), May (Level 3)
  • Tuesday – Pas. Clyde (Fellowship Bible study)
  • Wednesday – Pas. Clyde and May (Choi)


1. Thanksgiving

  • Brenda (healing), Soriano family, Pas. Rolly, Pas. Alex, Pas. Mike (safety in travel)

2. Birthday

  • Elot (May 20) – Zeal to love and serve Him. Attendance sa church assembly. Mag grow Prayer life po both public and private. Mortification po ng sin. At makita sa buhay ko si Jesus bilang ang testimony.
  • Brigette (May 25) – Grace to be a godly influence to my colleagues and students, Opportunities to share the gospel sa workplace (kahit mostly online padin), Grace to continue to trust and rest in the wise and loving hand of my Father and Shepherd in coursing through life’s uncertainties and perplexities.

3. Sick Gels, etc.

4. Travel Deacons (Jerry, Mario, Roland, Dick), Pastors (Rolly, Alex, Mike)

5. Peace Russia and Ukraine

6. Nation 

  • Government transition
  • Salvation

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