Meditation Text: 1 John 3:18-22



Pastor Rene Maramara


  1. Continued peace and harmony in the church
  2. Steady flow of visitors in our meetings
  3. God has provided gifted men who can share in the pulpit ministry
  4. For giving us many musicians who helped in our worship singing

Prayer concerns

  1. The need of a more permanent and stable meeting place.
  2. Need of additional men for the office of Elders and Deacons
  3. Wisdom and discernment as we process applicants for membership
  4. Doors are being opened showing fields ripe for harvest but we are restricted by the lack of laborers. Pls pray for discernment and that the Lord the Lord of the harvest will send fort laborers
  5. Salvation of the succeeding generation most of whom grew up in the church hearing the gospel
  6. Blessing for our evangelistic efforts
  7. Our preparation for the 2024 ReBap Family Camp sponsorship


Prayer Concerns:

  1. Pray for wisdom in the preparation of the Word for this coming Lord’s day.
  2. For Sunday School: Bro. John Codilla Exposition of the book of Proverbs. He is now in Proverbs 3:23-35
  3. Morning Worship: Pastor Ranjie sermon about the Gathered Church (3)
  4. Selection of Psalm and Hymns
  5. Afternoon service: Pastor Ranjie about Maturing Church (2)
  6. Blessings of the Observance of the Lord’s Days
  • Pray for wisdom, application  and Blessing of men’s attendance in RBIPT – Sermon Outline Construction through Zoom online.
  • Pray for blessing and wisdom in the preparation of the plan lecture about the book Manly & Womanly Dominion of Mark Chanski and about modesty.
  • Pray for blessing and wisdom of the plan lecture & training on how to Evangelize and conduct bible study. In preparation for plan children ministry in Brgy. Airport Llibertad and Church Children Sunday School. Pray for the preparation of teaching materials to be used and schedule.
  • Pray for blessing of the Bible studies
  1. Bible study in Western Leyte College students lead by Bro. John. Every Wednesday (face to face) & Saturday(online). Also pray for Salvation of the students who attend the bible studies.
  2. Continue blessing of the Women’s Book study about the Lies that Women believes
  • Pray for the spiritual growth of the members in Holiness, in faith, love for Christ and there commitment to serve the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Pray for the Salvation of the family members of Church members who are still in the darkness. May God give them courage and strength to share the Gospel to their family.
  • Salvation for the regular visitors & attendees may preaching & hearing of the word convicted them and come to knowledge and saving relationship of Jesus Christ.


Pastor Olan Mendoza

Church concerns

  • Edification ng members sa pagdaan namin sa mga pagsubok..
  • Mga kalalakihang hinahamon at sinasanay sa paglilingkod na maging home bible study leaders
  • Mga kapatid na nasa proseso ng membership
  • Probisyon para sa mga gastusin ng ministeryo (rent ng meeting place)

Reformation concerns

  • Tipan ng Biyaya Community -Olongapo (outreach)
  • The Evangelical Church Diaspora – Botolan, Zambales
  • Reforming pastors (Olongapo city, Tipo and Dinalupihan Bataan, Arayat Pampanga)
  • Preachers class
  • Rizal/Olongapo Pastors Conference


Pastor Ephraim Castos

  1. Pls continue to pray for our open air preaching/Evangelism at Baybay that God would save among His people.
  • Pray for plurality of elders, salvation for regular visitors and children of members.
  • Pls include also in your prayers the elderly who are sick that they may be strengthened both the outer and inner man, strengthened in faith.
  • Pray also for me and my family that we would be faithful in serving God as well as our family worship.  
  • Pray for the spiritual growth of the members, as well as our love for one another.


1. Last Sunday

  • Thanksgiving for 36 years of God’s faithfulness to MCBC
  • Sunday School – 1 Peter 2:9-10 – Publishing the excellencies of God     
  • Morning Service – Worship
  • Evening Service – Unchanging Change

2. This Sunday

  • Sunday school – Pas Rolly  
  • Morning Service – Pas Mike
  • Evening Service/LS – Pas Alex 
  • DCRBC – Pas Clyde

3. Other ministries. 

  • Kids – Sis Chalsea, Sis Rosanna, Sis Kayla, Sis France (Memory drill)


1. Thanksgiving Baby Theo

2. Birthdays –

  • Brenda (6/25)
  • Praise and Thanks be to God from whom all blessings flow.
  • Patuloy po ako lumago sa aking pananampalataya at higit ko pa mapag lingkuran ang Panginoong Jesus at ang aking kapwa
  • Patuloy na baguhin rin po sana n’ya ako at mapagtagumpayan ko ang aking mga kahinaan at pagkukulang at huli po sa lahat
  • kaligtasan ng pamilya ko
  • Sharon (6/29)
  • Thanksgiving for God’s great gift of eternal life in Christ. Praising God for His faithfulness and sustaining grace throughout the years–despite my unworthiness
  • Continuous prayer for growth in grace and love for Christ and others, and for the salvation of loved ones, especially Job and Jed.
  • Anna (6/29)
  • Johnny (6/29)

3. Health – Hya

4. Funeral Services – Tony Ople, Dan Perez   

5. Travel – Sorianos, Regencias, D. Jerry

6. Job Seekers – Yel

7. Nation – Wisdom & guidance for leaders, Peace and order, Economy, Salvation

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