MCBC PRAYER ITEMS (Oct 27, 2022) 


1. TRINITY BAPTIST CHURCH (Hong Kong)Pas Thomson Chung 

Hong Kong Ministries 

We are thankful that we resumed our services in April, meeting in person until now. There has not been any major disruption to our services. During the Covid Pandemic, we had seven families infected by the new strain of the Omicron virus. Thankfully, no one required hospitalization or serious medical treatment and subsequently the people were all healed and recovered fully.

I have been preaching through the Sermon on the Mount on the Lord’s Days and will soon conclude with preaching regarding the Lord’s Prayer. Our afternoon studies on the Lord’s Days have focused on studying the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith mainly to instruct three applicants for membership. These studies are also a timely review for existing members and visitors. The people appreciate the ministry of the word and the majority look forward to the Lord’s Day where we may feed upon Christ, the Bread of Life. The people also have been faithful in their attendance at all services, including the prayer meeting, and the Lord’s Supper.

By God’s grace, the people have shown increasing love toward one another. We also enjoy fellowship during our weekly lunch together every Lord’s Day. In addition, the people really enjoy the hymn sing once a month after observing the Lord’s Supper.

Recently we have had two visitors who are believers including a man who came to work in our city and a woman who is doing her post-graduate studies in a nearby university.

A sad note is that our deacon’s family is scheduled to relocate overseas in mid-October. However, we are thankful that they plan to attend services at one of our sister churches in the U.K.

Outside ministries

I have been invited to preach online to various groups on various subjects including Christian friendship and courtship and the role of women in the church.

I maintain contacts with several groups in the Mainland. They are growing in grace and in maturity. However, they face increasing pressures economically as well as politically.

Literature ministry

The translation of Pastor Martin’s Pastoral Theology Volume One into Chinese is making good progress and it is expected to be completed by the end this year, God willing.

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for conversions as we have a number of adults and teenagers that are unconverted. May the Lord stretch His arm of salvation as they listen to God’s word every week.
  • Pray for numeric growth, especially that the Lord will send us more young men who are humble and teachable. Pray that the Lord will raise up competent men to be future deacons and elders.
  • Pray for God’s blessing upon our evangelistic outreach.
  • Pray for wisdom to assist other churches in their ministries.
  • Please pray for me for much needed mental strength for the editing of the translation of Pastor Martin’s Pastoral Theology.
  • Please pray for healing from my sciatic pain. I have recovered gradually after regular exercises but please pray for full recovery and restoration of health.

2. GRACE REFORMED BAPTIST CHURCH – (Calauag) Pas. Romy Endaya

Thanksgiving and Petitions

  1. Thank God for the blessing of His Word in our Sunday gatherings and the Bible Studies, online and in-person. Thank the Lord for sustaining our Pastor with wisdom and diligence in his ministry. 
  2. We pray for conversion among our attendees and among the viewers of our FB Live.
  3. Thank God for the unexpected donations that we received recently for our building fund. We are currently raising about 800K for the roofing phase of our church building construction.
  4. Thank God that we were able to raise the full payment of the printing cost of the book. Please pray for the remaining copies to be sold so we will be able to realize our fund-raising target for our building fund.
  5. Pray for wisdom and diligence for bro. Mike Porcincula for his ministry in Quezon, Quezon in the Alabat island. Thank God that bro. Noli Layman is now able to again help Ptr. Romy in the ministry of the Word, preaching at least twice a month, so Ptr. Romy can preach every other Sunday in Quezon, Quezon. Pray for encouragement for our brethren in Quezon, Quezon, with this development.
  6. Pray for able men to be called and for God to raise for us a deacon who can help Pastor Romy in attending to the various concerns of the work.
  7. Please pray for the delivery of the book (partial delivery on Oct 28 and full delivery on the 2nd week of November), that it may be met and be distributed. Pray that may God bless the use of this reference material in our language for the furtherance of God’s work among our fellow 1689 BCF confessing churches in the Philippines.  
  8. Please pray for a God-glorifying 13th church anniversary celebration on Nov. 13. Pray for the ministry of the Word of Pastor Willy Obrador, our guest speaker. May the Lord bless the preaching of His Word.


Mga Pasasalamat

  • Sa patuloy na biyaya at habag ng Dios sa perseverance namin sa pananampalataya.
  • Sa pagbalik sa iglesia ni tatay Temoy,lumayo siya sa iglesia pero nagbaik uli sa Dios at sa iglesia,senior citizen po siya.
  • Sa di nagmamaliw na Salita ng Dios at Ebanghelyo.
  • Sa oportunidad na patuloy maging larawan ng Ebanghelyo ang aming iglesia.

Mga Panalangin 

  • Patuloy na pagliligtas ng Dios  sa aming mga gawaing pangebanghelyo, sa loob at labas ng iglesia po.
  • Guidance and wisdom sa akin, magpreach me sa isang reforming church sa Linggo, ang Moriah Bible Christian Church this Sunday( October 30,2022) at magpreach dito sa amin si deacon Romy at bro.Imhel.
  • Patuloy bigyan kami ng compassionate heart for d lost at magbukas ng mga pintuan para sa aming gospel propagation po.
  • God will add to our church those being saved (Acts 2:47).
  • Madiskubre at mai-practice ng bawa’t church members ang kanilang spiritual gifts ayon sa 1Ped.4:10-11.


News and thanksgiving

  • We are thankful for the addition of4 new members to our church in the month of September. Lord willing, we shall hear another 4 conversion testimonies this month. Glory to God alone for these blessings.
  • We have had a number of infected with covid in our church. But we thank God that there is no serious case that needed to be confined to the hospital. Please continue to pray for the safety of us all.
  • We praise God for the ordination of brother Levi Ilhig as pastor of God’s Providence Baptist Church, Tondo. 
  • Thanksgiving for the safe birth of the baby Ezer for Ian and Diosa Agbuya and baby Zeki for Rogie and Hazel Operaña. May God be praised for this wonderful gift.
  • We also give thanks for the wedding of Jerome and Micah Mangahas. Please pray for their new life together that they may glorify God in their relationship.


  • Please pray for the preparations for the Annual Pastors’ Conference for next year, February 7 – 9. We are needing fund for the purchase of books to be given out at the conference. Please pray that we can be able to raise the money needed.
  • We are going to have our quarterly members’ meeting in November. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance and unity among members.
  • Please pray for the work in Suralla, Cotabato. One of our members is from that province. He came home to start a business but with the desire to bring reformation to pastors. By the Lord’s providence he started a church planting work and is now started having worship services with some local residents. This work is not yet officially recognized by our church although we are now in the process of recognizing it. Pastor Ismael will visit in November to have first-hand assessment of the work. Please pray for discernment to our church.


1. Last Sunday 

  • Sunday School – 1689 LBC Chapter 18 : On The Assurance of Grace and Salvation (Part 3) 
  • Morning Service –  True Worship: The Blessings of New Covenant Worship 
  • Evening Service – Saved by Grace Through Faith alone | Sola Gratia & Sola Fide

2. This Sunday 

  • Sunday school – Pas Steve 
  • Morning Service – Pas Steve 
  • Evening Service – Pas Clyde 
  • Pas Mike – SGC (PM) 

3. Other ministries. 

  • Last Week –Fellowship BS 
  • NO KIDS SS this Sunday. 
  • Bible Studies – Trafalgar, Choi, Fellowship BS, Portillo,
  • Senior Moments (Saturday)


  • Pastor Steve
  • Preparations
  • Travel of Hofmaiers & students
  • Provision


1.Thanksgiving  Ruth & Alyssa (Travel), Acel (Work) 

2. Health – Mr. Abagon, Kemi   

3. Nation – Leaders, Peace and order, Economy, Covid Situation, Salvation 

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