TAGUM 2020 Mission Report

Greetings in the mighty name of our Jesus Christ.  

Brethren, by the grace of God, the Members of Tagum Community Bible Fellowship are always engaging in the ministry even in the midst of pandemic and we are thankful to our Lord for He is always using the MCBC in order to oversight and to support us in financial matter.

Concerning the ministry of the word, we give thanks to God for He is good and faithful to His word that truly we can testify that the Lord’s presence is always abiding in our midst for the agent of worship is really active in guiding us in the truth and giving us understanding as well us wisdom in order to walk in accordance to His will and also In God’s mercy, the fellowship of TCBF is blessed by having 2 additional men (Rolly and Clent) who are spiritually matured, willing to commit themselves in the work of the Lord. 

In line with the ministry of evangelism before the lockdown started, we are able to have street evangelism in Barangay Mankilam, according to the word of Christ in Matthew 22:14, for many are called but few are chosen, this word of Christ comforted us that even we encountered many people that time but there was only one who responded the call of the gospel and she is continuing in attending the Bible Study and in the Lord’s day worship, and also one of our regular Bible Study who is a devoted catholic and now she is attending Lord’s day worship together with her servant, praise God for His irresistible grace. 

About other activities of TCBF such as Friday class, men’s fellowships, and women’s discussion, are being used by God in encouraging, strengthening and helping one another in the midst of pandemic crisis, Brethren; truly the Lord is good in protecting us and providing our needs and thank you also Brethren for your generosity for our mission here became a channel of blessing to those people who were affected by the lockdown and because of this they glorified our Father, who is in Heaven. To God be the glory.

Regarding the process of church covenanting we are still praying for the Lord’s will and also we are still continuing in our study in Sunday School particularly subjects that focuses to this desire and as I evaluated the attenders of TCBF there are 12 persons who are truly saved by the grace of God and they are willing to undergo to the process of covenanting and we praise God also for He is bringing visitors in our fellowship and those visitors are really thirsty and hungry for God’s word.

In connection to the outreach ministry of TCBF, the Lord in His sovereignty gave us an opportunity to oversee the Brethren in Davao City, who are planning to transfer their membership in TCBF; truly we have a sweet fellowship together with the family of Randy and Tim.

Prayer Request:

  1. Pray for the leaders of TCBF ( Jonard, Rolly, Clent) that God will give us unity, wisdom, good health, spiritual strength, more love to Christ and His people, and diligent to study God’s word. 
  2. Pray for the process of the church covenanting that God will add more people into our number, we will grow spiritually for the glory of the King of the church.
  3. Pray for the two young couple and their families who are members of foursquare church for their plan to exit from that Pentecostal group. They are enlightened by the doctrines of grace through the ministry of Pastor Jeremiah Jangad. 
  4. Pray for the salvation of Angela Maglajos and company, Montero family and more open doors for Bible Study.
  5. Pray for the Friday class, men’s and women’s fellowship and new additional group Single’s fellowship and children Bible Study that God will continue to use this activities for the spiritual growth and salvation to the invited visitors.
  6. Please continue to pray for our desire to acquire a lot for the fellowship. We started to pledge last year December and we hit the amount we pray.
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