“I will build My church.” Mat 16:18 






1.  Last Sunday’s ministries. In our Sunday School we were reminded that keeping oursleves in the love of God entailed waiting anxiously for the coming of the Lord Jesus and at the same time seeking to recover those who backslide or are misled. May God preserve us until the end. In our First Service, we were called to praise God the Father for the sovereign grace of election in eternity past. May we be marked by growth in holiness and blamelessness as those chosen for such  prupose. In our Second Service, we were reminded that the arrogant will persecute the righteous with a lie but instead of revenge, we immerse ourselves in God’s word and seek to live a life of blamelessness before others. 

2.  This coming Sunday’s ministries.

  • Pas Rolly will preach in the first service
  • Pas Mike in the second service.

Pray for wisdom in preparations and help in preaching. Pray for His presence during the worship. Pray for the fellowship; this week we have groups B and C. Pray that the Lord’s day would be a delight for all who attend–whether at home or live. Pray as well for the salvation of those who are still strangers to grace.

3.  Other Ministries.

Children’s Sunday School-Sisters Elaine, Brigette, and Kayla will take Levels 1,2, and 3 respectively.

Trafalgar BS-Pas Rolly will teach.

Evangelistic BS-Pas Rolly.  

4.  Annual Meeting: Pray for our annual meeting that it would not just be a time of reporting but a time of thanksgiving and giving glory to God as to how He has preserved us and blessed us even during a time of the pandemic.

5.  RBIPT2. Thanks be to God for the reopening last Saturday, January 16. We had a total of 36 students, both full-time and audit, attend the first online session on Symbolics. 


1.  Let us give thanks to God for His preserving mercies. We can never thank God enough for His preserving mercy and grace. Our lives and our well-being come from Him. In fact, what do we have that we have not received from Him? Let us thank Him for all things and pray that whatever our situation is, His praise shall continually be in our mouths. 

2.  Let us not grow weary praying for our medical frontliners (see list) that they would continue to be faithful to their duty. We still need them as the pandemic has not yet subsided; the invisible war is not over; in fact, it seems to be on an upsurge. Pray also for other frontliners such as those involved in public service. Pray for their safety and well-being as they are the first priority to receive vaccinations. 

3.  Let us continue to pray for God’s healing and upholding of our sick brethren: Pas. Alex, Pas Clyde, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Delia, Chippy, Tina, Edna, Mario G, Lola Nelly, Jess and Mel, etc. 

4.  Let us also pray for the salvation and healing of loved ones and friends: Pong, Conrad, Jun, Ludel, Randy, Neal, Lola Soledad, Amy, Marlyn, Bobot, Lisa P, Mayet, Diego, Mr. and Mrs. Abagon, Renee, Melinda, Vic Drapite, Lola Mia, etc.

5.  Employment. Let us pray for our job-seekers that the Lord would provide employment where they can use their talents for His glory. Let us pray for our workers that they would be protected from Covid19 in the workplace. Let us pray for a return to profitability for those engaged in business.

6.  Nation. Pray that the Lord would be merciful and prevent a resurgence of Covid this year, especially as new strains are discovered. Pray for wisdom for the authorities as negotiations for vaccines continue; pray for the efficacy and safety of use of these developed vaccines. Pray for the salvation of sinners as they consider the frailty and uncertainty of life as reflected in the covid19 statistics.

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