• Pastor Thomson Chung of Trinity Church of Hong Kong will be with us to give a live report and update concerning the Lord’s work in Hong Kong.


1. Let us thank God for His preservation
. May He continue to keep us from the disease and sustain us amidst the pandemic.

2. Thanksgiving- Thanks be unto God for his mercies upon MCBC for 33 years. Despite the unideal circumstance brought about the pandemic, we were able to continue on with our services, along with testimonies from two of the members, but minus the large fellowship. May the Lord be pleased to remain in our midst that we would persevere, serving Him and one another in love.

The Lord heard and answered our prayers for Bro. Johnny’s lost documents last week. Someone found and surrendered them to the Baranggay and is now back in Bro Johnny’s possession.

3. Let us continue to pray for our medical frontliners (see the full list here).

4. Let us not grow weary in praying for the sick: Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Mel, Delia, Tina, Conrad, Pong Lapid, Jun, Randy, Ludell Aquino,  and others. Let us pray in particular for the following:

  • Sis. Aniceta –  Her BP shot up the past days and suffered frequent headaches . She was assisted by some brethren for her blood tests this morning. Please pray for favorable results and her recovery. Thanksgiving for some of the brethren who took time to watch over accompany her. 
  • Pas. Alex is currently under medication (Steroids) for his eye problem. Please pray for continuous improvement and restoration of his vision (right eye).    
  • Sis. Beth Fausto had severe allergies the past week along with some fever. She is under medication and is doing much better, but please pray for continuous recovery.
  • Ninnia Salazar (Daughter of Bro Jess and sis Mel Salazar) is hospitalized in Cebu because of fever and difficulty in breathing. She is currently intubated though her condition is doing better now as her oxygen level is improving and the fever has subsided. She was also swab tested for COVID and now waiting for results. 
  • Dr. Edna Chacon, of our sister church in Iligan. Her wounds from surgery are healing well, except for some developing seroma (swelling) that needs to be aspirated. Please pray for protection against COVID infection with her hospital visits for this procedure. She will start taking daily meds (Letrozol) for 5 years once the wound has completely healed in order to inhibit/prevent the recurrence of cancer. She is also taking various tests for the meantime.    
  • Betty Gustillo, Sis. Rosanna’s cousin. Praise God that she was already discharged last Friday. Please pray for wisdom on the steps to be taken whether Chemo or not as she is already in her 4th stage. Please pray most of all for salvation and that the sole witnessing of Sis Rosanna would be used by God for her salvation.
  • Manolo Santos (cousin of Sis Linda Lapid) involved in a motorcycle accident in Infanta, Quezon that caused blood clots in the brain. He is 72 years old. Please pray for the success of the planned procedures. 
  • Sis Monina’s 81 year-old mother (Florilla) had a hip injury due to a slip. Surgery might not be an option already due to age. Please pray for healing and recovery. 

5. Let us pray for those who are pregnant. Pray for safe pregnancy and delivery of KC (wife of JR Vitalez) and their baby.

6. Birthdays:

  • Prose- Good health, continuous spiritual strength, healing, and salvation of Niel.
  • Rosanna –  Thanksgiving for physical and spiritual sustenance, for Sam and Nanay’s recovery from sickness. Pray for the salvation of family members and relatives, continuous equipping from God to do His good will and pleasure. 
  • Brenda – Thanksgiving for another year, blessings upon the family, and spiritual growth. Please pray for enablement to continually have a good and godly testimony at home as well as wisdom in leading.

7. Comfort –  Sis Jenny and family’s Tatay Pedro, who we also prayed for before, has already passed away. Let’s pray for the comfort of Sis Jenn and the family.

8. Funeral Service by Pastor Mike on Sunday 3:00 P.M. for Doc Grace Catalan’s dad.

9. Let us pray for our members concerning their employment. May those who have returned to work be kept from acquiring the virus. Continue to pray for those who are presently out of work that the Lord will provide gainful employment for them.

10. Let us continue to pray for our nation. As the number of those infected continue to increase, let’s pray for the virus to be contained and the new infections to decline. Pray that a vaccine will be developed soon. Let us also pray for quick economic recovery. May God give further wisdom to our leaders to properly and effectively address the problems of our nation concerning health, transportation, industry, and education further about by this.

11. Let us continue to pray for conversions. May people earnestly seek the Lord in the midst of this pandemic. Pray that God would use the abundance of faithful gospel preaching online and open people’s hearts that they may find their hope in Jesus Christ alone.


1. Let us give thanks to God for the word we heard last Sunday. 

Sunday School (Pas. Clyde) – We were taught the New Testament concept of fellowship. May the understanding of it encourage us to pursue it rightly and yearn all the more for the restoration of our gathered assembly in fellowship.  

First Service (Pas. Rolly) – We were guided to the introductory part of the proper way to pray, and that is to understand Who we address our prayer and why we address him as Father. May this encourage us to pray all the more with confidence and reverence.

Second Service (Pas. Mike) – We were reminded that our equipping to obey God’s will in living pleasing lives in His sight comes from God, grounded in the person and work of Christ our great Shepherd. May we indeed plead with God and depend on all the more for His equipping for us to persevere in our walk of faith. 

2. Let us pray for our preachers this Sunday:

  • Pas. Clyde will take the Sunday School.
  • Pas. Rolly will take the first service.
  • Pas. Mike will take the second service.

Let us pray for wisdom, guidance, and diligence in preparation as well as power in preaching. Pray for a stable internet connection to avoid disruptions in live streaming. May we all continually delight in the Lord and in His day.

3. Let us pray for the Children’s Sunday School and Youth Bible Study. Sis. Gerda, Sis. Rosanna and Bro. Carl will teach in Level 1, 2, and 3, respectively. Bro. Simon will continue to teach in the Youth Bible study.

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