“Let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace (Heb 4:16)” Two things we learn with respect to prayer: First, God sits on a throne. He is King, Almighty. He rules. He controls all things. He has the power to answer our prayers. Second, it is a throne of grace. He shows favor to the undeserving. He gives blessings instead of judgment. Being sinners, unworthy of the least of His mercies, how encouraging it is to know that God’s throne is a gracious throne. Rather than be turned away, we can come expecting an audience with God. May this encourage us tonight to pray with boldness and confidence to our gracious King.


Let us pray for the Sola Scriptura Christian Church of Dipolog City, Zamboanga del Norte. Their leaders, brothers Dominic Cagulada, Roger Dublin and Ramil Daarol will give a live report of their current situation and on-going ministries.


1. Last Sunday’s ministries.

In our Sunday School, we were reminded of the importance of admonition as a means of caring for each other, including how to give it and how to receive it. In our First Service, we saw the importance of having a forgiving spirit if we ourselves are to be forgiven by God and how we are to give that forgiveness to others. In our Second Service, we saw how we can avoid grieving the Spirit and that is by cultivating the grace of kindness, tender-heartedness, and a forgiving spirit. May these spiritual realities be taken to heart and applied towards the strengthening of our church life and fellowship.

2. This coming Sunday’s ministries.

  • Pas Clyde will take the Sunday School;
  • Pas Rolly will take the First Service;
  • Pas Mike will take the Second Service.

Pray for help in study and enablement in preaching. Pray for minimal distractions to those who follow our services online.

3. Other Ministries. Let us pray for the following:

Children’s Sunday School – Sisters Kristiana, Rosanna, and Alice will take Levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Youth Bible Study – Brother Simon will continue as the leader.

Trafalgar Online Bible Study – We had 11 attendees last Friday; Pas Rolly will lead tomorrow. Singles Fellowship (Sunday) and Online Bible Study (Tuesday)-both to be led by Pas. Clyde.

4. Discipline Case. Pray for a member who has been disciplined for unequal yoking, that the action done by the church would lead to a conviction of sin and genuine repentance. Pray for the members that they would reach out to our sister and encourage her to return to Christ.


1. Let us give thanks to God for His preserving mercies to us as individuals and as a church.

In spite of the continuing scourge of covid19, we are alive and well and continue to worship Him as a church and serve Him as individuals in our various callings.

2. Let us pray for our frontliners (see list) that they would be kept from sickness and they would not grow weary in performing the duties that God gave them to do.

Pray that the recovery rate of their patients would increase and mortality rates would decline. Sis Diony also requests prayer as COVID cases are increasing in their community in Olongapo City forcing a lockdown that has canceled their Sunday services.

3. Let us persevere in praying for our sick and disabled brethren, namely:

Pas. Alex, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Delia, Mel, Chippy, Tina, Edna, Pamela. Let us also give thanks for the recovery of Rico and his family and the member of SGCC and his family; God answered our prayers. But let us also be in prayer for four new cases in SGCC.

4. Let us pray for our loved ones that the Lord would use their sickness to point them to Christ:

Pong and Conrad Lapid, Jun, Ludel, Randy, Baby Boy Az-Zain, Neal, Lola Soledad.

5. Birthdays.

Let us pray for those who celebrated their birthdays this week.

  • Elvie – I thank the Lord for another year, and for preservation and sustenance for me and my family, lalo na ngayong pandemic. Prayer for salvation ng buong household and more grace as I continue in my walk with Him. Also kay Erwin, for more business opportunities.
  • Ian – Grow pa in grace and love to our Lord. Good health sa akin and my family. Ma-retain pa sa work kahit naka pandemic pa.
  • Susan – Thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness and grace over the year; to be more faithful to the Lord and to His Word; grace to be a better Christian, wife, and mother; salvation for loved ones.

6. Wedding

Brother Viljohn and Sister Flor are now engaged and due to be married Lord willing on Sept 17. Sister Flor passed the interview with the elders last week and pre-marital counseling sessions are scheduled with Pas. Alex. Please pray that the Lord would guide them every step of the way.

7. Employment.

Let us continue to pray for our members who are working in offices that they would be kept from infection in light of increased cases of covid19 in the workplace. Let us also continue to pray for our job-seekers that the Lord would give them work that suits them well. Let us pray as well for members who are engaged in businesses that their establishments would be able to weather the economic downturn.

8. Nation.

Let us thank God for GCQ and pray that the situation would further improve bringing about a greater relaxation of restrictions for worship. Pray for ongoing investigations in Congress (Philhealth, Jolo Massacre) that justice would be served. Pray that the church would act as a beacon of grace even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Pray that people would put their hope not in a vaccine but in God who can deliver them from eternal harm

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