1. Pastors’ Edo health condition.

2. The gathering of the whole church in CLF. We have to use three overflow rooms because the visitors are increasing. Pray for Deacon David as he has much work to do with his new family and baby, attending the weekly meetings of the elders (every Tuesday) and as he learns the ropes in how to do the work of an elder, his role in making ready the place of gathering ready each week,  plus his regular job.

3. The ever increasing felt presence of God in our gatherings and safety from the spread of the virus. Thus far, no one has contracted the virus.

4. The public ministry of God’s word in the stated meetings of the church – I am dealing with Eschatology in the Adult Bible Class, I am also preaching through Galatians in the am worship,  the various men with the gift and graces to preach publicly in the pm service (the rotation being Pastor Edo, Pastor Paul, Bengie, Maoui, David, and me). May the Lord fulfill His new covenant promise to write His words upon the hearts of all bona fide members of the New Covenant community. May the Lord also use the word for the good of our visitors.

5. The work of the elders in doing counseling and personal oversight of each member.

6. The applicants for membership. We have several who are either in the process or will soon start the process of applying for membership.

7. The church planting work in working in Ormoc under the oversight of the elders in Cebu. The work is very encouraging.

8. The work of reformation of the group in Barili that sought our help – South of Cebu. The interview for membership is done and they are ready to covenant together soon.

9. The other churches we are helping who are part of our training program ( Modular, Pastoral, Theological Training). We hope to restart the study of languages, January of next year. We are still unable to do regular visits to these churches because traveling to different islands are still very difficult. Pray that the Lord sustains them.

10.Our Bible studies or book studies on Sunday evening and during the med week for various target groups. Pray for conversations and growth.

11.Personal prayer request for Calvin and Charm’s conversion. Since they become very busy again, it is hard to fix the schedule of my bible study with them. But Calvin especially is showing very positive signs of God’s transforming work in Him.


1.  Last Sunday’s ministries.

Sunday School – We were introduced to the life and work of Richard Wurmbrand who in His love for Christ endured with a steadfastness in the midst of heavy persecution and suffering for the sake of the gospel. May learn and imitate such virtue in our own walk as believers in love for our Savior and His gospel through the sufferings we may suffer be not as heavy as his.

First Service –  We were reminded of the “golden rule” that we are to treat other people the way we want them to treat us, with the primary reason being love- Love for God and love for neighbors. May we be faithful doers of such command not with a self-serving motive, but with love for God and our neighbors as well.

Second Service –  We were shown faith of Moses that was particularly highlighted in his opposite choices of not being identified with Egypt, but rather with the people of God, for the reason that he saw Christ the Messiah with the eyes of faith. May we therefore continue to choose Christ over the world’s offer, renounce passing pleasures of sin as we grow in faith.

2.  This coming Sunday’s ministries.

  • Pas. Mike will teach Sunday School;
  • Pas Rolly and Pas Alex will preach in the first and second services, respectively.

Pray that the Lord’s day would be a delight for all of us and there would be that eager anticipation of meeting with God wherever we are–whether at home or at the church building.

3.  Other Ministries.

Children’s Sunday School- Sisters Gerda, Manoleth, and Kayla will take Levels 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Youth BS – Bro. Simon will lead.

Trafalgar BS – Pas Rolly will teach.

Singles BS and Fellowship BS – Pas. Clyde will teach.


1. Storm Update:

            a. Thanksgiving for the Lord’s safekeeping and preservation.

            b. SGCC Montalban outreach:

– The river overflowed, houses nearby were swept away. The brethren are now sheltered in our worship hall.

– One of evacuees gave birth (5:30am) to a baby girl whom they name Eulasis.   

            c. Diding in Daet

2. Let us give thanks to God for His preserving mercies to us as individuals and as a church. In spite of the continuing scourge of covid19 we are alive and well and continue to worship God as a church and serve Him as individuals in our various callings.          

3.  Let us pray for our frontliners (see list) that they would be kept from sickness and they would not grow weary in performing the duties that God gave them to do. Pray that the recovery rate of their patients would increase and mortality rates would decline.

4.  Let us thank God for those whom He has healed and press on praying for our sick brethren. Pas. Alex, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Delia, Mel, Chippy, Tina, Edna,  Kobe, Arnel, etc.

5.  Let us pray for the salvation of our loved ones especially those who are sick. Pong and Conrad Lapid, Jun, Ludel, Randy, Azain, Neal, Lola Soledad, Amy, Marilyn and Sophia, Bobot, Rian, etc.

6.  Birthday

 Pastor Clyde (Nov 8)

– More love to Christ and His people.

– Growth in leadership in the family and Christ’s church.

– Salvation of loved ones, especially Job and Jed.

– Good health

Carmela (Nov 4)

– Thanksgiving for God’s preserving grace.

– May my knowledge of faith and love for Christ grow more by His grace

– Guidance in college.

– Protection and salvation of loved ones

7.  Employment. Let us pray for our job-seekers that the Lord would provide jobs where they can use their talents for His glory. Let us pray for our workers that they would be protected from covid19. Let us pray for our entrepreneurs that business would gradually pick up. 

8.  Nation. Pray for recovery of typhoon-devastated areas such as the Bicol region, and now here in NCR (esp Marikina and Rizal). Pray for the decline of covid19 and that restrictions would further ease. Pray for the salvation of sinners as they consider the frailty of life as shown in the covid19 statistics and the calamities that continue to come.

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