MCBC PRAYER ITEMS – 11/25/2021

Jas 4:2b “You do not have because you do not ask.”



News and thanksgiving

  1. We are thankful to the Lord for making us celebrate our 42nd church anniversary last October 31 after two postponements due to the pandemic. We had about 160 who came in person to join us in thanksgiving. Pastor Joey Sarmiento gave us a very timely and challenging message. His message was about “know the truth, love the truth and walk the truth.”  It is fitting for the 504th reformation day as well. Glory be to God indeed!
  2. The Lord willing, we shall be accepting 5 persons to membership and we shall hear 5 more conversion testimonies at our Lord’s Supper celebration. May God be praised for this great blessing. 
  3. We give thanks to the Lord for the wedding of Rogie and Hazel last September 29. It was edifying indeed to have this wedding in the midst of the pandemic. Praise God. 


  1. For our members’ quarterly meeting on November 13. Please pray for wisdom and unity as we seek to decide on matters concerning the future direction of our church.
  2. Sadly, we have disciplinary cases to deal with due to fornication. Please pray for repentance and restoration of these people. 2 of them are due for ex-communication. 
  3. We are seeking your prayers for our annual pastors’ conference this February 2022. We have been hoping to have the conference in person but it seems difficult for our speakers from abroad to come. Pastor Rob Ventura who is our main speaker told us that it is not workable for him to come this year. We understand that because of the many restrictions he had to take. We decided to have him in person in 2023. For 2022, he will be giving messages online. Please pray for preparations.
  4. We have several members who are facing serious health issues. Please pray for Rey Razon who had brain surgery due to a blood clot and who is now going to therapy. For Dolor Manrique who has complicated illnesses. She has Alzheimer compounded with diabetes, hypertension, and kidney problem. Pray for the Lord’s mercy upon her. Des Ancheta was found to have a mass near his heart and is taking natural medicine to address his illness. Surgery is risky for him. Pray that the medicines will be effective to him. 
  5. Pray for our pregnant mothers. (1) Valen Mirana is a nurse who is assigned to covid patients. Please pray for God’s preservation of her. (2) Jenny Parco, wife of deacon Parco is also pregnant with her fourth baby. (3) Grace Artaste is also pregnant and having difficulty in her pregnancy. (4) Angela Cuarentas is also pregnant with her third baby. May God help them in their pregnancy especially in the face of the threat of Covid. 
  6. Pray for our outreach in Marinduque being led by our member Larry Malabayabas. Lord willing we shall conduct the covenanting of the church next year and ordain Larry as their pastor.
  7. Raymond Mendoza, a student of GMA is in the process of being sent as a missionary to plant a church in Montalban. Pray for the Lord’s direction concerning his ministry.
  8. Lord willing. we shall ordain brother Emman Tamargo as pastor of Grace Through Faith Community Church in Dasmarinas, Cavite in April next year. 
  9. We are currently seeking to work on whether a reformation work could materialize in Surallah, South Cotabato. Edgar hails from that province and is coordinating with other pastors to establish a reformed work there. At the present, there are 4 pastors who are taking up classes in GMA via online. Please pray for the Lord’s will and direction for this work.


News and Thanksgiving

  1. We give thanks to God for continuing to keep us all safe during this pandemic.
  2. We give thanks to God for his provision and that we are able to survive through this pandemic.

Prayer Requests

  1.  Please pray that those who watch our online services may attend the physical gatherings now that the allowed capacity has been increased.
  2. Please pray for the women’s fellowship to be held in Pastor Aries’ home on the 7th of November – that this may give an opportunity for the ladies to encourage one another and welcome those who are new to the church.
  3. Please pray for the men’s fellowship to be held in Deacon Jimbo’s home on the 7th of November – that the men may be challenged as they listen to the word of God and also get to know better those who are new in the church.
  4. Please pray that the Children’s Sunday school will soon be allowed by the government – it has been so long since we have been able to conduct our children’s Sunday school.
  5. Please pray for the conversion of the many unbelievers who attend our ministries – the children of the members who are all becoming young adults, those who attend our youth ministry, and relatives of members who also regularly attend the ministry.
  6. Please pray for the spiritual growth of the members, and that we may all grow in our zeal in serving our Lord and be active in personal witnessing and evangelism.



  1. God’s preservation of our church planting efforts here in Dolores in spite of crises brought by this pandemic.
  2. Open doors for gospel ministry to some of our friends. Some of them became our irregular visitors. 
  3. Provisions of our concerns while doing our church planting works.

Prayer requests

  1. Please continue to pray that God may continue to give us the courage and opportunity to share His gospel with our neighborhoods and friends. And pray also for other men who can assist and work with me here in Dolores.
  2. May the Lord sustain us and may fear and obedience to our King be always our joy, delight, and purpose in life.
  3. Two of our irregular visitors Janneth Munes and Amelia Lomactod (sis. Of my wife) needed a complete health recovery after being discharged from the hospital. Janneth Munes experienced postpartum disease and Amelia Lomactod underwent a cesarean section.
  4. Pray also for my sending church that God’s truth, love, and unity may always be our priority and concerns. And that compromise may have no room in our midst. 
  5. May the Lord also be pleased to sustain the ongoing construction of our meeting place. We also need Bibles (ABAD) and monoblock chairs.



  1. Nagpapasalamat kami sa Panginoon dahil nakabalik na kami sa hapon na pagsamba at sa prayer meeting namin. Ang prayer meeting namin after sa hapon na pagsamba. 
  2. Salamat din sa Panginoon sa kalusugan na ibigay niya sa aming pamilya.  

Prayer requests

  1. Paglago sa biyaya ng Panginoon sa amin at sa mga attenders. 
  2. Tracts distribution ngayong unang Sunday ng December sa hapon. 
  3. Sa December 15, may Family Day kami. 
  4. Wisdom sa pag-aaral sa Salita ng Panginoon 
  5. Bible study namin sa teens at pamilya nila Ian/An-an.


1. Preachings

  • In our Sunday School, we discussed the New Covenant as the fullest revelation of the covenant of grace. Let us thank God that we now enjoy greater clarity concerning the identity of the Savior and His people. Let us also praise Him that those who are in the New Covenant are not in danger of falling away because of His work of grace in their hearts.
  • In our first service, we considered the parable of the sower and the soils. Let us examine ourselves in our response to the Word of the kingdom. May we long for His word. May we hold fast to it amid trials. May we not be distracted by anxiety, riches, or pleasures of this world. May we grow in His word as manifested by our godly walk.  
  • In our second service, we saw that true gospel ministers are gentle, affectionate, and sacrificial in their love for people. Let us pray for pastors to be like Paul and his companions. As Christians, may we all strive to be like them in serving others.  

2. Sunday services 

  • Continued delight in sanctifying the Lord’s day
  • Good internet connection and audio
  • Safety of all who attend the physical gathering at church
  • Preachers: SS – Pas. Rolly, 1S – Pas. Mike, 2S – Pas. Clyde

3. Other ministries

  • Thanksgiving for the online ministries last week
  • Friday – Pas. Rolly (Evangelistic Bible study)
  • Saturday – Pas. Rolly (Senior Moments)
  • Sunday – Sis. Elaine (Level 1), Sis. Mano (Level 2), Sis. Mel D. (Level 3), Pas. Clyde (Singles)
  • Tuesday – Pas. Clyde (Fellowship Bible study)

4. Oversight and building concern

5. Church discipline. May God use the enacted discipline to call our brother to repentance and be restored in the fellowship of the church.  


  • Virtual Senior Moments on Saturday, November 27, 10 AM.  
  • Everyone is welcome to attend the services at church. 


1. Thanksgiving

  • Physical and spiritual preservation and provision

2. Sick. Let us continue to pray for those who are sick among us. 

3. Travel. Unico (Nov. 30) and Cabalatungan (Dec. 2) 

4. Nation 

  • End of pandemic
  • Wisdom for Leaders 
  • Frontliners  
  • Economy – Employment and businesses 
  • Peace and unity
  • Salvation
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