1. CUBA 

2. Pastor Dave Merick

Pas Dave was brought to the E.R last Nov 21 with low oxygen levels. He has been sick all week after being exposed to Covid. He was able to go back home the next day as he got better though still had problems with coughing and fever. He was taken again to the hospital on Nov 27 because of difficulty in breathing but not bad enough to stay in the hospital and was sent home. He was again taken to the hospital the next day and a CT scan showed results of minor blood clots in the lungs that are not helpful to his breathing and were given blood thinners for 3 months. As of today (Dec 3 at 5:43 am) he is already back home. Let us continue to pray for continuous recovery and healing.


1.  Last Sunday’s ministries.

Sunday School – We were once again exhorted to beware against the dangerous influence of postmodernism in our society and most especially in the church. As absolute truth is questioned and rejected, we must be comforted and emboldened that all truth is God’s truth, leading to a firm conviction to live in obedience to it regardless of the world’s opposition and constant rejection.

First Service –  We were reminded of the danger of false and empty professions of faith that is marked by disobedience to God’s will, as the coming judgment would reveal. May God use these sobering truths to call sinners to repentance and faith unto salvation.   

Second Service –  We were once again shown the faith of Moses that was manifested and vindicated by his obedience to God, particularly in the act of keeping the Passover that pointed to the reality of that greater salvation in the sacrifice of Christ the Lamb. May our faith be marked by obedience to God’s will.

2.  This coming Sunday’s ministries.

  • Pas. Mike will teach Sunday School;
  • Pas Clyde and Pas Alex will preach in the first and second service, respectively.

Pray that this coming Lord’s day would be a delight for all of us and there would be that eager anticipation of meeting with God, especially as we will once again partake of the Lord’s Supper that has been postponed for 9 months. May the Lord bless us with His presence this coming Lord’s day.

3.  Other Ministries.

  • Children’s Sunday School-Sisters Elaine, Rosanna, and May will take Levels 1,2, and 3 respectively.
  • Youth BS-Bro. Simon will lead.
  • Trafalgar BS-Pas Rolly will teach.
  • Fellowship BS-Pas. Clyde will teach.


1. Let us give thanks to God for His preserving mercies to us as individuals and as a church. In spite of the continuing scourge of covid19 we are alive and well and continue to worship God as a church and serve Him as individuals in our various callings.         

2.  Let us thank God for those whom He has healed and press on praying for our sick brethren. Pas. Alex, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Delia, Mel, Chippy, Tina, Edna,  Kobe, Arnel, etc.

3.  Let us pray for the salvation of our loved ones especially those who are sick. Pong and Conrad Lapid, Jun, Ludel, Randy, Niel, Lola Soledad, Amy, Marlyn, Bobot, Lisa P., Mayet, Diego, etc.

4.  Birthdays

 Mel Salazar (Nov 27)

  • Thanksgiving for God’s amazing grace and mercy for her and her family
  • Good health for her and brother Jess.
  • John would be retained in PAL.

Beth Fausto (Nov 28)

  • Growth in love for Christ and his word.
  • The salvation of Caleb and Marcus
  • Guidance in nurturing and training the kids.

Dinna Loyola (Nov 29)


  • For all the undeserved blessings, provisions, faithfulness, and graciousness of God to me and my family.  Especially for the gift of salvation.
  • Conviction of sin and spiritual growth of kids.
  • Dawn’s 5th month in pregnancy


  • Preservation ng health of kids, especially for Danielle who is a medical frontliner.
  • We would all continue to be faithful to HIM alone no matter what this life brings.

Aling Alambra (Dec 1)

  • Thanksgiving po sa isa pang taon na binigay sa akin, good health, protection sa kabila ng pandemic iningatan nya kami.
  • Please pray parin po yung protection ( namimili po ako ng paninda at nagtitinda rin ako dito sa baba namin) e-preserve kami ng Panginoon sa COVID.
  • Salvation kay MJ and Zarah at online studies nila.
  • Growth in the grace  and knowledge of God

5.  Housing. Please pray for Pas Rolly and fam’s. housing situation, that the Lord would lead them to the right place and provide for all of their needs.

6. Wedding. Please pray for Viljohn and Flor as they prepare to get married Lord willing on Dec 15. 

7. Employment. Let us pray for:

  • Job-seekers that the Lord would provide jobs where they can use their talents for His glory.
  • Our brethren whose employment is affected by the pandemic.
  • Our workers that they would be protected from covid19.
  • Our entrepreneurs that business would gradually pick up. 

8.  Nation. Pray for continuous recovery as well as the on-going relief efforts in typhoon-devastated areas such as the Bicol region and Cagayan. Pray for the decline of covid19 as well as the vaccine development, efficiency, and availability.  Pray for the salvation of sinners as they consider the frailty of life as shown in the covid19 statistics and the calamities that continue to come.

Peace and Security – Pray for the on-going hearings relating to national security against communism. Pray for the law enforcement and armed forces that they would fulfill their mandated duties rightly and not abuse it. May justice be served against abuses and corruptions by government as well.

Economic Stability– Pray for the growth and sustaining of our economy, for trading and other industries to cope up and be helped by our gov’t as well.     

Let us pray for our frontliners (see list) that they would be kept from sickness and they would not grow weary in performing the duties that God gave them to do. Pray that the recovery rate of their patients would increase and mortality rates would decline.

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