John 15:7   “If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.


  • TRINITY BIBLE CHURCH San Pablo City, Laguna

We praise God for the following:

1. Our 38th anniversary last December 26. We had a thanksgiving service on Dec 30 with Pastor Jeremiah Jangad preaching.

2. For the church’s annual musical night last Dec 30 evening. It was a blessed time of music and fellowship, all via Zoom.

3. For God’s preservation for the past year despite the pandemic. We continue to have our regular workshop services and prayer meetings.

4. For the growth of our outreaches in San Fernando (Pampanga) and in Victoria (Laguna).

5. For the relative health of members.

Please pray for the following:

1. The Lord’s blessing and favor on the annual planning and prayer held last January 30

2. The planned covenanting this year of our outreaches in San Fernando and Victoria. May the Lord lead us in every step of the process.

3. For the conversion of regular attenders and loves ones.

4. For greater zeal in sharing the gospel to those God placed around us.

5. For growth in graces especially in this time of the pandemic.

  • GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH Paciano Rizal, Bay, Laguna

News and Thanksgiving:

1. Pastor NAE’s mother went home with the Lord on the last Sunday of 2020.  The family is grateful for all the expressions of sympathy.  We are consoled by the thought that she is in a place “far better” (Phil 1:23)

2. The Lord has sustained our ministries despite the constraints of the pandemic last 2020.  We thank the Lord for His sustaining grace.

3. All our material and financial needs were also supplied last 2020.  Pray for our deacons as they prepare the budget of the Church for 2021.

Prayer Requests:

1. Grace Ministerial Academy opened last Jan 12.  With Pastor NAE serving as Principal and main tutor, pray for strength and wisdom.  May the on-line connectivity for this period be sustained.

2. Pray for our missionary’s ministry in Ratchaburi, Thailand.  The place, and many others, including Bangkok, were declared red zones because of rising cases of COVID-19.  Pray for safety of the family.

3. Pray for the health of Pastor NAE and family.  He goes to office daily.  Thanks to the Lord for preservation

from infection.  May he be sustained.

4. Continue praying for the conversion of those who hear the gospel in the service (online and assembly).  May

the Word already implanted generate conversion.  Pray for Zeph Lobo, the only one unconverted in a family of church members.

5. Pray for Bro. Ferdie Facundo who is ministering in the limited gathering we are able to do in the afternoon,

while Pastor NAE preaches in the virtual service in the morning.  Pray that the Word will continue to show its saving power on the lost and edifying impact on the saints.

6. Our benevolence ministry (Kalinga sa Nilikha) was able to undertake a good number of projects last year.  Plans are now in place for the year 2021.  Pray for provision.  May we reach needy people who will see the compassion of Christ.

7. Our ministry to the students (RCM = Reformed Campus Ministry) is about to begin its round of webinars for the year 2021.  Pray for relevant subjects and qualified speakers.

  • ANNUAL PASTORS’ CONFERENCE hosted by CRBC on Feb 6, 13, & 20. Speakers will be Pastor Jeremy walker, pastor Noel Espinosa, and Pastor Conrad Mbewe. This will be held via Zoom Webinar. 


1. Preachings

In our Sunday School, Deacon Mario gave a reminder on planning from the book of Proverbs. May we responsibly and diligently plan our endeavors in life, but at the same time trusting and delighting in the providence and sovereignty of God over all things.

In our first service, we were reminded of the ground, the goal, and the gift of the election. It was the good pleasure of God’s will that he predestined us, resulting in the glory of his grace, and we have received it freely in Christ Jesus. May the wonder and awe of such grace never be diminished, outshined, or stolen by anything in this world.  

In our second service, we were reminded of the fruit of abiding in Christ which is righteousness. Let us therefore persevere in abiding in the words of Christ, but even more, obeying it in application to our daily lives, with dependence and help from the Holy Spirit. May this also cause us to examine our abiding in Christ by our fruits that glorify God.  

2. Services. Let us continue to pray that God would grant us delight as we worship Him on His day. May we sanctify His day whether at home or church. Group A and C are scheduled to attend services at church this Sunday. Let us also pray for wisdom and power to those who will minister the Word of God.  

● Bro Simon will teach in the Sunday School. 

● Pas. Clyde will preach in the first service. 

● Pas. Alex will preach in the second service. 

3. Other ministries. Letus thank God for the Bible studies that were held last week.

● Saturday –Senior Moments and Evangelistic Bible study led by Pas Rolly. 

● Monday – Commital service for Ninia Salazar

● Tuesday – Fellowship BS by Pas Clyde

May He continue to give wisdom to those who lead in our online ministries.

● This Sunday – Sis. Ruth (Level 1), Sis. Elot (Level 2), Sis. Mel D. (Level 3), Bro. Simon (Youth Bible study)

● This Tuesday – Pas. Clyde (Fellowship Bible study)


1. ThanksgivingLet us continually thank the Lord for His preserving mercies. May He continue to grant us good health both physically and spiritually.

  • Sis Mano and family arrived safely in Cebu and the whole family were able to tune in our livestreamed services.
  • For 37 years of God’s goodness and grace in Pas Rolly and Sis Gel’s marriage.
  • Lola Mia’s (Jam’s lola) test was negative and was already released last Sunday.

2.  Sick

  • Let us continue to pray for our sick brethren: Pas. Alex, Annie, Acel, Brenda, Johnny, Louie, Lola Nely, Mel & Jess, Chippy, Delia, Tina, Edna, and Mario G., Taps Cortez
  • Let us pray for our friends and loved ones who are sick:  Mr. Pong, Conrad, Randy, Jun, Ludel, Neal, Amy, Marlyn, Lola Soledad, Bobot, Maria, Mayet, Mr. and Mrs. Abagon, Renee, Melinda, Vic Drapite, Ruby Ann. 

3. Employment. Let us continue to pray for the unemployed. May the Lord encourage them during this time of waiting. May the Lord soon provide them jobs that fit their skills and abilities so that they can provide for their own needs and help others also. Let’s continue to pray for the Trafalgar BS attenders that they would find a job after being retrenched.    

Let us also remember to pray for our frontliners (see the full list here). May they continue to persevere in caring for the sick.  Let us pray for those who need to report to their workplaces. May the Lord keep them from the infection. Let us also pray for wisdom to those who are engaged in business.

4. Nation. Let us continue to pray that God would have mercy to curb the spread of the infection. May He continue to help our leaders in the procurement of effective and safe vaccines. May people find their hope in Christ and not in the vaccine. May the Lord use us for the salvation of sinners. 

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